October 2021 Horoscopes: Assess Your Relationships


October 2021 Horoscopes: Assess Your Relationships | Wit & Delight

As we march into October 2021, we will initially be met by significant obstacles, delays, and stagnation. Many of the celestial powers within the heavens will be asleep, in what we call retrograde phases. However, as we journey forth, many planets will awaken, so by the end of the month, life will finally feel like it is proceeding much more rapidly.

Pluto, ruling transformation, then Saturn, ruling perseverance, then Jupiter, ruling expansion, and finally Mercury, ruling communication, will all shake off their slumber to finally bring their blessings back to our lives. The most noticeable retrograde will be that of Mercury, as he backpedals in the zodiac sign of Libra. This means that throughout the entire month, we will be reviewing our relationships and partnerships to assess whether or not they are in balance and we are getting everything we want from them. While we readdress situations and connections from the past, we will have a genuine opportunity to change our path, find more alignment, or else move forward toward better rapports in the future. The choice is up to you.

Find out what October has in store for your zodiac sign in your personal horoscope below! 


October 2021 Horoscopes: Assess Your Relationships | Wit & Delight

Relationship matters are a top priority for you in October, Aries. With the sun, new moon, Mercury, and Mars all orbiting across the sky, you may be making important plans around partnerships and doing your best work as a team. Existing unions will be more favored than new ones, but single Aries may still have opportunities to align with people who have staying potential. Yet, despite all the momentum moving your unions forward, there will still likely be some confusion or miscommunication within them, as Mercury is retrograde here.

Last to note this month will be the arrival of a full moon in your zodiac sign on September 20. This lunation will put you in the spotlight as you could achieve a major personal goal. Be grateful as the universe smiles on you. You are so very loved.


Get ready to pick up the pace, Taurus. October draws significant attention to your employment and professional life with the sun, new moon, Mercury, and Mars aiding your productivity. This means you’ll likely see major progress on professional projects, as you juggle many different irons in the fire.

However, with our cosmic messenger in a retrograde phase, you could feel that there is confusion or miscommunication around your responsibilities and deadlines, and perhaps some delays or general stagnation too. Lucky for you, the full moon in your sector of rest appears on October 20, helping you to lie low and recharge.

Last to note this month will be a growing trend around major commitments and partnerships, with planets turning a corner to spotlight where the two of you are headed.


Open your heart, Gemini. October will likely be a magical month for you, giving you more time for pleasure, hobbies, fun, and romance. With many planets orbiting in your sector of passion—and a new moon arriving here on October 6—you’ll be feeling the universe’s call to enjoy yourself. Single Geminis have a significant opportunity to cross paths with a soul mate or find sexy suitors who light their fire! Committed couples will also be able to bring the spice back into their rapport.

The full moon will highlight your social sector on October 20, potentially helping you to attend an exhilarating event where you meet new friends or get to grow closer with the ones you have. Capture the magic, Gemini.


October brings a great deal of attention to your domestic life, Cancer. The new moon in this sphere highlights your home and family and will arrive on October 6. Some Cancers may move, fix up their living space, or attend a significant family event. Renovation or stepping in to handle a major family dispute is also possible, as Mars brings fire to this arena.

A major professional milestone may manifest near the full moon on October 20—putting your name up in the heavens like it’s been declared from a sky banner! A promotion, new job offer with a competitive firm, award, or recognition may manifest. However, if you need to sign contracts, as long as you wait until after Mercury awakens on October 18, you should be in the clear to proceed happily. 


Feeling the travel bug, Leo? Well, you’re certainly about to! With so much planetary power heating up your sectors of short-distance and long-distance travel, you could be setting forth via quick trips, vacations, or business flights. The new moon on October 6 may help you to set plans and take stock of itineraries, while the full moon on October 20 will likely bring you back home to rest up. If you’re unable to soar freely, you may instead use this planetary energy to make plans for 2022.

A different way this could all manifest, though, is that you may instead be especially focused on communications-related projects, academics, or international business. No matter what, you’ll likely be seeing a surge of activity and may end up signing at least one vital contract in the weeks to come.


With your planetary ruler, Mercury, out of whack all month, you’ll likely be feeling confused about which way is up or down, Virgo. As Mercury dances through your sector of finances, you may be seeing confusion around money, income, or your job. However, the new moon in this sector arrives on October 6—and with the sun and Mars also bringing their energy here for most of the month, you’ll have a higher likelihood of being able to push through no matter what the universe throws at you!

