August 2020 Horoscopes: Evolution Is Never Easy


August 2020 Horoscopes: Evolution Is Never Easy | Wit & Delight

My favorite thing about astrology is not only that it is a predictive mirror to our lives but that it is also a guide of how to become better human beings. How fantastic is it that we can look above to learn about how we are evolving within? Astrology has been charted since its birth in Mesopotamia with the Babylonians until now—showing that cycles repeat here on Earth. If we accept the challenge, face it, and grow, we evolve not only as an individual but also as a human collective. If we run from obstacles and refuse to learn their lessons, we are condemned to repeat patterns until we accept them. Evolution is never easy—but it is a constant here on Earth.

August 2020 will be better than recent months for some reasons—but we will also face jarring problems because of other cosmic forces. 2020 is not here to punish you. It is here to make you stronger. To make you clearer on your soul’s purpose. Don’t give up.

If we accept the challenge, face it, and grow, we evolve not only as an individual but also as a human collective. If we run from obstacles and refuse to learn their lessons, we are condemned to repeat patterns until we accept them.

While we will not have any personal planetary retrogrades giving us the normal headaches—such as Mercury or Venus retrograde—we will see many of the planets clashing which can cause frustrations, restrictions, and trials to overcome. The following dates in August may test your flexibility and perseverance: 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 13, 24, 25, and 30. Do not be afraid, though. No matter your zodiac sign, I know that you have all the power you need inside of you to get through this. Want to know why? I’m an astrologer. I can see into the future, after all. You’ve got this. Find out exactly what August has in store for your zodiac sign in your personal horoscope below!


Passion, recreation, and fun are definitely on your mind in August, Aries. With the sun—the greatest force in our solar system—heating up your sector of fertility, you will feel more joy enter your life. With mighty Mars powering up your sun sign for the next several months, be sure to use August to chase after your next great conquest. This energy emboldens you to find new love or bring back the spark into a personal relationship.

The full moon on the 3rd will light up your sector of fulfillment, potentially helping you reach toward a goal very dear to your heart. You’ll also feel especially social at this time, so depending on your social distancing practices, connect with friends for a safe gathering or else catch up digitally.

The new moon this month occurs on the 18th, opening up an opportunity for you to let loose and express yourself. If single and looking, you could find someone very special. If looking to conceive, this new moon may bring luck to your side. Lastly, if an artist, use this new moon to embrace more creativity and a whole new wave of inspiration will come your way. When the sun moves into your productivity sector at the end of the month, prepare to become quite busy in your day-to-day affairs.


Welcome to August, Taurus, as the crown passes to you. A full moon on the 3rd could lift your name into the sky, bringing you success, fame, or glory. You have been working very hard toward an important goal and it appears the news may finally be here. Celebrate! Don’t just rest on your laurels, though. You are set to become one of the stars in your industry over the coming years—greater than ever before—so use this time to strategize for the rest of the year.

Your mind will also be very much on your domestic life this month, as it appears you’re focusing on a transition in regard to home or family. The new moon on the 18th opens a door to move or fix up your space. If news comes regarding a family member at this time, be sure to step up and help how you can.

As the mighty sun dances on into your passion zone at the end of the month, you’re ready to turn your mind to matters of the heart. Romance, creativity, and fun will come your way in September and October. Get ready to let your spirit sing.


August encourages you to soar in new directions, Gemini. While this planetary action would usually prod you to jump on a plane and travel, the pandemic may instead push you to set sail within the mind. A full moon in your expansion sector on the 3rd will likely bring you news regarding an academic, immigration, or legal matter. If involved in the media, favorable press, a book deal, or television opportunity could also appear. The following weeks are also encouraging you to express yourself as communications, negotiations, and contracts seem to be circling you. The new moon on the 18th may trigger you to sign something of importance—or at the very least engage with a writing, speaking, or podcasting project.

Finally, when the sun moves into your domestic sector in the final week of the month, your mind turns to your home, your roots, and your family. Every adventurer must find balance before the next quest.


When the full moon arrives on the 3rd, Cancer, you are focusing on the give-and-take in your relationships. Your intimate needs are especially important now and you could be asking for more support—now is the time to know where the chips will fall. Some Cancers could finalize the end of a relationship—perhaps even a divorce settlement if the connection has outlived its time. If this is the case, reflect on what the relationship taught you and how you can grow from the experience.

Money dominates your mind throughout the weeks that follow, as the sun highlights how you have been handling your finances. The new moon on the 18th brings an opportunity for you to increase your wealth—whether through a raise, new job, or lucrative client. Don’t just sit back and wait for it to come to you. Go after your worth!

When the sun moves into your sector of communications late in the month, your mind will ignite with ideas. Get ready for growth in the month ahead. 


Birthday season has arrived—and you, Leo, were born to shine. While many Leos will not get to shake it up like “normal years,” due to the pandemic, be sure to find ways to indulge in you. When the sun moves through your zodiac sign, it allows you to make plans you wish to tackle for the year ahead. In many ways, it is a cosmic reboot, letting you shed the past and step into a whole new skin!

The new moon on the 18th marks the start of the most important lunation of the year for you, as it’ll open a door in the following week to some of your most heartfelt desires. However, this month isn’t just about you—it appears you’ll be making an important decision regarding a relationship much earlier in August, near the 3rd. Some Leos could be choosing to move in, get engaged, or tie the knot. While you may not be able to hold your wedding bash now, you could still decide it’s time to make it official with your one and only. If your relationship has outgrown its time, though, some Leos could separate. No matter what you decide, you have a great month ahead. Venus will join your zodiac sign in September, so expect next month to also bring you opportunities for fun, laughter, and love.


