April 2020 Horoscopes: We Learn and We Grow


April 2020 Horoscopes

The world has seen a great deal of panic and uncertainty in recent months. This is tied to the astrological predictions of how the world would be changing from 2020 onward. At the very beginning of the year, Saturn (ruling governments and big business) resided in the same place in the sky as Pluto (ruling masses of people, transformation, death, and rebirth). They met in the constellation of Capricorn, which also has major ties to our ambitions, as well as governments, ruling bodies, and businesses. Saturn and Pluto only meet in the sky once every three decades and haven’t met in Capricorn since the 1500s. When two planets meet, they create a powerful change in our lives here on Earth. This shows that moving forward, the way that our governments, healthcare systems, and day-to-day lives existed will be shifting and reborn in powerful new ways.

In times of fear, it is best we rely on hope. We must support one another and realize that we are strong as one collective. The sunrise will always come after the darkness, the same as we will rise like a phoenix when all of this has passed. The stars above never lie.

April 2020 is our last window free of intense retrogrades this year, so use this time now to do your best to move your plans forward. There are still ways you can strategize for the future—even if you are in isolation. At the beginning of the month we are in Aries season, filled with a fiery initiative to create our lives. A mighty full moon in Libra takes place on the 7th, bringing collective attention to our partnerships. Lastly, when the Sun moves into Taurus and the new moon dawns on the 22nd, we all will be seeking to bring more stability and prosperity into our grasp. Take a peek into what the month has in store for you!


April 2020 Horoscopes - Aries

April renews your energy, Aries, as you are in birthday season! This is an excellent time to not only make plans for the coming year but to also put them into action. You are a zodiac sign that favors activity and passion and this is the perfect time to take the lead. With the sun firing you up for the first weeks of the month, embrace your vision of how you’d like to make the world a better place.

The full moon on the 7th brings your attention to a significant relationship in your life. You could be making an important decision about a business partner or lover. This is a time when you may be signing a significant agreement, getting engaged, or walking away if the connection has passed its time.

The end of the month will shift your attention to your finances and money management. Use the days after the new moon on the 22nd to increase your income, whether by asking for a raise or looking for another job. Prosperity could be on its way.


April 2020 Horoscopes - Taurus

Seek rest and rejuvenation at the beginning of the month, Taurus. The sun travels through your privacy and healing sector, which is perfect for the isolation mode the world is currently in. This is a great time to focus on what you want to release from the past year and what you seek to bring into existence as soon as your birthday season arrives.

The full moon on the 7th could see you becoming very busy, and it may also bring an important work matter to your attention. Some Taurus could be leaving a job, while others are starting a new job. This is a great time to assess your daily routine and how you are feeding your body. Be sure to integrate exercise into your regimen even if you’re stuck at home.

When the sun marches into your zodiac sign on the 19th, get ready for energy to fill your spirit! You will be radiating and it will be easier for you to launch the important goals that are close to your heart. The most important new moon of the year for you is on the 22nd, so take action in the days that follow to build the life you want in the coming year.


April 2020 Horoscopes - Gemini

Your mind is focused on humanitarian ideas at this time, as well as how you fit into larger groups of people. Important friendships could also be significant now and you could find that you are interacting with them (even if just through technology) more intensely.

When the full moon arrives on the 7th, you’ll likely feel as if your heart is lit on fire. This is a major moment when it comes to your romantic life this year, Gemini, so be sure to sign up for a dating app if single or reach out to someone who you care for to tell them how you feel. If you are a creative, this is an excellent time to channel the muse.

When the sun moves into your privacy sector in the last ten days of the month, you’ll be feeling the urge to lie low as much as possible. This is an excellent time to focus on being dormant and dream of how you want your life to be in the coming year and decade ahead. If you need to heal anything, do so now.


April 2020 Horoscopes - Cancer

Your ambitions and career are very important at the beginning of the month, Cancer, and you’re contemplating what you’ve done and where to go next. There seems to be a lot of activity in your career sector at this time, so do what you can in the ways that you’re allowed. It never hurts to plan ahead!

The full moon on the 7th will direct your attention to an important home or domestic matter. Your family or parents could be requiring your attention near this time. It is also likely you’re feeling especially emotional too, both very much in your feels and debating the stability in your life.

When the sun moves into your idealism sector in the last ten days of the month, you’ll certainly be feeling the urge to reach out and connect with a greater network of people. You will be thinking about your greatest hopes and dreams and where you seek to evolve your life. Attempt to sync up with others in any healthy way, such as through FaceTime calls or online messaging. You can still build a strong community even if not physically present.


April 2020 Horoscopes - Leo

At the beginning of the month, Leo, you’re feeling the need to expand into new territory. This could be a bit difficult considering the global state of affairs, but some Leos could actually receive important travel or immigration news at this time. If not interested in moving in that direction, you are also favored when it comes to studying, whether that is in academics or spirituality. This would be an excellent time to enroll in an online course or practice a new system of meditation.

When the full moon on the 7th lights up, you could notice that you are eager to write or speak your mind. You have a powerful message at this time and could make a great impact with it. This may also relate to a marketing or advertising initiative.

