2021 Horoscopes Forecast: New Horizons and New Challenges


2021 Horoscopes Forecast: New Horizons and New Challenges | Wit & Delight

Welcome to a whole new year. The stars dance within the heavens, promising new horizons, destinations, and opportunities. All zodiac signs will benefit from the cosmic weather of 2021, but that doesn’t mean this year will be free of turmoil. One thing I always try to teach through my work is that when the Universe presents challenges to us, it is actually a chance to grow and evolve rather than stay within our comfort zone. When something comes easy to us, we often do not appreciate the lesson as much as when we have to fight to get one of our heart’s desires. The cosmos are perfect in their design, balanced in their own beautiful way. You, too, mirror the stars above. They exist inside of you. Who knows? Perhaps you and I were once born from the same star.

2021 will not be as traumatic as 2020, that is for sure. We have less rare astrological alignments that signify transformative endings and beginnings. While the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at the end of last year is setting the tone for the two decades ahead, we will begin to feel these shifts manifest now. As they have met in Aquarius, they foretell that we are entering the next Great Awakening for the two hundred years ahead, where science, technology, and invention will enter a boom never seen before. Social issues will grow in importance and we will find global connectivity increasing even more. The greatest leaders, celebrities, politicians, and influencers of the future will be the thought leaders, not just the ones who have financial wealth. 

While we will obviously still be dealing with the changes that came from 2020, this year will also see a sharp battle between Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius. This foretells more attention being placed on how wealth is not being spread equally to people worldwide. Conservative and progressive groups will become even further disparate. There will be more restrictions on people on a global level, causing some to rise up and rebel. People will be stubborn in their beliefs and have difficulty seeing from other perspectives. The global economy will certainly reflect this tumultuous energy, too.

We will have a usual amount of Mercury retrogrades this year, with all of them taking place in air signs. Expect the usual technology headaches, communication breakdowns, and confusion when they arrive in winter, spring, and fall. 2021 will end with a Venus retrograde, which could bring exes or people from the past back. If you feel like the timing never aligned with “the one who got away,” you may now find that it does.

Find out what 2021 has in store for your zodiac sign in your personal horoscope below!


Of all the zodiac signs, you, Aries, could end up having the most fun in 2021. You have worked so very hard over the past few years for success and those achievements will continue to pay off now. You could be highly socially active this year or find that you are drawn to join groups that speak to you. The success you reached in recent years will snowball in 2021. You’re ready for the good times to roll! A soul mate friend could come to you this year who opens doors to some of your most heartfelt hopes and dreams or you could find that you grow much closer with the people around you now.

The eclipses this year will bring destined shifts to your life in regard to communications, academics, publishing, or travel. This may help some Aries rebrand themselves, launch an advertising campaign, or even finally publish that book. A major eclipse at the end of 2021 will highlight your income and could bring a major sum of money your way or even a better paying job.

Laughter, love, and friendships will likely take a higher priority this year than just grinding at work. June and July could bring dazzling romance your way, but beware of some possible confusion in your partnerships in October. Embrace a happy year, Aries. You deserve it!


You are entering one of the most important professional cycles of your entire life, Taurus—if not *the* most important cycle ever. Powerful planets will highlight your achievements, ambitions, and glory. Many Taureans will become the most famous people worldwide. No matter where you are in your journey, you may now be groomed for a leadership role or accept a promotion if you have worked hard to get there already. With Uranus in your zodiac sign, you are continuing your pursuit of more freedom and authenticity and will rebel if you feel you are being caged, ignored, or unfulfilled.

While eclipses will bring destined turning points in your timeline around money throughout most of the year, the most important eclipse in many years arrives in your zodiac sign in November. You are about to begin a cycle of rebirth and stepping into your power. Embrace it. Reach for the crown.

Yet, despite all of the focus on professional matters this year, there will certainly be plenty of time for fun and love! May until the end of July will sparkle for your social life, and August and September radiate with love potential. Single Taureans could find a perfect match with explosive chemistry, while committed ones may begin to take steps this year toward long-term plans or considering engagement. Live with passion this year, Taurus. The best is still yet to come.


2021 will encourage you to soar to new horizons and heights, Gemini. Powerhouse planets will be igniting your sector of expansion. It is clear you are quite restless to leave your comfort zone and venture into new directions. Your intellectual pursuits will be especially important now and you could begin working on an academics, media, or publishing goal. Sometimes this signifies that you’re eager to emigrate overseas or else travel. While lockdowns and international borders may open and close throughout the year, you could still finally get a breakthrough to travel to a dream destination. Your career will shine like a beacon from May until July, bringing achievements and recognition for previous efforts. Build toward your ambitions then and you could launch especially high.

This year will also put your relationships front and center, Gemini. With eclipses bringing destined turning points in your path, you could find that you’re rapidly growing closer with a partner, getting engaged, or even tying the knot. However, outdated relationships will end and separate. If this were to occur, it is to push you toward the right union with someone else. September and October will be especially spicy for your love life, so don’t worry if you haven’t found the one prior.