The full moon this month falls in your investment and assets zone, potentially bringing a surplus or expense near October 20. This lunation could also bring news around a bonus, royalty check, or settlement that you’ve been awaiting for about six months to a year. Welcome in the prosperity.


It’s birthday season, Libra, and you’re the ringleader! With so much planetary power in your zodiac sign, you have a rare window in time to advance toward all of your most important personal or professional goals. The most important new moon of the year arrives for you on October 6, opening a doorway to your heart’s hopes and dreams. Assert yourself and be clear about what you’d like to manifest in the year to come. The sun and Mars will bring you an extra dose of magnetism and courage, yet with Mercury retrograde occurring in your zodiac sign, you could be confused about which way is the best one to proceed.

Later in the month, a full moon in your partnership zone appears on October 20, helping you grow closer or go your separate ways. Single Libras may have an excellent opportunity to find someone with staying potential.


October could very well be the slowest month of the year for you, Scorpio. With so much planetary energy packed into your secretive and private sector of rest, you could be enjoying the slower period in order to recharge and relax. Or you may be hard at work developing significant projects and plans that aren’t yet ready for the light of day. With Mercury retrograde taking place, it’s ideal to hold off on making any big decisions until after October 18 anyway.

The full moon takes place on October 20, putting a focus upon your employment. A job or project may end, or you could find out that you’re taking on more and being groomed for success.

Last but certainly not least to mention will be the arrival of the sun to your zodiac sign on the 23rd, with fiery Mars joining on the 30th. Get ready for your magnetism, sex appeal, and confidence to ignite!


October 2021 Horoscopes: Assess Your Relationships | Wit & Delight

October may bring a great deal of fun for you, Sagittarius! With so much planetary energy jam-packed into your sector of communities and friendships, it’s clear that you’re the belle of the ball! The new moon arrives on October 6 and may bring a flurry of invites and messages from people who adore and support you. This is an auspicious period to catch up with old contacts—especially with Mercury retrograde in this same sphere.

This month’s full moon will dance within the night of October 20, causing your heart and soul to erupt like fireworks in the sky. This lunation spotlights your passionate, creative, and romantic side and will allow you to express it in vivid color. Enjoy everything the universe is bringing to you.


October 2021 Horoscopes: Assess Your Relationships | Wit & Delight

Professional matters will be the main focus of October, Capricorn. You’re likely to see a great deal of momentum and success with the sun, Mercury, and Mars combining their energy in tandem. The new moon will arrive on October 6, likely opening the doorway for you to lift higher toward your ambitions, take on a promotion, or learn of a milestone achievement.

Yet, with Mercury moving backward in this same sector, you will likely be focused on previous work, bosses, or companies—and may even hear from one of them! If for some reason the retrograde brings about some delays or stagnation, consider them as blessings in disguise.

Last to mention will be the arrival of a full moon in your domestic sphere, which rises within the night on October 20. Some Capricorns could move, decide to fix up their space, or spend more time with their kindred.


October 2021 Horoscopes: Assess Your Relationships | Wit & Delight

October may bring you the opportunity to travel or switch up your routine, Aquarius! With so much exciting planetary movement touring your sectors of short-distance and long-distance travel, you could be moseying along upon many quick trips, vacations, or business flights. The new moon on October 6 and full moon on October 20 both want to push you out of your comfort zone to learn more about yourself, people, and the world—don’t sit back! Dive into it now if possible, because toward the end of the month, the cosmos will start to highlight your home, family, and domestic life.

One last thing to note: due to Mercury’s retrograde phase overshadowing the month, triple check all of your details and leave plenty of time for delays in case flights or transportation aren’t completely on schedule.


October 2021 Horoscopes: Assess Your Relationships | Wit & Delight

Financial prosperity is on your October menu, Pisces! It’s time to swim in your pools of riches. At the onset of the month, a great deal of planetary energy takes up residence in your sector of investments and assets, and with the arrival of the new moon here on October 6, you may now hear of a chunk of change coming your way. A bonus, settlement, or loan could be approved. However, be aware of the Mercury retrograde phase, which could obscure some things and bring about confusion.

Last to note will be the arrival of a full moon in your income sector on October 20, potentially bringing a bump into your pay grade or news of a new job. Don’t just let the cosmos go to waste—actively pursue more wealth at this time and it could very soon be yours.

BY Kyle Thomas - October 4, 2021


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