Later, the month becomes even more energized when the sun and new moon bring forth significant career news in the last week of the month. Consider if you are on the right path and what kind of impact you want to make in your industry in the coming year. Even if you aren’t able to actively pursue your goals now, at least use this time to set intentions and build a strategy.


April 2020 Horoscopes - Virgo

You are feeling sensual at this time, Virgo, and debating what you give and receive in your relationships. This is an excellent time to communicate your needs to your partner and loved ones.

The full moon on the 7th will turn your attention to money matters and you could see an important financial matter reaching culmination. Some Virgos could see more income appear, whereas others will be focusing upon a debt. No matter what, use this time to take control of your money so it doesn’t control you.

Later in the month, your mind will become highly active and you’ll become curious about new experiences and ideas. The new moon on the 22nd is magnificent for you to enroll in a new study online or begin a new spiritual practice. If you are involved in media, publishing, or television at all, this could also be favored now. Consider that book you’ve always wanted to write or that podcast you’ve always wanted to start and do so then.


April 2020 Horoscopes - Libra

The sun will be dancing through your partnership sector at the very beginning of the month, Libra, and you’ll be making an important decision at this time. You could be choosing to unite closer with a business or romantic partner or deciding what you want in the next one if single. Know your worth. Some Libras could be separating at this time if the connection has outlived its purpose.

The full moon on the 7th marks one of the most important points in the year for you because you will see an important heartfelt wish come to light. This is a full moon in your zodiac sign and it is gifting you with great power and energy. Use the fuel to move you toward your goals.

When the sun and new moon move into your intimacy sector in the last ten days of the month, you’ll feel the urge to merge. This is a great period to consider your sensual needs and also any fears you may have about relationships. Release them now.


April 2020 Horoscopes - Scorpio

Your productivity and health are on your mind at the beginning of April, Scorpio. This is the best time of the year to get on a better fitness or diet regimen, as well as try to take on more clients if freelance. If you’re out of work and looking, this could be a great time to hunt online for options.

The full moon on the 7th will have you feeling a bit tired and ready to recharge. Heed the messages of your body and soul and relax! You work so hard and deserve the much-needed break. Also, consider what you want to release from the past year and do so.

Your attention shifts to important partnerships when the sun and new moon prance on into this sector in the last ten days of the month. Consider how you can grow closer to those you’re connected to in business and love. If single, use this time to be very clear on what you want and deserve in your relationships.


April 2020 Horoscopes - Sagittarius

Your heart has ignited, Sagittarius, as the sun fires up your romantic zone in the first weeks of the month. You had a new moon at the end of March that likely opened you up to new potentials if looking or helped you unite closer with the one you have. Creativity and fertility are also highlighted during this season for you, so embrace your feminine side.

The full moon on the 7th pulls you to connect with a larger network of people and pay attention to humanitarian issues. With the world going through a powerful transformation at this time, you’ll surely be considering how you fit into the greater expanse of people on Earth.

When the sun and new moon dance into your productivity zone in the last ten days of the month, you’ll be either taking on more projects with work or craving to move in a new direction. This is also the best time of the year to set fitness and diet goals, so if this is something you’d like to make a priority, you can certainly see luck now.


April 2020 Horoscopes - Capricorn

Your home and family have been an important focus for you in recent weeks and will continue to be in the first weeks of April. This is an exceptional time if you’ve been looking to spend more time at home or fix up your space. Some Capricorns could be in the process of moving. Tie up your plans as quickly as possible because career news is on the horizon.

The full moon on the 7th brings an important culmination to your ambitions this year and you will likely see favorable recognition or the possibility for a promotion. This is all dependent on how far you’ve come in the last six months. Set your aim high and climb!

The sun is igniting your heart in the last ten days of the month and you will be feeling more in the mood for love. This is an excellent time to find a new dating option if single; if you are already seeing someone, use this time to unite your spirits closer. The New Moon on the 22nd could give you the opportunity to embrace true love, so if there is someone you’d like to express your heart to, do so then.


April 2020 Horoscopes - Aquarius

Your mind is ablaze as we enter April, Aquarius, and you have important messages you are ready to shout to the heavens. You could be working on a significant writing or speaking project now or beginning something that will bring you favorable attention.

The full moon on the 7th is pushing you to go even further, whether through academics, spirituality, or working on a media-related project. Use this opportunity to spread your message to even further seas. Some Aquarius could also hear significant news about an immigration or travel-related situation.

Despite the excitement, though, when the sun and new moon parade on into your domestic sector in the last week of the month, you’ll be in your feels and ready to lie low. You are assessing how stable your life is and what you need to do to build the life you’ve always wanted. Consider fixing up your home so it feels like a sanctuary and reconnecting more closely with your family—biological or “chosen.”


April 2020 Horoscopes - Pisces

Finances are definitely on your mind at the beginning of April, and you are seeking to build more prosperity into your life, Pisces. This is a great time to seize control of your money so you feel like you’re on steady ground.

The full moon on the 7th will return attention to your relationships—a holdover from last month. This is an excellent time to express your sensual needs and bring attention to what you give and receive in your partnerships—in both business and love.

When the sun and new moon sing into your communications sector in the last third of the month, you’ll be very likely to see success in any writing, speaking, marketing, or advertising endeavor. Consider ways you can unleash your ideas to ever-larger audiences.

BY Kyle Thomas - April 2, 2020


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