May 2022 Horoscopes: Changes Are Coming


May 2022 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight

Welcome to May, one of the most transformative months of 2022! The cosmos will be brimming with activity, as incredible shifts are bound to shake the earth below our feet. Hold on to your seat because, in only thirty-one days, we will be experiencing eclipse season, the second Mercury retrograde of the year, and the energetic shift of Jupiter, the biggest planet in the solar system. In this post, I’m sharing how all of this activity impacts your May 2022 horoscopes.

Life will be moving at the speed of light—and going with the flow will be key as we adapt to an incredible amount of change. This will be especially true during the May 16 full moon lunar eclipse, which will function as a glimpse of the energies we will be under for the rest of 2022 and even into 2023. 

The good news is that, as doors open and close, we will be receiving all kinds of opportunities for self-actualization. Unlike previous months, the month of May places the planets in zodiac signs that bring the nature of the four elements, a crucial combination that allows us to connect with our inner magic. 

Ambition, creativity, and big aha moments will find us as we welcome Gemini season on May 20. And as we prepare to close the month, we will be under unusual alignments that will lend the perfect weather to keep manifesting our most ambitious dreams. 

Find out what the month ahead has in store for your zodiac sign in the May 2022 horoscopes below!

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May 2022 Horoscope: Aries | Wit & Delight

Expect to feel a little lethargic this month, Aries. Your planetary ruler, Mars, will be in Pisces until May 24, which may at times make you feel like you’re moving through water. On the plus side, May 10 to May 24 are spectacular days to bring some of your deepest desires to fruition. Mars will be very close to Neptune, the planet of dreams, instigating you to come up with a new and exciting vision. Basically, if you can picture it in your mind, you can make it happen! 

May 10 is a majorly important date for you, which is when fortunate Jupiter enters your sign. This shift will expand your ambitions and bring all sorts of opportunities your way until late July. Make the best of this time window by getting clear on your goals and coming up with a specific target. This month’s slower pace is perfect for helping you get there!  


May Horoscope: Taurus | Wit & Delight

Happy birthday, Taurus! In May, you can make quantum leaps toward your goals when you dare to do things differently. This is especially true during the first half of the month, when the Sun in your sign meets with Uranus, the planet of genius. Imminent change may arrive within a close relationship or partnership during the May 16 full moon lunar eclipse. Even if it seems otherwise, this event brings you liberation, so lean into that feeling of freedom. 

This month’s Mercury retrograde activates your second house of money from May 10 to May 22, bringing you the opportunity to work on a new financial plan. This is not a month to overspend or buy big-ticket items. If you need to make a big purchase, try to delay it until May 28, which is when your ruler, Venus, enters your sign to bring you more luck and abundance in all areas of your life. 


May Horoscope: Gemini | Wit & Delight

A big month is in store for you, Gemini! Your planetary ruler, Mercury, goes retrograde in your sign starting May 10 until June 3. The classic delays and hiccups in communication are bound to happen, but at a deeper level, the universe is asking you to slow down so you can notice more of the magic around you. May 10 also brings the entrance of Jupiter into your sector of community, making the next two months ideal to focus on networking. 

The Sun enters your sign on May 20 to kick off birthday season while also bringing big-time revelations your way. This is a fabulous time to consider making considerable changes in your life—yes, even with Mercury being retrograde. May 23 is one of your luckiest days of the entire year as the Sun and Jupiter illuminate your way, hinting at the areas of your life that will experience growth for the remainder of 2022 and 2023! 


May Horoscope: Cancer | Wit & Delight

May brings major career opportunities your way with the two most fortunate planets, Venus and Jupiter, activating this sector of your chart. If you have been working on a project but haven’t yet announced it to the world, this is the month to do so as the universe facilitates support from others. From May until late July, you can make quantum leaps when you showcase your work and focus on networking. 

The month also has an introspective vibe for you with the Sun and Mercury retrograde occupying the sector of your chart that rules the subconscious mind. You are a lover of rest and self-care—and luckily for you, it is in these moments when you will be downloading new ideas and inspiration. This will be especially true under the mystical new moon on May 30, which will provide you with healing at a very deep level. 


May Horoscope: Leo | Wit & Delight

Get ready for an exhilarating month, Leo! During the entirety of the month, your planetary ruler, the Sun, will make two powerful meetups with Uranus and the Lunar North Node of Destiny. This will not only seem to accelerate time, but also increase the creative downloads you receive and the incoming traffic of people who will be key to your success. This is especially true in the realm of career, so don’t discard the possibility of collaborating with others. 

Relationships are another focus for you in May, as the cosmos will instigate change in your connections. Mercury begins its retrograde in your sector of community, setting the perfect terrain for you to rethink your involvement with certain groups of people. Then the May 16 full moon lunar eclipse could bring a mini-crisis, when you might have no better option than to put your needs first. 


