October 2020 Horoscopes: Find Your Inner Peace


October 2020 Horoscopes: Find Your Inner Peace | Wit & Delight

October will be the slowest month of the year. It is likely you started to notice a sluggish pace building since September. October will feel like you are fighting against the wind and that you have very little energy to power through even the most mundane of tasks. Not only will your energy levels be at an all-time low, but you will also find obstacles appear at nearly every turn. Mars retrograde, which began September 9, will be in full effect now and will be causing everyone’s strength to be depleted and projects to spiral off the rails. To add fuel to the cosmic fire, Mercury retrograde begins in October, too—but our planet of communication will already be groggy at the onset of the month. Mercury officially freezes within the sky and turns backward beginning October 13. Life may feel like we are frozen within a dream.

If there is anything I wish you to know, it is this: the Universe is not here to punish you and you are not being defeated. We will all be dealing with this simultaneously, and you are being taught that it is okay to slow down and surrender. You must rest now and recharge and above all try not to push against the storm. If you do so, you will burn out and cause greater damage. Trust the rhythms of your body, mind, and spirit. Reflect on the past and revisit where you have been. Learn from it. Take time for you: your hobbies, your passions, and living within the moment. This, too, shall pass. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I believe in you.

Find out exactly what October has in store for your zodiac sign in your personal horoscope below! 


The most important full moon of the year arrives for you at the beginning of October, Aries. This powerful lunation will put you front and center and will bring attention to your sense of worth. It is likely a deeply significant goal or project will reach culmination, and you could feel that something dear to your heart is now within reach.

Another major focus this month will be your partnerships in business and love as the sun radiates from this point of the sky. You may be making plans with partners now—especially around the new moon on October 16. This is a turning point in your relationships as you could begin to outline your entire coming year together. Single Aries could link up with someone who is a perfect match—but don’t commit officially until late November when Mars turns direct. The sun will move into your intimacy sector beginning the 22nd, and you will be focused on what you give and receive with others. The month ahead will help you grow closer—or walk away if the union does not respect your spirit.

A full moon will end the month as well, this time falling in your financial sector on the 31st. A raise, large check, or lucrative new client could arrive—or else a sudden, shocking expense. Do not overspend at this time.


October will keep you busy, Taurus, even though you are desperately crying out for a vacation. You are tired—mentally, physically, and spiritually—and this is going to be further emphasized by the full moon on October 1 that falls in your sector of solitude. You are being told repeatedly that it’s time for you to rest and recharge, so heed this warning now.

However, it appears you are still quite busy throughout much of the month at your day job with the sun igniting this sector of the sky. The new moon on the 16th will likely bring new projects and responsibilities—and if you’ve been out of work but looking for a new employer, it could pave the way.

When the sun moves into your sector of relationships from the 22nd onward, you’ll be focusing intensely on your primary partner in business or love. This could be a fated time in the month ahead where you discuss plans to grow closer or else realize you may do better solo.

To end the month, a full moon in your zodiac sign will ignite the night on the 31st. This will bring your power before the world and likely bring a heartfelt goal or wish within reach. Stand in your glory and show the world who you are.


A full moon on the 1st of October will likely ignite your social life, Gemini! You may attend a meaningful event, join a community you believe in, or expand your network online. This should be an enjoyable moment and you will likely hear from friends now. However, with the sun igniting your sector of romance throughout most of the month, you will be especially focused on matters of the heart. When the new moon dawns on the 16th, you will have an open doorway to spice up your love life—both if you’re single or attached! It is quite likely throughout most of the month you’ll be nostalgic, as your ruler, Mercury, is slowing down and turning backward within the sky. This could actually reconnect you with people from the past.

When the sun moves into your employment sector for a month beginning on the 22nd, you will feel the sudden need to be more productive. This could signal more projects at work or a more bustling fitness routine. To end the month, though, a full moon in your sector of rest on the 31st demands you rest, recharge, and lie low. Listen to the Universe and surrender. 


