December 2021 Horoscopes: Nostalgia Awakens


December 2021 Horoscopes: Nostalgia Awakens | Wit & Delight

Naturally, during any December of any year, we tend to become more reflective as we look back upon what the universe brought to us personally and professionally. With the holidays upon us, we have a brief moment to take a step back and enjoy ourselves rather than focusing exclusively upon all of our usual demands.

However, December 2021 comes with a very rare and special cosmic event, one that we experience only once every eighteen months. Her name is Venus retrograde. As the planet of love, beauty, relationships, and profit, Venus is very special to us. She brings us pleasure, fortune, and happiness. However, during her retrograde period, which will officially take place from December 19, 2021 until January 29, 2022, we must review how we have been approaching our attachments to love and money. Also, most famously of all, Venus retrograde periods are when people, places, and events from the past return to us—often because there is a karmic entanglement that must be rekindled for one more go or be released and healed forever.

As the holiday nostalgia awakens within our hearts, I do think that this Venus retrograde can give us the opportunity to truly reflect on what we value and what is most important to us—as well as pay homage to our inner childhood innocence. Open your heart, stargazer, and let your spirit remember what it was to be a kid once again. I hope that sense of magic and light is easy to find.

Find out what December has in store for your zodiac sign in your personal horoscope below! 


December 2021 Horoscopes: Nostalgia Awakens | Wit & Delight

Eclipse season continues in December, Aries. A crowd of planets, acting like little tourists, will bustle about in your sector of travel and expansion. The solar eclipse on December 3 could propel you to set forth on a major trip or else plan one in 2022. Another way this eclipse could move you is to push you toward a newfound academics, media, or international business endeavor—one that will feel like an exhilarating fresh start.

This month’s full moon, an active one on December 18, falls in your sector of communications. During this period in time, you may be focused on declaring an important message, likely in the form of a writing, speaking, social media, or advertising initiative. Set your mind upon your most important messages and blast them to the world.


December 2021 Horoscopes: Nostalgia Awakens | Wit & Delight

Prosperity will likely be a top priority for you in December, Taurus. As we march on into the month, eclipse season continues! A great deal of focus will be drawn to your sector of investments and assets, showing that you could be in the process of a large purchase. The solar eclipse on December 3 could bring a breakthrough around a bonus, settlement, or inheritance—something that could open you up to a whole new journey.

The full moon on December 18 hits your income zone, potentially bringing a raise, new job offer, or new client. No matter what, use this month to assess your money matters so you’re on an even better echelon come 2022.


December 2021 Horoscopes: Nostalgia Awakens | Wit & Delight

December’s destined shifts will energize your life, Gemini. With a flurry of planetary energy activating your sector of partnerships, you’re likely to declare where you stand as a team. The solar eclipse on December 3 could bring the impetus to move in, make long-term plans, or get engaged. On a professional level, this could be a time of compromise and fated agreements. With Mars also fueling up this sphere come the middle of the month, it’s clear that you’re deeply focused on working in tandem to get further ahead.

The most important full moon of the year also arrives for you on December 18, as it highlights your zodiac sign. Stand in the spotlight, Gemini. A very significant personal goal will likely manifest within reach.


December 2021 Horoscopes: Nostalgia Awakens | Wit & Delight

December will kick your productivity into overdrive, Cancer! As much as you’re going to want some time off with family and friends to enjoy the holidays, the cosmos are saying that your work responsibilities are still going to increase. First off, the solar eclipse could bring a destined shift and new beginning around your employment and work projects starting December 3. It appears any new assignments will be a heavy load, as Mars will add activity and speed to your plans starting mid-month.

However, this month’s full moon will highlight your rest and privacy zone near December 18, encouraging you to lie low and enjoy some TLC. If for some reason any health worries pop up this month, rest assured that if you tackle them quickly, all should be fine in the end.


December 2021 Horoscopes: Nostalgia Awakens | Wit & Delight

December could easily be one of your favorite months of the entire year, Leo! With so much electricity crackling through your sector of passion, romance, and creativity, you are eager for fun and connection. A solar eclipse in this arena appears on December 3—blasting a doorway open to embrace true love. Single Leos may cross paths with a twin flame, while committed couples can enjoy more sugar and spice. Also, with Mars bringing a surge of enthusiasm to all of these areas beginning mid-month, you’re set for one of the most festive holiday seasons you’ve had in years.

