10 Things That Caught Our Attention on the Internet in September


10 Things That Caught Our Attention on the Internet in September
Photo by Klara Kulikova on Unsplash

As we move toward a close on the month of September, our team took a look back on the links that captured our attention over the course of the past few weeks, from an imaginative apparel collection for the kiddos in your life to a 360-degree before and after room tour that boggled our minds in the very best way. Find all ten things our team recommends below.

We hope you’ve had a delightful September so far, and we hope you have an enjoyable weekend too.

1. At the start of this month, Texas passed a law that bans most abortions after six weeks—with no exceptions for pregnancies resulting from rape or incest. Here are some ways you can help.

2. While you wait for Kate’s kitchen reveal (we’re waiting on one final approval and are excited to publish the photos SOON), why not take a peek at this beautiful galley kitchen remodel I stumbled upon recently? I love the personal design touches they included and the way they made such great use of a relatively small space.

3. For the kiddos in your life, we recommend this imaginative kids’ collection designed for Target by children’s book illustrator and author, Christian Robinson.

4. Are you a fervent surveyor of award show fashion? This perspective on the best, worst, and most glamorous looks from the Emmy Awards is for you.

5. This 360-degree before and after video boggled my mind when I first watched it. The parlor’s deep green backdrop ALONE makes it worth the watch. If you want to know more after viewing, check out the reveal of the space on their blog.

6. If you’re a proud pet parent seeking out a new item or two for your pooch, I’d recommend checking out this brand! I recently purchased a couple of their dog bowls to replace my pup’s old ones and we love them so far.

7. W&D’s resident designer, Carolyn, recommends this bizarre podcast of real-life horror stories, hosted by Rainn Wilson.

8. Our content producer, Greta, has been singing the praises of Frownies for years and this month, our brand director, Bridgette, tried them out too. Per Bridgette, “I just started using these for my slight eye and mouth lines. It feels silly to go to bed with stiff paper on your face, but I look fresher and more well-rested in the morning.” Silly or not, an effective product is an effective product, yes?

9. I signed up for Rent the Runway again this month after a couple of years away. I forgot how FUN it is to get to try out styles and designers I wouldn’t typically invest in at full price but would still love to wear once or a few times. (P.S. Grace Atwood shared a code this week should you be so inclined to try it out at a discounted rate.)

10. Looking for something to watch this weekend? This show is one Bridgette has been watching and loving lately (she coins it as “hands down, one of the funniest shows on T.V.”).

BY Jackie Saffert - September 24, 2021


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