A Complete Overview of My Laundry Stain-Fighting Essentials


A Complete Overview of My Laundry Stain-Fighting Essentials | Wit & Delight
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Here’s a fun fact: I will spill on myself at least once a day. Be it coffee, toothpaste, hot sauce, you name it; I’ve become a bit of an expert on various stain removal methods because of this.

With all this knowledge, one would think I’d look at a pile of laundry and laugh. Alas, no. The years of removing coffee from silk scarves or blood from cashmere have given me severe laundry fatigue. It didn’t help that the laundry soap we had been using contributed to our kids’ eczema.

It’s a genuinely never-ending task, especially with two little kids. The moment clothes are folded and put away, a new pile has sprung up as if by magic (or thanks to your toddler changing clothes for the umpteenth time). 

I had partly hoped that the problem was a space issue. I’ve operated our laundry routine out of tiny closets or shared spaces for years, hauling everything I needed to the basement or the laundromat. 

I’ve had success over the last few months organizing with products from OXO. My pantry was stocked and prepped this spring, and recently my bathroom drawers got a makeover with organizing tools from OXO. The new house has a dedicated laundry room, big enough to wash and fold (!!!), with plenty of storage space. The only thing missing? The right tools for the job.

I’m a visual person, and for systems to work, I need to see things readily, which is why I love using OXO POP storage containers in more places than my pantry. OXO’s POP containers work perfectly to hold all the ingredients for the new homemade detergent I’m now using (see recipe below). I can see at a glance when I’m starting to get low on supplies and can get ahead of the game by replacing them.

In addition to storage, OXO has the tools that I need to assist with the toughest of laundry jobs. 

My Laundry Toolkit Essentials: 

  • OXO POP containers – Various sizes
  • OXO squeeze bottles – To house white distilled vinegar, bleach, acetone, and dish soap  
  • White distilled vinegar
  • Grease-fighting dish soap
  • OXO scrub brushes in varying sizes, for stains big and small
  • Bleach – I use this as sparingly as I possibly can!
  • Nail polish remover/acetone – Ditto!!
  • OXO grater – For shaving soap for detergent
  • Dr. Bronner’s soap
  • Washing soda
  • OXO measuring cups – It’s essential to have the right amount every time!
  • Baking soda
  • Clean cotton towels for blotting stains
  • OXO sink caddy – Not only to dry my tools but also to keep them available at the ready

Always, always, always follow the laundry directions for individual garments!

During a recent thrifting haul, Meggie (a friend and W&D contributor) shared her secret to cleaning vintage finds, which is the same laundry detergent recipe she uses for her everyday washing.

The formula is simple and only requires a few ingredients: 

  • 3 cups washing soda
  • 3 cups borax
  • 2 bars Dr. Bronner’s soap
  • 3 cups baking soda
  1. Pour 3 tsp. in the washing machine before adding clothes, at the bottom of the load. 
  2. Pour in white distilled vinegar for ~5 seconds. 
  3. Add a little squeeze of dish soap. The vinegar and dish soap cut grease and oil.

I’ve found the clothes smell better without having any additional scents or perfumes. 

OXO’s POP storage containers and laundry tools have made it easy to have everything I need at arm’s reach.

No miracle product or service has changed my mind about my aversion to laundry. I had to do that myself. I can whine and grump and stall as much as I like, but I need clean clothes at the end of the day. My kids need clean clothes.

I still don’t leap for joy at the thought of doing laundry, but it’s more tolerable. I’m reframing laundry time as an exercise in meditation. I can pause, breathe, and listen to a podcast while I’m laundering or folding clothes (or inevitably removing a coffee stain from my blouse).

Editor’s Note: This post was sponsored by OXO. The compensation we receive in exchange for placement on Wit & Delight is used to purchase props, hire a photographer, write/edit the blog post, and support the larger team behind Wit & Delight.

While compensation was received in exchange for coverage, all thoughts and opinions are always my own. Sponsored posts like these allow us to continue to develop dynamic unsponsored content. Thank you for supporting our partners!

BY Kate Arends - October 20, 2020

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Andrea Salisbury
October 21, 2020 7:05 pm

My least favorite chore is laundry for sure. It takes me 20 minutes to do my kids laundry because they are dirty wild animals! They have eczema too- what do you recommend for stains to avoid eczema irritation? Right now I use oxi clean for spraying and a clear and free detergent but I would love to find something that gets stains out without irritation. Thanks!

October 24, 2020 10:08 pm

I’ve recently discovered Method stain remover and absolutely love it. It removes even dried blood that has sat for days. (Husband scratches his dry skin until he bleeds. My constant suggestions that he use lotion have fallen on deaf ears.) I have trouble with eczema on my hands, so the scrub brush on the top of the bottle does the work of rubbing the potion into the stain, saving my skin. This week it even took out a small spot of Sharpie ink on my favorite shirt!

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