Last to note will be the full moon in your social sector that lights up the night on December 18. You may be invited to an exhilarating event where you’ll rub elbows with many fascinating and unique people. Don’t miss it.


December 2021 Horoscopes: Nostalgia Awakens | Wit & Delight

December puts a great deal of attention upon your domestic life, Virgo. As a solar eclipse in this sector arrives on December 3, a fresh start could be right around the corner, perhaps in the form of a move, renovation, or exciting family development. Also, with Mars adding intensity to this arena come mid-month, it’s quite likely there will be a ton of holiday hustle and bustle at your residence!

Your professional life will also call your name come the full moon on December 18. This lunation could help you to celebrate a new professional milestone as the year comes to a close. Prepare for a promotion, new job offer, or praise that helps you feel proud of how far you’ve come.


It appears you may be traveling as the year comes to a close, Libra! With so much energy activated by your sectors of short-distance and long-distance travel, you could be jetting out of town to see family during the holidays or just feeling the need to ring in the New Year in an exotic location of your choice! The solar eclipse on December 3 will have you considering where you’d like to go—as will the full moon on December 18. If you’re not able to guarantee the time off now, brainstorm vacation plans for 2022 and start to plan your itinerary.


Financial matters will likely be hot on your mind for the majority of December, Scorpio. Initially, there will be a surge of activity due to the solar eclipse in your income zone on December 3, potentially blasting open a door to more prosperity. A raise, new job offer, or check could soon come your way. However, it does look like you may also be about to put down a lot of money as Mars blazes a trail in this area and your expenses erupt mid-month. This could provide the impetus to help you power through and consider ways to make more.

Last to note will be the echo of the full moon on December 18, causing a shift around your investments or assets. You may now hear of a payout, settlement, or inheritance that you’ve been awaiting for six months or longer.


It’s birthday season, and you have so much to celebrate this year, Sagittarius! Over the past year and a half, you’ve experienced powerful eclipses in your zodiac sign, pushing you to break out of any cage or relationship that hasn’t been fulfilling you and step into a new version of yourself. A final solar eclipse with your name on it will arrive on December 3, blasting open yet another door for you to create the life of your dreams.

Also, powerhouse Mars will ignite your zodiac sign beginning mid-month, adding more magnetism, charisma, and vitality to you. Last to note this month will be the arrival of a full moon in your partnership sector on December 18. This will cause you to focus on commitments, unions, and agreements. If you’re in alignment with your other half, you’ll grow closer. If not, you may call it quits once and for all.


December will help you to focus on your mental and physical health, Capricorn. With so much energy crowded into your sector of privacy and rest, you may be very focused on lying low, recharging, and brainstorming what you’d like to build in 2022. The solar eclipse on December 3 could blast open a doorway for you to practice mindfulness and heal anything that has been blocking your happiness. It could also put you in contact with specialists or medical professionals who can step in to aid you just as you need.

A full moon in your productivity zone will crank things up near December 18. This lunation could bring the ending or culmination to a job or work project. You’ll likely be quite busy near this time but it appears you’ll be able to finish things quickly before birthday season arrives come December 21.


Of all the zodiac signs, you could have the most special December of all, Aquarius. A crowd of planets are all dancing in your social sector, lighting off firecrackers and readying you to whack the piñata! A solar eclipse in this arena will appear on December 3, likely bringing a surge of invites, messages, and congratulations from people in your network. Also, with Mars heating up this zone come mid-month, you’re likely to see an active calendar of holiday events ahead!

Later in the month, the full moon will appear on December 18. This sweet lunation will spotlight your passions, hobbies, and romantic life. Open your heart and allow magic memories to be made.


December could bring roaring success your way, Pisces. As the cosmos highlight your sector of achievement and glory, you’ll be on the hunt to reach your next major professional milestones. A solar eclipse in this zone will dawn on December 3, potentially bringing news of a promotion, award, or new job. And with Mars adding his firepower here mid-month, you’re sure to be cranking away despite the calls from the holidays!

Later in the month, the full moon will spotlight your domestic sphere on December 18 and could lead you to have a lovely celebration with friends and family at your home. This same lunation could trigger a move, renovation, or decision to redecorate your living space

BY Kyle Thomas - December 2, 2021


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