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Studio 125 Design | Wit & Delight
Photo by Colleen Eversman at 2ndtruth Photography

Since our move to the new house, we’ve had many questions regarding the future of our studio space, Studio 125. Studio 125 was built to be an event and photography collaborative, ready for large-scale photoshoots and medium-sized events. I started this business with a partner, where we split the overhead and work associated with running the space. Wit & Delight has rented from Studio 125 since it opened, which has provided us with a large studio space far beyond what our small team would ever need. 

As Wit & Delight has evolved to focus more extensively on topics within the home, it made sense to consider finding a new house that allowed our team to work together within the space we would be creating. Finding a separate studio space large enough for our team and content creation would cost far more than the rent we had paid Studio 125, and so the decision to move our company within my home was made. 

Studio 125 Design | Wit & Delight
Photo by Nicole Autumn Photography

Before COVID-19, we had planned to move W&D out, and Studio 125 hired a new studio manager and ramped up our sales strategy, knowing we would have more flexibility with W&D out of the space. 

Right now, Studio 125 is open for small photoshoots of 2-3 people. In speaking with our corporate clients (the bread and butter of our business), most plan to do remote events and meetings until 2021.

Studio 125 Design | Wit & Delight
Photo by Colleen Eversman at 2ndtruth Photography

We don’t know what’s next but we do believe big changes like these provide an opportunity to look at what’s working, what isn’t, and allow us to find a way to pivot. 

We will update you as soon as we know more, and we hope this provides you with some clarity as to the changes happening within our organizations. 

Thank you for your continued support! We miss seeing you in our space and know the future will hold something bright once this time passes.


BY Kate Arends - May 25, 2020


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