10 Worthwhile Things We Found on the Internet This January


10 Worthwhile Things We Found on the Internet This January | Wit & Delight
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Hi there folks. Happy Friday, and welcome to the end of the first month of the new year. Not to bore you with minute small talk about the passing of time and such, but…doesn’t the month of January usually seem to pass by much more slowly than this one did? Perhaps it’s just me, but 2021 seems to be moving full steam ahead already. I’m taking it as a gentle reminder to try to internally slow down and appreciate the start of this year, strange and far from normal though it may be, for what it is. To take stock of the small moments of goodness when they arise, even if they’re nothing more than a sunny winter day or the way a puppy outside my window joyfully dives headfirst into the newest fluffy batch of snow.

Below, we’re sharing our monthly roundup of some of the things we stumbled upon on the Internet over the course of the last few weeks, from a delightful new EP release to a mouthwatering, warming recipe to a whole slew of colorful home tours for your browsing pleasure.

I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you have a lovely weekend too.

1. We know you’ve already watched Amanda Gorman’s recitation of her inauguration poem, entitled, “The Hill We Climb,” but we think you should watch it again. Find the video here, via The New York Times.

2. What screams a cozy winter meal more than soup? Soup with NOODLES and A BUNCH OF TOPPINGS is what. I saw this ramen recipe while scrolling through Instagram and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. It’s on my list to make next month and I’m quite looking forward to it.

3. This new EP release from previous Minneapolis local (and W&D interviewee) Jessica Manning is positively delightful and ethereal, all the way through. We’d recommend giving it a listen (or two…or three).

4. In this article on A Cup of Jo, which details the quiet revolution of receiving an ADHD diagnosis at age twenty-nine, Taylor Trudon writes, “My diagnosis wasn’t an excuse for my behavior, but rather, a reason why my brain acts the way that it does.” It’s an insightful exploration that’s well worth reading. (You can find Wit & Delight articles on ADHD here.)

5. For anyone in search of colorful interior design inspiration, look no further than this Apartment Therapy collection of seventy-five of their most colorful home tours of all time. Bright, beautiful palettes as far as the eye can see.

6. In this captivating yet sobering article on The Atlantic, writer Amanda Mull grapples with all that’s missing in our lives when the spot left for daily connections and peripheral acquaintances remains unfilled. I found this quote from the piece particularly poignant: “The pandemic has evaporated entire categories of friendship, and by doing so, depleted the joys that make up a human life—and buoy human health. But that does present an opportunity. In the coming months, as we begin to add people back into our lives, we’ll now know what it’s like to be without them.”

7. Kate has been listening to the “Food Psych Podcast” and would wholeheartedly recommend it. In the episodes, host Christy Harrison dives deep into topics like talking about food with your kids and why diet culture has an impact on just about every choice we make when it comes to food.

8. For those looking for an easy swap for track lighting in your home (raises hand…my apartment has it is FOUR rooms), this DIY idea may be just the ticket.

9. Listen, it’s cold here, and this weekend I am making hot toddies. The title of said warm beverage always sounded Very Fancy to me and, to take it even further, Too Fancy to Make. (Why? I don’t know.) However, as it turns out, hot toddies only require three simple ingredients plus good some good old-fashioned hot water. Join me in making them if you’d like. Or don’t. Folks, as always, you do you.

10. Honestly, sometimes you just need an article about a personal sauna that makes your arms feel like those of a T. Rex. Sometimes that will do just fine. For one such article, written by Bridget Read, head to The Cut.

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BY Jackie Saffert - January 29, 2021

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January 30, 2021 8:24 am

I love HBH, her ramen recipes are on-point! I’ve made the one you shared, and think this one is even better:

I’ve made it with shrimp instead of chicken, I always amp up the sauteed veggies, and at the end I gently drop in eggs to poach in the broth (runny yolk heaven). DELISH!

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