Our Top Winter Skincare Products that Will Bring You Back to Life


If there is one thing I know about caring for your skin in a harsh climate, it’s that not all products are created equal. It’s that time of year where my little niche of expertise comes in handy for those of you who are feeling a little nip of cold and need to make a couple changes to keep your skin looking healthy and bright. I literally rummaged through my own medicine cabinet to find the products I go back to day after day and lugged them into the studio to share with the team. We also tested out some brands we have been excited to try out and loved rounding out our list of beauty products with items that are sure to keep you soft, supple, and protected from the elements.

If there’s a brand or product you think we should try, comment below! We’ll add it to our list of future products to test drive.

For Your Lips:

glossier blam dotcom trio

I have four of these and keep them in locations where I’m always in need of moisture. Certain ones have a touch of color and they smell amazing. I like to use Birthday & Rose as a highlighter, too!

FRench girl rose lip polish

diptyque nourishing lip balm

Sometimes you have to bring out the big guns. I personally like my lip treatments to feel a little special (maybe I used too much Carmex in my younger years), but I prefer a less medicinal smell. My current lip treatments are by Diptique and French Girl Rose Lip polish I use them at night and in the morning!

context rescue lip scrub

Adding a lip scrub to your ritual in the winter can help slough away dead skin to reveal new skin that needs to be protected. And if you are a mouth breather like me, you will benefit from scrubbing once or twice every two weeks.

 c.o. bigelow lavender salve

All the benefits of a solid all-purpose salve with a soothing scent that works well for a midday meditation. 

Some Tools You Need:

kleane kanteen water bottle

If you find yourself not drinking enough water during the day, an easy to maintain water bottle stashed next to your desk and bed can help keep you moisturized while establishing a new routine. 

swedish bath brush

Dry brushing improves circulation and helps prep your skin to get the most benefit out of your moisturizing products. I prefer ones made from all natural materials! 

slip silk pillowcase

My son asked me why I had an “owwie” when I woke up… turns out the marks on my face made from my pillow were so pronounced it looked like I had been whacked with a stick! That’s when I decided it was time to get a silk pillowcase. It’s less harsh on my face and helps keep my blowouts looking in tip-top shape for longer.  

soap cherie natural body brush

For those hard to reach places. I get little bumps on my back and a long brush helps me get those hard to reach spot a good scrub. 

aveda facial dry brush

If you’ve read this far you know I’m all about dry brushing. Some brushes can be too hard on your skin, especially in the winter but this one is soft with ridges that gives you the benefit of dry brushing without any irritation.  

skin gym facial roller

Whether you believe in the healing power of crystals or not, a quartz roller feels amazing on tired, puffy skin. And that’s all that really matters.  

For Your Face:

vis viva restorative oil serum

I move almost entirely over to oil-based products in the winter. Vis Viva Oil Serum has the benefits of an oil-based moisturizer with all the good stuff you need to fight signs of aging like fine lines and dark spots.  

tata harper boosted eye mask

Another product I’ve come to rely on time and time again. I love this eye mask so much because you can see the benefits immediately after using. It is great to use the morning after a late night working (or caring for a sick baby)! 

glossier moisturizing moon mask

This is a staff favorite and just about everyone found it to be calming and restorative for their skin. It’s got a nice cooling effect and the scent is light and refreshing.  

osea undaria algae oil

I’m almost entirely through this bottle of oil! I put it on immediately after the shower before adding another moisturizer on top to lock in water. Osea is one of my very favorite natural beauty brands and I haven’t met one of their products I haven’t enjoyed using.  

verso reviving eye masks

A great product for a night of #selfcare… I like to put these on when I’m soaking in the tub. 

mario badescu night trio

This is my go-to in the winter. It’s so calming and mild, so it feels really good after a day in the harsh weather.

For Your Body:

aesop concentrate body balm

A luxurious treatment for those extra rough spots. I like to mix some high-end products with my favorite drug store brands for a little treat yourself moment when I need a pick me up. Aesop is always great for that. Hardworking formulas with incredibly special scents in lovely packaging. All things I love.  

jao ltd goe oil

If you were to buy ONE product from this list, should be Goe Oil. You can use it where ever you need moisture and my hair wizard Marriah, uses it when she finishes my blowouts to shape and protect my locks. It has the most amazing smell… totally original and one I find myself wanting to smell daily. Maybe it can replace my perfume, too?! 

eucerin intensive repair lotion

This is a new product from Eucerin that I tried last year and now that I’m almost through the bottle the little bumps on my arms have all but disappeared! I love that it goes on like a super thick moisturizer but doesn’t leave a heavy residue. It’s now the only drugstore lotion I use.  

way of will muscle soak bath salt

When I’m sore after a workout I like to add salt to my baths. This one is a more straight forward version of the drugstore version I love.

Dr teal’s Pink Himalayan Foaming Bath

I am OBSESSED with this product! It is super cheap, smells great, and I immediately relax as I feel the water foaming. I’m not sure what it is but it does more for me than any standard bubble bath or fancy bath bomb.

le labo rose body oil

This is a scent Joe and I both love. I think the body oil lasts a little longer because we use it more sparingly than body lotion!

BY Kate Arends - January 8, 2019

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January 8, 2019 12:39 pm

the bite beauty agave chapstick and first aid beauty lip balm that comes in the tub are expensive-ish ($18 and $20, respectively) but as long as you don’t lose them, they last forever and work SO WELL. i live in vermont and we haven’t seen the sun in two months – a heavy swipe of either balm before bed and my severely chapped lips are revived by morning!

January 9, 2019 10:02 am

These are great suggestions, thank you!
What about hair? My scalp gets sooo dry and flaky in the winter, even when I try to reduce how often I wash it, and my usual waves fall totally flat. Any special treatments anyone recommends? xoxo

January 17, 2019 3:25 pm
Reply to  Laura

Laura, I started massaging castor oil into my scalp twice a week (before showering/shampooing) and it’s helped tremendously with flakes!

April 26, 2019 9:34 am

Thank you for very informative article..

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