10 Worthwhile Things We Found on the Internet This November


10 Worthwhile Things We Found on the Internet This November
Image by Colleen Eversman at 2ndtruth

Hello there folks. Happy start to the holiday season, whichever variety of holiday you may choose to (or choose not to) celebrate in the weeks ahead. I hope you’re hanging in there and finding festivity and small things that bring you joy wherever you can.

Today we’re sharing our now-beloved monthly roundup of a few of the favorite things our team has stumbled upon on the Internet these past few weeks, from moving articles to delectable recipes to a new treasured podcast (and more). Thanks, as always, for reading. I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend.

1. This deeply moving piece by Meghan Markle in The New York Times, in which she explores the vast pain of her miscarriage and the power of asking the simple question, “Are you OK?” in a year where the answer may very well often be “No.”

2. A Cup of Jo apartment tour that I recently stumbled across, featuring patterns and plants aplenty, plus the soothing aura of a home that’s loved through and through (do you know what I mean?).

3. Our new business director, Erin, made this paella recipe recently and said it was incredible. It’s a nontraditional, special meal that’s perfect for the holiday season (or any time of year).

4. If you’re looking to get the holidays started with a movie that fits the bill (and/or if there’s a Dan Levy-sized hole in your heart with the recent end of Schitt’s Creek), might I recommend watching the new film Happiest Season? I watched this on Thanksgiving night and it lived up to all of my (very high) expectations for a movie that is equal parts amusing and heartwarming.

5. Bridgette, our brand director, is on a bit of a Princess Diana content spree of late, as fueled by The Crown on Netflix, which recently released its fourth season. A few of the related things she’s currently reading include The Diana Chronicles by Tina Brown and Diana: Her True Story—In Her Own Words by Andrew Morton.

6. For anyone looking to up the ante ever so slightly on their daily movement routine, Erin recently purchased these one-pound wrist weights from Bala and would highly recommend them for at-home workouts and casual walks alike.

7. A beautiful piece by writer C Pam Zhang in The New York Times that I stumbled upon via Twitter—that place where good morsels can still sometimes be found. In it, Zhang writes about the complicated relationship she had with her father and how she’s come to relate to him after his death through none other than their shared love of…chicken nuggets. This is a read I’d recommend to all but especially to anyone who has a fraught relationship with a family member, if only for the sense of compassion and empathy it seems to inspire.

8. Kate has loved tuning into The Bloom & Grow Radio Podcast of late. It’s a highly recommended listen for any plant parents out there. The most recent episode on how plants can help create restorative environments is especially intriguing!

9. This sunscreen is quite possibly my personal favorite product find of 2020. It’s moisturizing (hi, hyaluronic acid!!), goes on smoothly, and (the best part) has an INCREDIBLE sheen that makes me feel extra glowy both with and without makeup. Nothing has ever changed my skin in a more subtly dramatic way. It was recommended by Grace Atwood of The Stripe, so I can by no means take all the credit…you can read her full post on this product here!

10. A delightful dessert (or breakfast?) for the holiday season and beyond: Paleo Cranberry Orange Bread from Ambitious Kitchen. Need I say more?

BY Jackie Saffert - November 29, 2020


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