Beware when your ruler, Mercury, goes retrograde though, as you will feel frustrations quite prominently then. These retrogrades occur in February, June, and October. Beyond this, the year will be quite exciting and fast-paced, so open your wings and fly.


Intimacy, support, and union will be major themes for you in 2021, Cancer. Powerful planets will be teaching you important life lessons about relationships in business and love. Some of you may be finding the emotional, financial, and romantic support that you truly need. If not, you could be separating and assessing your wants and needs. Financial luck, whether by loans, scholarships, assistance, large payouts, or venture capital may also appear this year.

Destined eclipses will bring turning points around either health or work this year, too. For instance, you may leave one job to pursue another or else decide it is time to pick up a better fitness routine. You will be especially busy from April until June, as well as at the very end of the year. But there will be plenty of time for fun and romance, too!

The year will start off with lots of social activity and you will certainly hear from many friends around this time. November will also be immensely passionate and sexy for you, so if looking for someone new or ready to spice it up with your significant other, turn up the heat then! Step forward into a significant year.


Partnerships will be front and center for you in 2021, Leo. You will learn immensely important life lessons about business and romantic union now. On one hand, there may be some connections that shatter and break and if they do so, it’s because you are being set up for far better ones in the future. Some Leos may feel that their partner is more distant or confrontational. While this can be a testing period, you could work through it and become stronger than ever. On the opposite end, though, soul mate connections may also appear at this time. You will have to face what comes and learn about what truly works for you.

Powerful eclipses will take place in your sector of love and fertility this year, foretelling passionate romance or even the possibility of a pregnancy. In June, an eclipse in your social life will appear which may bring a new friend into your circle that fills your life with joy.

As for professional matters, the year will start off with a bang for you, so get ready for fiery momentum then. A new cycle of powerful eclipses begin for you in November, launching your career to epic new proportions. Open your heart, know your independence, and work hard in 2021, Leo. You’ll be glad that you did.


The year ahead will have both professional success and personal happiness for you, Virgo. The planets are moving in a new pattern that will certainly smile upon you. The first and most important thing to note is that you will harbor powerful planets in your sector of productivity throughout most of the year, which oversees both your employment and your physical health. You will be attending to a much busier work life and likely handling issues around your diet, fitness, and physical strength. You are set to have a tremendously busy year, so make sure that you assess your work-life balance.

You will be especially blessed in all relationships from May until July and some Virgos could move in with a partner, get engaged, or even get married! Single Virgos could find a soul mate connection. The eclipses this year highlight your domestic life and professional ambitions. June could bring you a major milestone achievement, while the other eclipses this year could bring more attention to your home and family. This could push you to move, renovate, or step in to aid a family member. You’ll be especially fired up to tackle your goals in August and September, so create your vision board and launch toward it then. Venture forward into new territory.


Libras will be one of the most favored zodiac signs in 2021 when it comes to matters of the heart. As two powerful planets highlight your sector of love, fertility, and creativity, you could find that you connect with a soul mate or grow closer with the one at your side. While you’ll be learning important life lessons about these areas—which could make it harder to achieve them initially, to be honest—you’ll also have luck simultaneously. This could foretell that you take two steps forward in one or more of these areas but then have a reality check and need to take a step back. No matter what, devote attention to this sector and you will see growth.

The eclipses this year focus more on your mind and intellectual pursuits than any other area, bringing destined moments for you to move in new directions. This year could see you engaging in more writing, speaking, advertising, or marketing endeavors. Libras who have wanted to return to school or pursue academic heights could have luck now. Some could get involved in media or publishing, or write that book they’ve always hoped to get to.

Last, if you have wanted to emigrate or travel internationally, the eclipses could give you opportunities here as well. Beware of a Mercury retrograde causing confusion around love in February and another in your zodiac sign in October. The latter will cause all sorts of fog for you, so take a breather and don’t stress yourself out. When it comes to professional growth this year, May through July will smile upon your employment. Step forward into a memorable year.


As the planets move and spin within new spheres of your life, you’ll see more growth and expansion. Your domestic life will become especially favored, helping you to find more stability and happiness at home and with family. Some Scorpios could move into lovely spaces, renovate, or find more success in real estate. Others could find they are able to spend more time growing close with their kindred.

The eclipses this year speak of destined moments around money, likely increasing your prosperity and abundance. This may signify a new job, raise, or lucrative client—perhaps even more than once!

Your love life will dazzle from May until July and many Scorpios could cross paths with a soul mate or even experience euphoric news around children or birth. Creativity will also be especially favored for you then.

Last to note will be a destined turning point in your relationships, which will take place in November. Some Scorpios could be moving in, getting engaged, getting married, or even walking away. Know what you want and know you are worthy of it.


