5 Rooms in Our House That Look Like Film Sets

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5 Rooms in Our House That Look Like Film Sets | Wit & Delight

There has been many a message from readers regarding rooms in our house that remind them of references across a broad spectrum—from hotels to historic tourist attractions. The one place I find them most often, however, is in film!

I thought it would be fun to do a post showing each space side by side with it’s doppelganger, so we can look at what elements of each space share the same vibe as these memorable cinema moments. Let’s get into it …

Room 1: Family Room (Green Room)

Looks like … Emma or the Featherington home from Bridgerton

5 Rooms in Our House That Look Like Film Sets | Wit & Delight

For one, there is the COLOR. Going so big with a light green, pistachio paint color creates a memorable backdrop in each of these films for the scenes and character development that take place in the foreground. For a while, we had a floral sofa with a very traditional look in our green room, which contributed to the likeness.

Image via Netflix
Image via Focus Features

Room 2: Main Bedroom

Looks like … Home Alone

5 Rooms in Our House That Look Like Film Sets | Wit & Delight

AH! I love the Home Alone house. I remember each room so vividly, and it felt so REAL and lived in. The parents’ bedroom was full of half-wrapped presents and wrapping paper, a big four-poster bed, and bold, patterned wallpaper with a deep red bedspread. I read that the decor in the home was meant to be an explosion of Christmas colors.

While we don’t have an explicity green and red-themed room, the painted ceiling and chair rail definitely give it a similar vibe, along with the patterned wallpaper and our old four-poster bed. 

Image via Twentieth Century Fox

Room 3: Kitchen

Looks like … A Single Man

5 Rooms in Our House That Look Like Film Sets | Wit & Delight

The clean lines, the large windows, the honey oak? It is all there. I LOVE the decor and fashion in this very memorable movie. 

Image via Fade to Black Productions

Room 4: Dining Room (Peach Room)

Looks like … the London house in The Parent Trap

5 Rooms in Our House That Look Like Film Sets | Wit & Delight

I love the London townhouse in The Parent Trap so much! And given how much of my design inspiration is coming from English interiors, this reference feels spot on. From the large fields of coraly peach to the traditional accents, readers who spotted this reference have a great eye (and great taste in movies, IMO!).

Image via Walt Disney Pictures

Room 5: Library (Blue Room)

Looks like … The Queen’s Gambit

5 Rooms in Our House That Look Like Film Sets | Wit & Delight

Oh what a visual delight this series is! I watched it twice—once to soak in the plot and the second time for the fashion and interiors. While Beth redesigns the home after her adoptive mother’s passing, I love how the original decor blended midcentury accents with traditional patterns.

Image via Netflix
Image via Netflix

BY Kate Arends - July 26, 2021

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July 26, 2021 5:02 pm

What a fun post!!

July 26, 2021 5:14 pm

I just love this! One of my great joys is discovering shows for their set (and/or costume) design. A recent favorite is Agatha Christie’s Poirot series for the absolutely extraordinary art deco design.

July 26, 2021 8:06 pm

damn! they’re all true! I love this.

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