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Hello from the middle of a July that’s different from all the rest. Here in Minnesota, where W&D is based, patios are open and in the evenings, parks are full of delicately-spaced blanket pods—picnics having become the hottest social gathering of 2020. And while many of us are trying to find moments of normalcy out in the world when and where we can, sometimes the most comforting thing to do is simply stay home.

And when we’re at home, what are we doing? Folks! Life is thrilling. We’re doing laundry and catching up on emails and throwing things together in the kitchen and seeking out shows and movies as sources of entertainment. The latter is the reason we’re all here today.

On one recent Zoom call with my coworkers, I asked everyone to share a handful of the shows and movies they’ve streamed and loved these past few weeks and months. You’ll find all of our recommendations listed below. Here’s hoping this list will come in handy for you the next time you find yourself endlessly scrolling through Netflix in need of something to watch.

If there are any shows or movies you’ve particularly loved lately, please share them in the comments!

19 Shows and Movies We Recommend Most Right Now

1. Salt Fat Acid Heat (Netflix)

In this show, one of our favorite food authorities, Samin Nosrat, travels the world to explore and help viewers better understand the importance of these four primary elements in cooking: salt, fat, acid, and heat. The show is named after Samin’s fantastic book, which we’d also recommend!

2. Normal People (Hulu)

Based on the book by Sally Rooney, Normal People explores the deeply electric yet fraught love story between two people, through their teens and early twenties. Kate and I both watched this show and, for me personally, it allowed a highly-needed respite from my own emotions to become fully engrossed in someone else’s—the best kind of escape, and one that’s rare to find on-screen.

3. The Politician (Netflix)

This show is a comedy-drama complete with a host of complex, ambitious, at times conniving characters with their minds set on the ultimate political prize. Season two was just released last month.

4. Never Have I Ever (Netflix)

A smart and funny coming-of-age series that follows the life of one teenager as she deals with grief amid all of the complexities of what it means to be a teen. A second season was recently announced and we can’t wait to watch it when it (eventually) airs.

5. The Sopranos (HBO)

The Sopranos follows the life of Tony Soprano—husband, father, and mob boss—and all of the professional and personal strains that manifest along the way. The show is hailed as a classic television drama and it’s one of Kate’s personal favorites.

6. The Baby-Sitters Club (Netflix)

A perfect watch for preteens today and for anyone whose bookshelves were lined with The Baby-Sitters Club series in their youth (raises hand). The show follows a group of four girls as they work to start their own babysitting business while dealing with the many ups and downs that come along with preteen life.

7. The Last Dance (ESPN)

A ten-part documentary series that chronicles the Chicago Bulls team, with Michael Jordan at the helm, through the final championship season in 1997-1998. The series offers a fascinating, in-depth look at the legendary team and is an incredible watch for any sports fan.

8. Queer Eye (Netflix)

The latest season of Queer Eye was released last month and features ten brand new episodes, all filmed in the city of Philadelphia. Follow along as the team makes over the homes, wardrobes, and lives of ten individuals (and maybe, I don’t know, bring a box of tissues along with you).

9. Insecure (HBO)

Created by (and starring) Issa Rae, this highly-acclaimed show follows the life of one woman as she navigates her personal and professional life in Los Angeles. Season four of the show just recently aired from April through June 2020.

10. What We Do in the Shadows (FX & Hulu)

Based on the film of the same name, What We Do in the Shadows takes a documentary-style look into the lives of a group of vampires on Staten Island. Our brand director Bridgette recommends it as “A nice escape from reality”—and we could all use a bit of that these days, yes?

11. Parasite (Hulu)

Parasite was this year’s Oscar winner for Best Picture, and it’s no surprise as to why. The film follows the lives of two families, exploring the socioeconomic differences between the two and the complicated dynamics that are created as the families meld together over time. It’s a gripping, spectacularly done piece.

12. The Boy Downstairs (Hulu)

If you’re looking for a (mostly) lighthearted romantic comedy (aren’t we all at times?), this may be the one for you. In it, an aspiring writer returns to New York after a few years away from the city, only to find that her ex-boyfriend is living in the apartment below her. Shenanigans ensue!!

13. Search Party (HBO)

When a former college acquaintance disappears, several twenty-somethings become engrossed in the mystery of what happened. Per Bridgette, this show is a “pitch-black comedy of self-absorbed millennials at their WORST.” If that’s the show you’re looking for at the moment, give this one a watch.

14. Schitt’s Creek (Netflix)

A perennial favorite of a few of us on the W&D team, Schitt’s Creek follows the life of the Rose family as their entire life is upended and they’re forced to rebuild roots in a distant town, aptly named Schitt’s Creek. This comedy could be exactly what you need right now.

15. The Wire (HBO)

The Wire is an American crime drama series that explores the narcotics scene in Baltimore through the eyes of law enforcement, drug dealers, and users. Kate loves the show for its in-depth character development and multifaceted plot lines.

16. Eat. Race. Win. (Amazon)

This series follows renowned chef, Hannah Grant, as she sources and cooks food to fuel the cyclists in the Tour de France. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at exactly what it takes to ensure athletes are able to perform at the pinnacle of human endurance.

17. The Shop: Uninterrupted (HBO & Hulu)

In collaboration with LeBron James, this show brings viewers honest and insightful conversations and debates with some of the biggest names in entertainments and sports, all hosted in barbershops around the country.

18. Castle Rock (Hulu)

If you’re looking for a thriller, this may be the show for you. Castle Rock is a psychological-horror series set in Castle Rock, Maine, a fictional town first imagined by Stephen King. Each of the two seasons trails the lives of a new cast of characters, and both feature themes and settings central to King’s work.

19. High Maintenance (HBO)

High Maintenance follows The Guy, a nameless marijuana dealer, as he delivers goods to clients all across New York City. The show offers peeks into the varying lives, routines, and experiences of each client he meets.

BY Jackie Saffert - July 17, 2020

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Kate R.
July 17, 2020 4:12 pm

Highly recommend Palm Springs on Hulu. Hilarious, sweet and only 90 minutes – chef’s kiss.

Briel K.
July 18, 2020 9:41 pm
Reply to  Kate R.

I second this! It was so funny!

Maggie H.
July 18, 2020 7:42 pm

The movie “Yesterday,” on HBO and YouTube, is a BEAUTIFUL film about an aspiring/struggling musician who gets in a car accident and wakens to find The Beatles never existed. He goes on to become a global sensation sharing their music in this lovely homage to The Beatles. Guest starring the real Ed Sheeran. Highly recommended, especially for music lovers!

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