The Complete List of Home Updates We Plan to Make in 2022

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Home Updates: Peach Living Room

Last year was an intense, expensive year when it came to home updates. It was one that was hard for our family at times. Even aside from health issues within our family, being displaced for nearly six months with the kitchen remodel really put me over the edge. Going through the peak of burnout at that same time taught me a lot about the importance of going slowly rather than trying to fit in tons of projects. While updating the design of our home is a part of my job, I’m aiming to be more intentional this year about which projects I choose to tackle.

Below, you’ll find the projects on our list this year. At the top are all of the home updates we have planned, with the top three rooms being our primary focus. Below are the second-tier projects that may (or may not) happen this year.

Home Updates We Have Planned for 2022

Peach Room (shown above)

Updates Planned for 2022: This room will be a big design focus for 2022. Recently, we added a new rug to the space, which will be the first of a number of changes. We plan to paint the walls, add some new furniture (primarily a sofa, ottoman, and side tables), add a new chandelier, add new sconces, add large-format art on the blank wall opposite the fireplace, and figure out the ideal layout. We may also swap out the current chairs and table for antique versions and add a reclaimed vintage mantel to the fireplace.

Estimated Timeline: Summer 2022

Guest Room

Updates Planned for 2022: We recently added wallpaper, changed the trim color, and swapped out the overhead light in this room (you’ll see all of this SOON). We also plan to add new curtains, add a new rug, update the flooring, and update some of the furniture (ideally in ways that increase storage options). I’m also thinking about adding artwork in a bold graphic pattern and potentially adding crown molding.

Estimated Timeline: May 2022

Basement Family Room

Updates Planned for 2022: This year, we plan to paint this space, add wallpaper, swap out some of the furniture, update the lighting, and update the layout. I’d also like to add some new rugs, add a gallery wall down the stairs, add DIY curtains in front of the glass block windows, and add a gas insert and new mantel to the fireplace, which may not all happen this year.

Estimated Timeline: Fall 2022 (This is pushed back from what we’d initially planned.)

Blue Room

Updates Planned for 2022: This room is where I spend most of my time since it’s currently my office. While we likely won’t do any major updates here this year, I’d like to add a different desk, add blinds, and update the layout.

Estimated Timeline: Summer 2022

Dining Room

Updates Planned for 2022: My main priority in this room is to add a new overhead light and potentially add a harder-working console table for serving. Eventually, we’ll add wallpaper but likely not this year.

Estimated Timeline: Fall/Winter 2022

Main Bedroom

Home Updates: Bedroom

Updates Planned for 2022: We redesigned our bedroom last year and have since added a few antique pieces that really shine in this space. I only have a couple of additional updates planned for 2022, primarily adding a new bed frame and mattress. Our current bed frame is beautiful but the material is a bit too delicate with two young kids and two dogs.

Estimated Timeline: May 2022

Kids’ Bedroom

Home Updates: Kids' Bedroom

Updates Planned for 2022: The kids’ room was redesigned in 2021 and the updates we’ll do this year are minor. I plan to add curtains and bring in more fresh artwork. I’d also love to add some antique trunks at some point. Eventually, we may replace the light with something bigger and add layered rugs over the carpet.

Estimated Timeline: Spring/Summer 2022

Low-Priority Home Updates (These may or may not happen in 2022.)

Entry/Main Hallway

Possible Updates for 2022: If we have the opportunity, I’d love to add wallpaper to this space. I also want to finish adding crystals to the chandelier in the entry, which was never fully put back together when it was originally hung.

Kids’ Bathroom

Home Updates: Bathroom

Possible Update for 2022: This room was updated in 2021. This year, I’d like to add a curtain around the bottom of the sink, which could be a fun DIY project.


Home Updates: Kitchen

Possible Updates for 2022: This is a very low priority. Right now my goal for this space is to maintain the organizational system I’ve put into place. At some point, I’d like to add new stools, add ruffle-detail curtains on windows, and add a panel-ready dishwasher. We may also paint over the navy cabinets with a lighter color (the cabinet paint has chipped slightly and could use a refresh in some spots), although this is yet to be determined.


Possible Updates for 2022: We don’t have set plans to update our patios right now, but I’d love to rearrange the layout to make it work better for our family’s typical use. I am also focusing on continuing to clean out our large garden beds to make way for new plants. We are currently talking to local landscaping companies about the design of our outdoor space. 

Stay tuned for updates as we go!

BY Kate Arends - March 7, 2022

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March 7, 2022 10:18 am

Thanks for sharing all these updates and plans, Kate! Curious, what’s going on in your previous office space (long narrow, wood paneling), and why have you moved to working in the blue room?

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