Unearthing Hidden Treasures

Over the years, I’ve seemed to have acquired quite a bit of stuff. Sometimes through work, but more often than not, something catches my eye and I think “I can use this. I’m not quite for sure for what exactly, but something in the future.” This line of thinking has led me to crammed closets, a garage that no longer holds two cars, and a storage unit. What you may not know, dear reader, is that behind the camera, there is a pile of stuff just out of eyesight.

With the new year, comes change, and one of my goals this year, aside from some of the more traditional resolutions, is to turn my editorial lens on myself. I’ve talked in the past about little changes that make big impacts, so when it came time to update our bedroom (it’s out of control, I know) I kept simplicity top of mind. Admittedly, the bedroom is more of a “refresh” rather than a “redo”. The goal was to inject some excitement into the room using pieces I already had.


During the holiday break, I got a bit obsessed with Marie Kondo, and spent a few days going through the house and making multiple trips to the local Goodwill. In the aftermath of tidying up, I unearthed some really amazing pieces from The Citizenry, an online retailer of handmade global goods.


I’ve been an admirer of their shop, and had the pleasure of meeting with Carly and Rachel this past fall during the launch of their showroom in Dallas. Not only do I love the product, but also their philosophy and responsible business practices. I’ve purchased a few things on their site before, and you may have seen them included in an Instagram or two. With all this admiration, I’m a little surprised this is the first “official” time I’ve mentioned them on the blog.

New pillows and a blanket, along with a basket, to hold some of the aforementioned stuff, livened up the room. The blanket was such as hit with Winnie, that she ate it. Seriously. Ate a huge hole through the first one we purchased. If that’s not an endorsement, I’m not sure what is.



The Goods: Estrato Pillow // La Niebla Floor Pillow // Ceniza Lumbar Pillow // Nzuri Basket // Estrato Oversized Bed Throw

All images courtesy of 2nd Truth Photography