Your career is going to skyrocket, Cancer, as the most important full moon for achievement appears on October 1. This could signal a turning point in your professional life, as well as a promotion, award, or favorable press. You have worked long for this and you will see a spotlight now.

However, with the sun across the sky in your domestic zone throughout much of the month, you are heavily focused on fixing up your space or being with family. The new moon arrives on the 16th and could help you renovate, redecorate, or even move. Reach out to your kindred—they’ll be so happy that you did.

When the sun moves into your sector of passion and romance from the 22nd onward, you’ll be in the mood for love! It is likely you’ll feel the hunger to unite with someone special and can use this energy no matter if you are single or attached.

To bookend October, a full moon will arrive, highlighting your social life and friendships. A sudden event invite may come your way that will leave you breathless or could provide especially helpful contacts for reaching your goals.


October dawns with a full moon in your sector of expansion, Leo. This may signal a few different things, depending on your current trajectory. If you’ve been awaiting a decision regarding education, immigration, travel, or media, the news may suddenly arrive. Your mind will be highly active this entire month, especially with the sun across the sky in your communications zone. The new moon that arrives on the 16th may suddenly push forward a writing, speaking, or advertising project that will help you connect with others about a deeply important message burning within your soul. Contracts and negotiations may also pop up.

When the sun takes a turn and glides into your domestic sector, you will also be feeling the call to nest and nurture within your home. This will bode well for you if you’ve been feeling the urge to redecorate your space or even have a socially distanced dinner party at home.

The most exciting career news of the year will resound like thunder when the second full moon arrives on October 31. Your achievements will be within reach and this may show the world that you are stepping further into your power, whether that is through a promotion, award, or even fame.


A mighty full moon will appear on October 1 in your sector of intimacy, Virgo. This will shed immense light on whether you are being valued in your relationships—and if it’s time to work on them or let them go. Be in touch with your vulnerability around this time and communicate from the heart.

However, your mind will be all about money in the first weeks of the month as well. You could be highly focused on your financial management and assessing your strategy going forward. The new moon on the 16th will likely open a door to more, whether that appears as a raise, more clients, or even a large check. Do everything you can to harness prosperity.

When the sun blazes a trail into your communications sector on the 22nd, you’ll be chattier than ever before! You are developing some important plans and broadcasting a message and you’ll see growth in the weeks to come.

To end this peculiar month, a full moon will be encouraging you to reach higher and further near the 31st. This would normally push you to travel, but with the pandemic, you may instead choose to turn within. Also, this lunation may bring forth news related to publishing, media, or even academics if you have been working toward a goal in one of those areas.


A turning point in your relationships has arrived, Libra, with the powerful full moon on October 1. This could be a significant moment where you align with the right person if single, or else make important plans with your current partner. However, if you are not in alignment, this may instead push you apart and send you each toward new horizons.

This will be further emphasized with the mighty sun igniting your zodiac sign most of the month. You will be especially radiant and laying down the law about who you are, what you feel, and what you envision for your future. The new moon on the 16th is the most important one of the year as it’ll open all roads for you to pursue your most heartfelt goals. Create actions to take control of your future.

When the sun moves into your financial sector on the 22nd, expect to focus more on money matters for the month ahead. If you’ve been awaiting a loan, scholarship, venture capital, or large payout, the full moon that ends the month on October 31 may finally bring it your way. Apply or talk to the right people then.


Hear the roar of a powerful full moon in your productivity sector on the 1st, Scorpio. This could signal the debut of a major project you’ve been hard at work on, or else the arrival of new responsibilities. If you’ve been out of work but have been looking, a new employer could be interested in you. Use this first week before the energy fades.

Another major theme this month will be rest and planning, with the sun igniting the most private part of your chart. The new moon on the 16th will encourage you to release what is holding you back, reflect, and plan for your year ahead. This is especially impactful because the sun will blaze into your zodiac sign on the 22nd, beginning birthday season! Over the coming month ahead, you will begin patterns that will follow you throughout the year, so know what you want to create for yourself. You are in control of your future. You will be especially vibrant now and thinking about your personal power.

