Embarking on the Path that’s Been Waiting for Us


There’s something about that last leg of winter (aka the whole month of March) that makes you want to bunker down, escape all your day-to-day obligations and just hibernate. That’s kind of how I’ve been feeling lately. A little burnt out and a lot of bits tired. I’m craving some serious vitamin D and a tropical vacation like nobody’s business. The more social invitations that roll in the more I want to take a hot bath, hop into my comfiest sweatpants and cuddle up with a juicy book or my new favorite show. But there’s also something about winter that enlightens my mind and inspires passion projects. Winter is a very spiritual and introspective time for me. It’s my ultimate favorite time of the year to learn. I work on bettering myself, I listen to my body more. I go to yoga more frequently, drink hot tea every evening before bed, and wake up slower on the weekends. I also love feeding my heart and mind as much as I can. In my free time, I listen to motivational podcasts, watch documentaries about entrepreneurs, and check all the books I’ve been dying to read off my list. I also set quite a few personal and business goals for the year ahead. There’s a lot of hope, planning, and soul-searching in these first few months of 2018.

This month at Wit & Delight we hope to cover a wide array of topics that all involve taking a deep dive within ourselves. Expect to see stories about harnessing our imagination, escaping reality, giving in to wanderlust, following our dreams, uncovering unknown talents, embracing spiritual growth, centering ourselves, unlocking hidden potential, and embarking on the path that has been waiting for us. Whether or not you are into astrology (I personally find it intriguing) we are in Pisces season (February 19 – March 21). I find this interesting because lately, I can feel the Pisces energy in the air. Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac. It is said to be a compilation of all the signs, and the people born during this time period are very invested in their inner journey in life and feel comfortable living in the illusory world. The symbol of the Pisces is two fish swimming in opposing directions which is said to represent the duality of the Pisces nature – a spiritual soul with a physical body. Pisces are generally sensitive, gentle and patient creatures that navigate through the world with their feelings. They are also known as the great dreamer of the zodiac, deeply intuitive and always willing to help others. A water sign that is normally characterized by extreme empathy and emotional depth. Their ruling planet is Neptune, so they tend to be more intuitive and psychic than others and often hold artistic talents. Full of imagination and fantasy, Pisces love to escape. They often live in their own worlds or dream of escaping off to a better world.

As we all dive headfirst into March today (woohoo!), what types of themes or patterns are you noticing in your own life? What have you been focusing your energy on lately, and what are you holding onto? What do you hope to escape from or to? What do you plan to learn or accomplish before spring arrives?

And the main question that has been ruminating around in my mind lately: How can we really get to where we want to go in life?

Does our body require more sleep or exercise? Do we need to work through past hurt and focus our energy on healing? What if we just need more play or laughter in our life? That is a thing too that we often forget, the child within us. Do we need to embrace our true interests, talents, and passions more? Is our body calling for travel to feel inspired? Or yoga, prayer, and meditation to feel more grounded and centered?

This month we are taking your personal story submissions that are all about your soul-searching journey. Write to us about how you gave in to wanderlust, followed your dreams, embraced spiritual growth or finally embarked on the path that has been waiting for you. Basically, we just want to get to know you on a deeper level. At the end of March, I will choose a submission to publish on Wit & Delight. Please send submissions to: stefani@witanddelight.com by March 15 for consideration.

Thank you all for reading, happy almost spring, happy full moon tonight and happy soul-searching!

Image by 2ndTruth Photography

Stefani Ellenbecker is the Editorial Director at Wit & Delight. When she’s not feverishly editing or writing about style and interiors, she runs her bohemian shop  Arden Trading Co. where she sells artisan-made home goods. She lives in Minneapolis with her fiancé Muhamed.



BY Stefani Hodzic - March 1, 2018

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Happy spring indeed! Looking forward to your content in March. Sounds good!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

March 1, 2018 11:31 am

I’m right where you are. I always feel the first few months of a new year is spent thinking and setting out goals for the rest of the year.

P.S. Is okay to send another submission if I sent a submission for last month?

March 1, 2018 11:32 am
Reply to  Mailinh

I just realized I spelled your name wrong, Stefani. I am so sorry.

April 30, 2018 11:33 am

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