Communications matters, projects, and skills will be at the top of your mind in 2021, Sagittarius. With two powerful planets highlighting this area of your life, you could not only see an expanded audience but also more prosperity because of this. You could be fine-tuning your skills in writing, speaking, advertising, or marketing and will be glad that you did. If you’ve wanted to start a podcast, do a publicity blitz, or work on that book or screenplay, now could be a great time to do so. Social media growth is also likely if you devote time to building your content and voice.

The eclipses this year highlight your destiny and your relationships. With two more eclipses in your zodiac sign this year, you are shaking off everything and everyone who holds you down. Step into your power and be proud of who you are. A major turning point in your partnerships will likely occur in June, helping you to grow closer or else grow apart. Single Sagittarians should make a list of the traits they want in a partner. A Mercury retrograde in June could bring confusion in regard to your relationships or even bring you into communication with someone from the past. A similar cycle occurs in October, except highlights that you may hear from old friends. Enjoy the year ahead, Sagittarius. New sunrises await.


Prosperity and financial matters are especially favored for you in 2021, Capricorn. This bodes well for growing your bank accounts to new heights. However, it will still take a lot of work, as you will have two powerful planets in this sector attracting opportunities to you but also demanding that you apply yourself. While new jobs, a raise, or lucrative clients could certainly help you grow, it is important for you to be smart about your financial planning and set goals that you want to meet.

The eclipses this year speak of shifts at work—likely big projects you are finishing up and launching or else a new job you are accepting. The eclipses in May and December could instead be telling you to prioritize your mental and physical health so that you don’t burn yourself out.

When it comes to your love life, 2021 also has lots of excitement in store! The year starts off with a fiery streak of passion lighting up your heart for the first two months, giving single Capricorns an exciting chance to find adventure and intimacy. May and June bode well for commitments. However, most notable of all is that a major lunar eclipse in your sector of true love arrives in November, bringing a destined event for you. You could fall in love more deeply than ever before, cross paths with a soul mate, or finally feel that your heart has come back to life. Get ready for a year you will not soon forget.


One of the most important years of your life has come, Aquarius. With two powerful planets dancing within your zodiac sign, you have more power in the path of your life and destiny. This year isn’t just a fresh chapter; it is the beginning of an entirely new era for you.

You will be taking on more responsibility and could at times feel the weight of the world, but you are being shown your strength in trying times. However, beautiful and joyous new beginnings are just as likely and you may see your life start to bloom around you. This isn’t a year of culmination; it is the year that paves the way for the rest of your life. In many ways, you could feel that you are taking two steps forward and one step back, but that is okay because you are being tested before you reach fulfillment.

The eclipses this year highlight fun and good times, with a fated moment surrounding true love or creativity occurring in June. Fun adventures with friends are also likely to occur in May and December. An eclipse in your domestic sector in November could help you to move or to help a family member in need. February is likely to be one of your favorite months of the year, with July and August again putting you front and center. Work hard from May until July and you’ll likely see more income! Enjoy your cosmic reboot, Aquarius.


2021 promises many new horizons for you, Pisces. However, a great deal of it will also be about tying up loose ends from the past decade, reflecting, and finding closure before you begin the next major era of your life. With two powerful planets encouraging you to heal, release, and focus on personal development, this year could feel slower than most. Yet, set your eyes toward May and June when you will feel your life become ignited with excitement, happiness, and luck. Blessings and fresh starts are guaranteed.

The eclipses this year show that you are shifting both domestically and professionally. June could bring a turning point in regard to home or family, while May and December will likely bring crowning career achievements. Love will be fiery in May and June, whether you are single or attached. August and September will bring many opportunities for single Pisces to find serious partners, while those already committed could end up becoming engaged or being wed. You have so much fortune ahead of you this year. Embrace the love in your heart and in the skies.

BY Kyle Thomas - January 3, 2021

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Paula Medina
January 3, 2021 9:32 pm

Kyle Thomas presents Horoscopes with such vigor that it makes reading them a joy & exciting. I’m looking forward to 2021!! Thank you Kyle!

Paula Medina
January 3, 2021 9:35 pm

Kyle Thomas is a fabulous Astrologer! He makes horoscopes exciting !

Schrene Marie Worley
January 4, 2021 12:38 am

Your take on what comes in the new year is very inspiring and frankly leaves me breathless. I only wish that I weren’t so broke. This lifelong disadvantaged Tauraen desperately seeks the help and guidance of my birthchart and a life coach whom is willing to counsel me on a charitable base until I get my money..it may be the only way I’m able to come into my finances. Well, with all that said I conclude this correspondence with heartfelt well wishes to yourself and the Universe that all experience the best year EVER. WITH WARMEST REGARD AND RESPECT, MS.… Read more »

January 6, 2021 9:42 am

Great horoscope thank you and happy new year looking forward to a great 2021!

February 17, 2021 5:09 am

The article has a valuable content, which has helped me a lot in understanding Horoscopes Forecast. I think if anyone wants to become expert in Horoscopes Reader, then he needs to read your content consistently.

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