June 2020 Horoscopes: Enter Your Turning Point


June 2020 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight

Editor’s Note: We’re sharing horoscopes a little later than usual this month. Despite the delay, there’s still plenty of insight to be gleaned about the possible trajectory of your relationships, career, finances (and more) in the middle and latter parts of June. We hope you find them intriguing.

Eclipse season has returned once again, meaning you are being called forth to a new destiny. This summer we have three back-to-back eclipses, revealing that we are entering a very powerful cosmic storm where you will watch as your life shifts around you. Eclipses always represent a turning point where something significant occurs and you can no longer go back to the life you had. Often times, these represent the moments we always remember; the ones that forged us into who we were meant to be. The first in this dramatic three-act episode occurs on June 5th—a mighty lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. Lunar eclipses bring major endings, culminations, and achievements and are often immensely emotional. The second, a solar eclipse in Cancer, occurs on June 21st. Solar eclipses are more friendly and energizing, as they open doors to you and allow you to embark on adventurous new beginnings. 

However, while we have so much in the cosmos catapulting us into the future, the other planets are telling us that the past is not yet ready to be buried. We still are being encouraged to review, reflect, or reconnect with others. Venus retrograde continues on until June 25th but will echo until the end of July. This shows that you may cross paths with an ex, twin flame, or old friend. If you’d like to reignite the connection, this is the most fated time in the next two years to do so. Also, if you’d prefer to finally find closure and move on, this is also in favor.

Mercury retrograde, the trickster period we all love to hate, also begins this month—on June 18th. This is not the best time to start new initiatives or relationships, despite the call of the eclipses. No matter your zodiac sign, prepare to face the past but also hear the trumpet of the future, and no matter what, let your heart guide you. Find out how you will be affected in your individual zodiac sign’s horoscope!


Aries June 2020 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight

June brings an exciting vibration to your mind as the sun powers through your communications sector throughout much of the month. Writing, speaking, and short-distance travel will certainly be favored, as well as connecting with people through digital means.

The mightiest moment of the month comes right at the beginning for you, as the lunar eclipse in your expansion sector rockets into the air like a canon. Some Aries may be releasing an important media, publishing, or advertising initiative during this time. Others may be receiving important news about academics. If you’ve been looking to immigrate or travel overseas, news about this also could come your way.

Your attention turns to your home and domestic sector when you have a liberating solar eclipse here on the 21st. Some of you may be moving to a new location or dealing with another significant home renovation. If major news regarding your family appears, be certain to handle it right away.

The best news is saved for last, when Mars, your planetary ruler and the cosmic battery of power and drive, moves into your zodiac sign on the 27th. Mars will stay with you, giving you immense might for the next six months, so prepare to become very busy.


Taurus June 2020 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight

Money and wealth are on your mind at the beginning of June as the sun parades through this sector. You’ve been hungry to add more income and resources to your nest egg and it appears the stars are bringing forth more now. Your luck in money will last until August, so work hard on unique ways to monetize at this time.

The lunar eclipse on the 5th may also bring important money-related news your way, such as approval for a loan, venture capital, a payout, or divorce settlement. You’ll be thinking very intensely about what you give and receive in your partnerships and assessing if they are in balance.

The next major moment for you will be the solar eclipse in your communications sector on the 21st, so you may be embarking upon a passionate new writing, speaking, or media project at this time. If you’d like to add new skills to your resume or enroll in a course, this could also do you well now. It is clear you have a very important message that you’ve been wanting to launch—possibly since 2018—and now it appears the stars are aligned.


Gemini June 2020 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight

2020 is here to shift your life’s direction, Gemini, but it has only just begun for you. This is because you are beginning mighty eclipses in your sun sign and sector of relationships this year. Prepare to rapidly find important soul connections, grow closer with the ones you have, or slam the door and walk away from outdated ones once and for all. The sun will energize you throughout the first few weeks of the month, bringing a great deal of attention to your plans and heartfelt desires.

The month begins with a pivotal moment regarding your relationships. Single Geminis have the opportunity to align with a soulmate or someone with serious LTR potential, so be sure you know what you want and hunt for that special person. Committed Geminis could decide it’s time to take the next step in their relationships: moving in, getting engaged, or discussing marriage. It would not be the best time to do any of this officially, though, with Venus retrograde taking place in your sign. Wait until next month to fully agree. However, if you’re in a business or love connection that is not fulfilling you, divorce and breaking up may instead occur. No matter what, you are embarking on a brand new journey in your partnerships over the next two years, so buckle up!

