10 Uplifting Things We’ve Loved on the Internet Lately


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We made it. We’re here. It’s Friday at the end of a week that felt upside down in a million different ways. Our team is working from home these days, doing our best to stay in touch via Google Hangouts and Slack and Instagram during the off-hours. We’re taking things one day at a time and we’re hanging in there. We hope you are, too.

We recently started a monthly habit of posting a selection of the best things we’ve spotted on the Internet lately (you can read the first installment here, should you feel so inclined!). And given that most of us have been spending more time on the Internet these days (who else is getting unintentionally rude notifications about their increase in screen time?), we had plenty of options to choose from. Below is the best of the best of the things that brought a smile to our faces or a little bit of calm to our brains recently.

If you’ve got any good articles or funny videos or PUPPY videos in your back pocket, feel free to send them my way in the comments. Outside of this blog post, I’m a human typing in front of a computer screen that’s now stationed six inches from my bed, and I would love to be the recipient of whatever content made your day lately.

Folks, with that, have a good weekend. Get outside if you’re able, stay safe, and take care of yourselves. We’re thinking of you!

Everything That’s Brightened our Moods Recently

1. All of the creative support we’ve seen for small businesses, both local to the Twin Cities and afar. One of our favorite local shops, GOLDEN RULE GALLERY (you can learn more about the shop’s incredible owner in this post) has been giving away gift cards to their store all week, with proof of purchase of an online item from a host of other local businesses. They’ll be doing the giveaway again today, and you can learn more on their Instagram account.

2. A straightforward, thoughtful guide of how to be there for your neighbors during coronavirus, direct from the Instagram of a Minneapolis local.

3. Are these statements things you shout at your colleagues over Zoom, or things you shout at your children while shouting at colleagues over Zoom? Read this list from McSweeney’s and see if you can differentiate them.

4. The hosts behind one of my favorite podcasts, Forever35, launched a new daily podcast called Here for You, and in each episode, Doree and Kate are just that. It’s brightened my mornings and my breakfasts and my half-baked attempts at getting ready for each day, and I hope it does the same for you.

5. A new book released by one Jen Gotch, founder of ban.do, called The Upside of Being Down (an incredibly relevant title if you ask us). Kate is currently reading this one and I’m eagerly awaiting for my copy to arrive.

6. For number six, I’m gonna throw some entertaining videos out there from the always fun Instagram ~saved files~: Amy Schumer thinking of all the activities she’ll now have time to do, the impressive change from day pajamas to night pajamas, quarantine tips and tricks, and each of these gems but especially the last one.

7. Our New Business Director, Erin, shared the link for this article with all of us: 11 Stylish Women Over 50 You Need to Be Following on Instagram. Even if being “fashionable” isn’t on most of our minds these days, the vibrant, creative outfits these women put together are still a sight for sore eyes.

8. A super helpful episode from the podcast 10 Things to Tell You that will give you tools and philosophies to deal with anxiety. The episode was recommended by the newest member of our team, Nancy (promise we’ll introduce her here soon!) and the podcast is one of Erin’s favorites. So you’ve got two stamps of approval to work with here.

9. Tiny exercises to help your brain focus and slooooww dowwwwn during times of big anxiety: volume one and volume two.

10. Kate’s photos (and videos!!) of Winnie, shared in honor of National Puppy Day. (Kate did not ask me to add this on; it’s just that Winnie is the greatest and puppy content is always a good way to go when you need a boost of positivity.)

BY Jackie Saffert - March 27, 2020

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March 27, 2020 8:19 pm

I have found that adult coloring has really slowed down my anxious mind and makes me feel so much better after a few continuous days. I have also been doing yoga from youtube once per day – this def can help.

April 15, 2020 3:42 am

I love these post! It’s very necessary to stay positive these days.

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