August will be all about your work-life balance, Virgo, especially with the full moon on the 3rd drawing your attention to job matters. Some Virgos could be finishing up a very important project for a client or employer or else hearing that they have been hired for that new job they’ve been looking toward. This same sector also highlights your physical health, so if you’ve been feeling the urge to start a home exercise plan or diet, this would be a great moment to do so.

However, with the sun igniting the most hidden part of your chart throughout much of the month, you’re likely feeling burnt out and requiring some much-needed rest and relaxation. The new moon on the 18th will allow you to enjoy a spa or fit in a nap if you’d like. Your physical and psychological health are especially important now—so if any health-related news appears this month, do your best to build your strength.

When the radiant sun fills you up beginning on the 22nd, the entire month ahead will inspire you to make bold moves to create the life you want in the year ahead. Pull out your handy list of hopes, dreams, and goals for the year—because you surely have drawn one up already—and take steps toward building that life now.


Career matters have been on your mind for years, Libra, and you likely saw some new directions call your name within recent months. However, August will not be just about success for you—it will also be about your personal happiness and fulfillment. The full moon on the 3rd glitters like gold, as Cupid shoots arrows of love straight to your heart. This blessed full moon could have you feeling like you’re falling in love, or, if single, it could bring you the chance to meet someone who loves you for your soul. Be sure to connect with potential options! If an artist, you may debut a project to favorable applause. Lastly, if looking to conceive or give birth, this full moon may also bring blessings to change your life forever.

With the sun dancing through another sector of pleasure, it appears you are in the mood to have fun and connect with friends. While you may not be able to hit the town like in “normal years,” this is a fortunate time to connect with your BFFs even if it’s just for a digital wine night. Use the new moon on the 18th to reach out to your pals and dream of plans you can make when the pandemic is a distant memory.

Finally, as the sun travels into your sector of rest on the 22nd for the month ahead, focus on healing and resting. Life may slow down now and in the coming weeks, giving you an opportunity to breathe.


As the full moon arrives at the onset of August, you may suddenly receive news regarding a home or family-related matter. Some Scorpios may move during this time, or else be in the mood to switch things up in their living situation. Search for some additions to make your living space sweeter and softer and you’ll likely stumble upon the perfect piece.

Your mind will be heavily focused upon your ambitions and career throughout the entire month as well, as the sun and Mercury combine forces in your achievement sector. You can make tremendous progress toward your goals this month—especially after the new moon on the 18th. This lunation may bring favorable opportunities your way, as well as success for previous efforts. Take the step up—you’re ready.

When the sun moves into your social sector after the 22nd, friends will be reaching out to tell you how much they appreciate you. Use the time to catch up and share the love.


August brings you opportunities to set sail into new territory, Sagittarius. While you’d normally be jetting off to an exotic location or visiting new horizons, due to the pandemic, you may instead be focusing more on journeys within.

At the onset of August, a full moon on the 3rd may see the successful release of an important writing, speaking, or communications-related project. Contracts or negotiations may also appear for you. As the sun travels through your expansion sector for the weeks that follow, you may become interested in going back to school or pushing toward an academic goal. This same zone also highlights immigration matters as well as publishing—as both are areas that help you to be seen and heard in places far from your initial base. The new moon on the 18th could highlight one of these areas in the week that follows—so be on the lookout. As the sun roars into your achievements sector on the 22nd, prepare to reach toward new career opportunities in the month to come.


Welcome to August, Capricorn. A mighty full moon on the 3rd will bring news regarding a financial matter—possibly new money coming your way through a raise, large check, or new job opportunity. If for some reason a job ends at this time, you’d simply be redirected to a better one in the months to come.

With the sun traveling in your intimacy sector throughout much of the month, your inner needs are being exposed. You hunger to grow closer to your one and only, or, if single, are thinking about what traits someone must have in order to truly fulfill you. This would be a phenomenal time to reassess the balance in a current partnership or heal past traumas that are holding you back from true vulnerability. The new moon on the 18th will support you in building healthier connections—personally and professionally.

When the sun moves into your sector of expansion at the end of the month, prepare in the weeks ahead to step out of your comfort zone.


Prepare to reach an important turning point in 2020, Aquarius, as the full moon on the 3rd puts you center stage. With the full moon falling in your zodiac sign, you will stand in your power and have more ability to move events in your favor. It is also quite likely you will see a heartfelt wish manifest before your eyes.

However, despite the focus being turned fully toward you at the start of the month, the rest of August will have your attention focused upon significant relationships—either in business or love. During this time, you will see that you desire to dance with someone who is a mirror to you. The new moon on the 18th will allow you to make important plans together, move in, or even get engaged. If single, use this month to date—safely in a pandemic, of course—because your next serious partner could be right around the corner. 


At the beginning of August, all Pisces will feel the need to lie low and recharge. With the full moon falling within your sector of privacy, you could choose to pamper yourself with some TLC or else work on an important project behind the scenes.

Yet, with the sun moving like a freight train through your productivity zone most of the month, you’re likely to be especially busy. The new moon arrives in this sector on the 18th, allowing you to take on more projects or else find a better job. The stars are in your favor to see success, but you must strike now because from September until November, many hurdles will be before you.

Finally, when the glorious sun moves into your partnership zone from the 22nd onward, you will find that you work better as a team rather than flying solo.

BY Kyle Thomas - August 3, 2020

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August 14, 2020 11:30 am

I and many others will benefit from your practical and encouraging words … thanks! Despite the fact that I am fond of astrology from, I constantly remind myself that the planets continue their cycles, and that we all, I hope, will develop thanks to this experience.

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