Your mind turns to your income near June 21st, which will trigger important news regarding your finances. This may be a time when you take on that job you’ve been hoping for, receive a raise, or win a lucrative client if you’re freelance. Harness the abundance now.


Cancer June 2020 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight

Rest and relaxation are on your mind throughout much of June, but you won’t be able to feel at ease with so much activity going on in the stars. The eclipses here are bringing mighty news to you, so watch as your life whirls around you.

On June 5th, an electric lunar eclipse in your productivity sector will roar in the night. This means that you could be finishing up an important employment project, leaving a job, or finally getting hired at another. You’re likely to be very busy and emotional at this time. However, be absolutely sure to watch your health because this sort of eclipse can suddenly create a flare-up that must be contained. If you are in need of surgery or healing, handle it rapidly.

Your attention turns to all of your sacred hopes and plans for the year as the sun marches on into your sun sign in the last third of June. You’ve been going through eclipses in your sun sign since 2018, rapidly propelling you toward your destiny. The final solar eclipse here takes place on June 21st, opening a door to you that is like a wildcard. You can use this energy to go after whatever you’d like: whatever is most deeply important to your soul at this time. Watch what the Universe is bringing you, but be sure to create important actions then.


Leo June 2020 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight

Welcome to June, Leo, a time when you are certainly thinking of your friends and social life. Whether or not you are still in lockdown, be sure to reach out to your pals and connect. Some of you may reconnect with people from the past this month. If you’d like to restart your relationship, this could be a fated time to do so.

The lunar eclipse on the 5th brings a destined moment in your fertility sector, and over the coming two years, it is clear you’ll be bringing more passion, romance, and creativity into your life. Some Leos could find that this eclipse brings news of a pregnancy or childbirth, so if you’ve been trying, you could be quite in luck! Single Leos may suddenly cross paths with a soulmate or realize they’re falling more deeply in love than ever before. Embrace this magical week!

However, as the month draws to a close, a solar eclipse in your healing and privacy sectors is pushing you to rest and recharge. This is a tremendous opportunity to truly release anything holding you back, so consider how to let go of baggage that binds you down.


Virgo June 2020 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight

Career and achievements are on your mind throughout much of June, Virgo, so be ready to keep your upward momentum! However, you’ll notice that you’ll be pulled toward your home and domestic life, and a lunar eclipse will also take place in this sector on the 5th. This could signal that you may be moving suddenly, fixing up a random renovation, or realizing you need to find a better living situation. You’re likely to feel emotionally provoked at this time, so try to find your inner grounding. Another way this could manifest is that very important family-related news reaches your attention. Be sure to handle it delicately and sensitively.

Your attention turns to your social life and friendships later in the month, as a solar eclipse ignites this sector on the 21st. If you’re able to finally attend events due to relaxed restrictions, you’ll likely enjoy the festivities, but if you are practicing safe social distancing, this would be an excellent time to grow closer with your friends over a Zoom chat or call. It is possible you could see an old friend exit your life, while a new one steps in, and if this is the case, realize that life is always shifting and you evolve through the people around you.


Libra June 2020 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight

June will be a time when you’re feeling ready to jet off to new horizons, whether you are actually allowed to travel physically or if you will be venturing into new territory within the mind. This is an excellent time to pursue further education or embrace a new spiritual path.

The lunar eclipse on the 5th will cause your voice to echo from the mountaintops and you will be debuting a mighty important media or communications-related endeavor. It could finally be released or instead, be ready to pitch to the right outlet.

As we creep along the month, you’ll be feeling new career opportunities calling your name and some of these could add jewels to your crown. A solar eclipse in your career sector echoes like a gong on the 21st. You’ve been undergoing significant growth in your career since 2018, and it looks like the cosmos are still propelling you higher. Use this time to look for a better job or if your superiors are ready to discuss a promotion, get ready to show them that you are their best bet. 


Scorpio June 2020 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight

Intimacy is a big focus for you in June, particularly what you give and take in your relationships. Some Scorpios could be reassessing what they truly value and if their needs are being met in relationships. Other Scorpios could be getting closer with partners, while others could be leaving their exes in the dust. This will echo on as a theme until August.

