8 Wallpaper Options I Love for the Yellow Bathroom (Including the One We Chose…)

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8 Wallpaper Options I Love for the Yellow Bathroom (Including the One We Chose...)

Wallpaper is my favorite way to bring personality, texture, and character to any space. With the design of our current home, we’ve actively used it in creative ways to save money and reduce waste. Today I’m pulling back the curtain on my design process and taking you on a tour of wallpapers I was considering for our kids’ very yellow bathroom (shown above).

Below you’ll find seven different wallpapers that would have worked beautifully in our yellow bathroom refresh, along with my thoughts on why I loved them. You’ll also get a look at the one we ended up selecting. These wallpapers include everything from geometric patterns to ornate murals, all of which would have completely transformed a bathroom that today, in many instances, would have most likely been ripped up and replaced.

I hope this post provides some inspiration as you embark on any future decorating endeavors of your own, with the knowledge that there are usually a number of different decor options that would work beautifully in a space; at the end, it tends to be about what speaks to you most. And, if anything, I hope it makes you think twice before removing old bathroom tile you may have in your home. As it turns out, even elements some may consider “outdated” can be brought back to life again.

P.S. We’ll be revealing the yellow bathroom, new wallpaper and all, next month on the blog. Stay tuned!


Larkspur in Grey/Yellow/Orange by Morris & Co

8 Wallpaper Options I Love for the Yellow Bathroom (Including the One We Chose...)
Image via Wallpaper Direct

Traditional Morris & Co wallpapers are timeless! I love the movement of this pattern, along with the quiet hues of blue, grey, and buttery yellow.


Nuvolette in Soot/Snow by Cole & Son

8 Wallpaper Options I Love for the Yellow Bathroom (Including the One We Chose...)
Image via Wallpaper Direct

I love how this pattern feels like an etched mural.


Chelsea in Cherry/Indigo by Sanderson

8 Wallpaper Options I Love for the Yellow Bathroom (Including the One We Chose...)
Image via Wallpaper Direct

This pattern has just the right amount of retro feeling to be perfectly at home in our yellow bathroom. I love the nostalgia it brings!


Raphael in Blue by Sandberg

Image via Wallpaper Direct

Blue and yellow are a classic combo and this pattern would bring a sophisticated feeling without feeling too gaudy or floral.


Kvitten in White by Sandberg

Image via Wallpaper Direct

When you find yourself with a yellow bathroom, why not go for lemons?


Shirt Stripe in White/Grey by Boråstapeter

Image via Wallpaper Direct

Stripes are the perfect way to ease into bringing more pattern into your home. This one is classic! I love the scale.


Aquafleur in Aquamarine by Mind the Gap

Image via Wallpaper Direct

Oh the color! The scale of the florals! This would be a dreamy addition to any space. 


Hollyhocks in French Blue/Ivory by Sanderson

Image via Wallpaper Direct

We’ve come to the chosen one. This is the wallpaper we installed in our yellow-tiled bathroom!

We selected a floral print in complementary colors of indigo and violet to balance the tone of yellow. It is a more traditional pattern in an oversized scale, which stays in line with the mix of styles we’re incorporating throughout the house.

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BY Kate Arends - May 20, 2021

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May 23, 2021 8:41 pm

My favorites are #2 and #6, with the latter reminding me of these tiny beach houses you can find on the sand.

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