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It seems everyone I know is going through their own KonMari bootcamp to reduce the amount of clutter in their space before spring arrives. Earlier this year, I shared my own quest to edit the things in my house and get rid of stuff. I was surprised with the amount of treasures uncovered, including a set of brand new pillows from Susan Connor NY. When all was said and done, I was happy to find out the things I (truly) love were for the most part, things made with a lot of care, by people who care a lot about what they’re making.


Susan reached out to me directly last summer with an overview of her company (self-taught pattern designer), her process (hand sketched, produced and sourced in NYC) and a lookbook of her lovely home goods (pillows, throws, wall art, oh my!). It was love at first page click. Traditional meets modern? Sign me up.


KonMari says, if you really love something it’ll keep bringing you joy. Flash forward to present day (six months after receiving her initial email) and finding these lovelies, still boxed in the storage unit we rented prior to our home remodel. It was the happiest of surprises. Even though these pieces were selected to work with chairs and couches that have since moved on to greener pastures (at the homes of friends and family), lo and behold, they still look great with our updated living room.


So, in honor of finding pieces for your home that you’ll want to cherish forever, I’m excited to offer one lucky reader a unique piece from Susan Connor NY. To enter, please visit Susan Connor NY  and select any single item and leave a comment below stating the item and how you would incorporate it in your home. One reader will be selected at random next Wednesday, March 2nd 2016 at 12noon CST. Giveaway open to continental U.S. residents only.

Images: 2nd Truth

BY Kate Arends - February 24, 2016

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I LOVE the Prism Cushion! I would incorporate it into my living room. It would look great on our big comfy leather chair. I could just imagine curling up with a book on a Friday night on it!

Jenny Beebe

I would love the Mara throw in my newly painted living room! Such simplicity and coziness !


The Mara throw is beautiful. I like the idea of using it as a tablecloth.


I love ALL her stuff! That Bola throw, though, would look really rad with me snuggled up in it in my living room.


Its all so stunning! Would put the totum pillow on my grey sectional couch and admire it every second!

Lauren Maxwell

I’ve been a fan of Susan’s work since you shared it a while ago. I love the integrity of her products. I am in huge need of new pillows/cushions at the moment and would choose a large Diamond Cushion. 🙂


I’m redoing my bedroom to be more of a retreat rather than just a place to sleep, and would love to see the Inlay cushion everytime I walk into the room!


The Myriad Cushion would look great on our couch next to a roaring fire and could double as my meditation pillow!


I love the Mara throw!! I would love it in my new apartment- I have next to no furniture or decor!

Such beautiful work! Thanks for introducing me to a new artist. I love the Pranab cushion.


Susan Connor’s stuff is gorgeous, and everything is in my color palette. The Circa Cushions would be the perfect addition to my living room.


The prana cushion would be an awesome match to our new duvet cover! Everything is so beautiful


I love the Vatta cushion! The pattern and colors are timeless.

Wow, it’s all so beautiful! I especially love the Myriad Cusion though. I’m working on adding more personal details to my bedroom so it feels more like a relaxing retreat, and I think this would be the perfect addition to the space!

Sam Thompson

Looking to update my bland livingroom and I fell in love with the Circa cushion. It would be the perfect piece to inspire me!

Megan Pugmire

The Myriad cushion is beautiful. I’d use it in the living room of our first house we just bought, with our first real adult sofa!


Oh, the inlay cushion would look amazing in my Indigo bedroom 🙂

I love the yarn dye arrow cushion–would perfectly complement my all-white linen bed.


that myriad cushion is divine!


Oo, I’ve been looking for great neutral cushions to pair with our new, bright-colored couch — the tribe cushion is so low-key but adorable!


The inlay cushion is beautiful and the pattern feels timeless to me. I would love to put it on the couch in our music room/library. I’m working hard on buying less and buying better, only things that I really love. This would absolutely fit the bill.