To bookend the month, a mighty full moon in your sector of relationships will appear on the 31st. This may link single Scorpios with a perfect match with long-term potential, or else help committed ones make plans for their future. If for some reason you aren’t on the same page, it will definitely come out into the open now and if you are not happy, this could be the time when you finally leave them in your past.


Watch for your heart to ignite when triggered by the full moon on October 1, Sagittarius. This lunation falls within your sector of romance, passion, and creativity. Single Sagittarians may cross paths with a soul mate, so if looking, be sure to reach out to new options then. Committed couples may find that they’re feeling the spice once again, so harness this sexy vibration!

Throughout most of the month, the sun will be gliding through your social sector, ensuring that you are hearing from many friends, near or far. When the new moon arrives on the 16th, rest assured that you’ll be invited to an important event that holds both personal and professional benefits. Reach out to your pals or join a community that resonates within your heart. However, when the sun moves into your privacy sector from the 22nd onward, you’ll be feeling the need to assess your year thus far and decide what you want the months ahead to look like. Lie low, recharge, and relax—there’s no rush to make moves at this time.

To end October, a full moon will activate your productive side for a brief moment, as it roars on the 31st. You may be finishing up a very important project for your employer or, if looking for work, find your resume attracts attention then.


A very important month has arrived for you, Capricorn. Recently, you have likely been feeling frustrations regarding your home or family—or have been heavily focused on renovations. The full moon on the 1st will bring a culmination from recent weeks and could see you finish a home-related project or even move around this time. If you’ve been dealing with a family matter, it will likely come to a head now.

October will also be filled with career news for you as you are highly energized regarding your ambitions. A new moon on the 16th may open a door for you to rise higher in your industry, get a promotion, or even step before the world in a crown of fame. Work swiftly at that time and you will see results.

When the sun moves into your social sector from the 22nd onward, you’ll be feeling more “in the mood” for fun. Events with friends or professional acquaintances will likely arrive in the weeks ahead and you’ve worked hard to get here—so let your hair down and embrace them!

To end an already active month, a full moon on the 31st will roar in the sky. This will bring forth an awakening for you around love, creativity, or children. Single Capricorns may find love as if they are being struck by lightning.


You have many messages that are important to you at this time, Aquarius. With a full moon in your communications zone arriving on the 1st, you could be debuting an important writing, speaking, or advertising initiative. Use the radiance of this time to share your voice. The sun will also be spending a great deal of time in your sector of expansion throughout the month, and when the new moon arrives here on the 16th, you will be ready to break into new territory. In the days that follow, news regarding a publishing, media, or academic proposal could now be within reach. If you work with businesses overseas, news will also likely appear.

More exciting than anything else, when the mighty sun ignites your achievements from the 22nd onward, you will be reaching higher than ever before. In the month to come, consider how you can grow in your industry and hold the world in the palm of your hand.

Don’t lose touch with reality, though—your roots will also call to you this month. A full moon in your domestic zone sings on the 31st and could see some Aquarians move, renovate, or else handle a sudden family affair.


Money will be on your mind with the arrival of the full moon on October 1, Pisces. This could trigger a raise, new client, or even a lucrative new financial sum coming your way. Yet, as the sun will stand across the sky throughout much of the month, you are heavily focused upon support and aid from the people who matter to you. This may come further into your awareness when the new moon on the 16th arrives. This could help you work better as a team—or renegotiate what you need. If for some reason the arrangement isn’t working any longer, you could decide it’s better to dust off your hands and leave.

The sun will move into your sector of expansion from the 22nd onward, encouraging you to pursue avenues for increased knowledge of the world. You may suddenly feel the need to study, go back to school, or brush up on some new skills. Your mind will become even more active as the full moon on October 31 arrives, empowering you to trust your voice and use it. You may debut a writing, speaking, or advertising initiative and begin a tidal wave of discussion with anyone eager to listen.

BY Kyle Thomas - October 2, 2020

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