The first major moment to pay attention to in June 2020 is the lunar eclipse on the 5th. This will be a massive week when it comes to your finances! Expect an opportunity for your income to rise or to pay off significant debt. This may be in the form of a raise at your job or else an even better paying job. Hustle now to find the best way to up your wealth.

Your attention shifts to new horizons later in the month, especially because of the solar eclipse in your expansion sector on the 21st. This will affect Scorpios in a few different ways, depending on where you are in your life. Some of you may realize that it’s time to go back to school for further education, whereas others may be suddenly interested in yoga or a spiritual practice. Some Scorpios could see news regarding an immigration or visa-related matter or finally receive approval for long-distance travel. Lastly, if you are involved in media or publishing, expect some very important news to manifest around this time. No matter what, get ready for exciting life developments.


Sagittarius June 2020 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight

Of all the zodiac signs, you, Sagittarius, will feel June 2020 most significantly. This is because you have a lunar eclipse in your sun sign taking place on June 5th. Over the coming two years, you will be emerging ever more strongly into your personal power. This will be a huge turning point for you, and you will likely see a major culmination, achievement, or ending putting you center stage. This could very likely be the moment when you scream: “FINALLY!” on the top of your lungs. Expect more exciting transitions to liberate you later this year.

You will certainly have a lot of attention on your partnerships, with the sun and Venus gracing this area throughout much of the month. When the sun moves on along into your intimacy sector, you’ll be assessing the give-and-take in all of your business or romantic relationships. With a solar eclipse opening doors in your partnerships on the 21st, you could decide that it is time to grow even closer or else to walk away. Listen to what your gut is telling you.


Capricorn June 2020 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight

You have been front and center in so many ways over the last year and a half, and this will continue throughout the rest of this year. However, the lunar eclipse on the 5th will bring forth an important moment for you in relation to your inner feelings, traumas, or private life. You could finally be moving on and finding closure for something that has been haunting you. Other Capricorns could instead be working on an important project behind-the-scenes that is not yet ready for the limelight—and a final vital piece could be excitedly clicking into place.

While you will certainly be busy throughout most of the month, you’ll find that your attention turns back toward partnerships in the last part of June. A solar eclipse on the 21st will open doors to you to grow closer in business or love with someone truly special and may bring forth discussions of an engagement, marriage, or important commitment. With Venus retrograde still happening until the 25th, though, hold off any decision until then. If you’re single and looking, the stars are aligned to find someone with LTR-potential, so take initiative and hunt for them then.


Aquarius June 2020 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight

So much adventure and happiness is written in the stars for you, Aquarius, and you have long waited for this! With the sun and Venus dancing through your pleasure and romance sector, you have such a stunning opportunity to bring passion into your personal life, whether single or attached.

The lunar eclipse on the 5th will announce a very important community or friendship moment for you. Depending on social distancing, you may be able to attend a memorable event in person; otherwise, you may instead be significantly digitally interacting with a best pal. Sometimes these eclipses mean that a friend exits your life while a new one enters, so if this is the case, rest assured that you are evolving as you are meant to.

Later in the month, your attention turns back to productivity. A solar eclipse on the 21st signals that an important job-related opportunity is coming your way. Sometimes this means that you’re about to take on a major new responsibility or project with your employer, or that a new job could arrive. Because this zone also has ties to your physical health, if something problematic appears, do everything you can to handle it and grow stronger now.


Pisces June 2020 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight

Welcome to June, which should be rather pleasant for you, Pisces. The sun will be lighting up your home and domestic sector, so you may have decided to fix up your space or move. Other Pisces could be spending more time with their families, and if this is the case, relations should be going quite well.

However, your attention will very quickly be directed to your career because of the lunar eclipse taking place on the 5th. You will reach a major and powerful career victory at this time, so get ready to hear achievements resounding your name. This may be favorable press and fame if in the media; otherwise a significant promotion with a great new title. Expect your career to skyrocket over the coming two years—this is just the beginning of this eclipse cycle, meaning destined opportunities are coming your way!

Love and romance are also blessing you this month, which is why you may truly be the happiest zodiac sign on Earth now. A solar eclipse on the 21st will ignite your passion, causing single Pisces to cross paths with a soulmate while committed ones may grow more closely together than ever before. This eclipse could announce news about a pregnancy or childbirth if you’ve been hoping, while creative Pisces could be giving “birth” to an artistic endeavor. No matter what, though, this will be a spectacular month for you, so soak it all up.

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