I love the Vatta Cushion! It would look great on our couch that sits on a beige and gray herringbone pattern rug.

Amy W

Patch cushion! Add a bit of color to my living room.

Susan wojcik

Crushing on the Prana Cushion! Would love to sink into it on the couch next to the fire.


My favorite is the long ponti cushion. I just remodeled my living room down to the studs.. It would be the perfect piece to get the new room started!


These are all so beautiful! I love the triad cushion – it would be so cozy for our guests in the spare bedroom.


These are all so gorgeous. The Tribe Throw would look beautiful on our bed.


The rectangular layer cushion would perfectly match my living room colors, while also being bright against a dark couch and dark floors 🙂

Sounds like I’m in the Mara Throw club. It would look great on my CB2 couch and Chicago is cold, I need a throw by the fire.


Love the Mara Throw!

I too am going through my own KonMari bootcamp and would love a simple and beautiful accent with the Circa throw to add onto my neutral-colored living room space.


I love the triad cushion. I’d love to put the 14×24 lumber on our bed in the master bedroom. That is the missing puzzle to tie all the pillows on our bed. I love that it’s not just a regular triangle geometry, it has all the pretty details if you look closer!


The Patch cushion is my favorite and I’d love to use a couple on our bed.


Gosh, that circa cushion in 22X22 would be the perfect thing for my couch. I just had to get light blocking drapes in that room (light was interfering with kids video game playing) and they would work perfectly with it.


We are about to purchase a new “grown-up” couch for the first time, and I would LOVE to incorporate a Prana cushion into the new decor!!


The tribe throw! Obsessed. My Gray Room & Board couch + that throw – living room will be complete.


Love, love the myriad cushion as a pop of pattern & (minimal) color on my white bed.


I’m in love with the Inlay Cushion, the intricacies of the pattern really are stunning. I’ve been searching for a single 14×24 pillow to decorate my bed, and this gorgeous piece would be perfection.


I would love the Temple Cushion for my mid century living room.

I love her products – the quality is superb. I would love to pair a new small Inlay cushion next to the Grid cushion on our couch!

I love Brass Wall Hanging #7, I always like the idea of using chimes in a house instead of A/C – my family always believed that the refreshing sound from wind chimes itself can make you feel cooler in the summer.

But since that one’s currently out of stock, I’m keen on the floating cushion (love the little overlapping circles) for a cozy nook in my home.


I would LOVE to hang the brass wall hanging #7 in a certain spot in our new living room! Or the float cushion, if a wall hanging is not available. Thank you! Such beautiful things.


I’m moving into my partner’s townhome and trying to bring a more colorful look to the many browns and grays he has in place already. The Totem Throw would be a bright yet subtle pop of color that would make us both happy.

When I was looking at the Vatta cushion, my 3 year old daughter said, “Awww, that pillow has baby snakes!” It’s the perfect accent for the rocker where the two of us love to snuggle!

Terri Moore

Oh! That Tribe Cushion!!! tucked beautifully in the corner of my Poetry Chair…the one place where I can escape to filled with elegant words and blue resonance.
Conner’s work sets that stage with her elegant patterns and gorgeous indigos.

The Vatta cushion is one of my favorite pieces and patterns. It would be light and lovely on my cognac-colored couch. I’ve been a devoted follower of Susan Connor’s work since her stationery days, and just love her aesthetic. The patterns she creates seem like they spring quite naturally from the earth. The thought and care that goes into them is evident.

Alexa F.

I’m loving the diamond cushion pattern.

We currently have an extra pillow from our bed as a throw pillow on our couch due to our old throw pillow falling apart and being decommissioned.


i LOVE the circa cushion, the brass wall hangings are also amazing!


WOW! The prints on her cushions are amazing! I had a difficult time choosing, but I would go with the Diamond Cushion.


oops! Forgot to tell you I would use it on my sofa in the living room since it mimics the pattern on my Indian wood block collection!

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