May Horoscope: Virgo | Wit & Delight

May will be an introspective month for you with your planetary ruler, Mercury, in retrograde for most of the month. Delays and revisions to in-progress projects might be frustrating but trust that these are actually blessings in disguise—which you are most likely to find out in June. The May 30 new moon is your best time of the year to set intentions for your career and public reputation. Get super concise about what you would like to make happen in this area of your life for the next six months.  

Jupiter has been blessing your partnership sector all year long, and on May 10, its expansive influence moves to your eighth house of joined finances and intimacy. If you’re in a serious relationship, you could be growing closer and even come into some money over the next few months. 


May 2022 Horoscope: Libra | Wit & Delight

With your ruler, Venus, in fiery Aries and the sector of your chart that rules partnerships, you’re feeling hot and so focused on one-on-one connections. However, because the goddess of love and pleasure will be sitting next to Chiron between May 9 and May 20, there is also a deep focus on healing. If tough conversations come up, face them head-on! The best news is Jupiter enters this same sector on May 10, where it will stay until late December. If you’re committed, your relationship could reach new heights—and if you’re single and looking, the stars could align to bring you your perfect match! 

On a less exciting note, Mercury starts its retrograde in your house of study and faraway horizons. If you have any travel plans, give yourself some extra time, as you might run into some delays. If you’re in school, try delivering papers and getting to tests ahead of time. 


May 2022 Horoscopes: Scorpio | Wit & Delight

May could be a month that tests your patience, Scorpio, as the planets will bring an unpredictable energy to your sector of relationships. You are in a year-long process of shedding your old beliefs, which includes how you approach connections. This will be deeply felt around the May 16 full moon lunar eclipse, when surrendering to the forces at play will be key. Good thing you are a pro at transformation! Pluto, your planetary ruler, will be helping you out enormously during this process of deep change. Mark May 3, May 19, May 22, May 25, and May 29 as your luckiest days of the month. 

The best news for you is Jupiter moving to your sixth house of health and wellness at the beginning of the month. So, if you’ve been struggling with keeping a healthy work-life balance or an exercise routine, the positive energy of this planet can really help you make considerable changes to your day-to-day. 


May 2022 Horoscopes: Sagittarius | Wit & Delight

A big shift is happening for you as your planetary ruler, Jupiter, enters the fiery area of the sky ruled by Aries. If you have been feeling low energy, starting May 10, your inner fire will light up, helping you conquer even the hardest tasks! The area of your astrological chart that it will occupy is your fifth house of romance and creativity, heralding some of the most fun months for you in 2022! 

On a more short-term view, when Gemini season begins on May 20, the universe kicks off a month of energetic influence in your sector of relationships—romantic and business! If you have been wanting to deepen a relationship, this is the perfect time to do so. The May 30 new moon in Gemini brings you a new beginning in this part of your life, aligning the stars for signing a contract, working with a coach, or taking a relationship to the next level. 


May 2022 Horoscopes: Capricorn | Wit & Delight

Deep introspection and chill vibes are your themes in May. Pluto, the planet of transformation, went retrograde in your sign on April 29, asking you to go below the surface and really question the motives behind your actions. On May 3, May 19, May 22, May 25, and May 29, Pluto lends you the chance to do some deep healing, so use these days for some introspection. 

Mercury will be retrograde in your sixth house of work and daily routine, slowing down the projects you’ve been working on. A slower pace of life—and work—is for sure what the cosmos instigates for you this month. The best news of the month is Venus, the planet of love, spending the entire month in your fourth house of home. Its vibrations can be channeled for romance as well as self-care, making May a fabulous time to focus on what brings you the most pleasure.


May 2022 Horoscopes: Aquarius | Wit & Delight

You are the pro strategist this month, Aquarius! Asteroid Vesta, the goddess of wisdom, will be traveling very close to responsible Saturn in your sign until May 24. This combination is a win-win for your career or any project that requires a strategic vision. It will require hard work, but the rewards could have a long-term effect. 

Mars and Neptune will meet in your second house of money from May 11 to May 24. While this can bring confusion, if you manage to stay realistic, you can truly create a better financial situation. A moment of crisis or a setback could arrive as the May 16 full moon lunar eclipse rises in the sky. Find a workaround now—but do not take this as a sign to give up! Both Venus and Jupiter in Aries will be helping you out in the form of help from family, friends, and your community. 


May 2022 Horoscopes: Pisces | Wit & Delight

Your powers of manifestation reach a climax at the beginning of the month while Mars joins Jupiter and Neptune in your sign. Use the first nine days of the month to act on your biggest dream, Pisces. This combination is very visual, so use images, drawings, symbols, and even a vision board to create your own version of heaven on earth. 

On May 10, Mercury will begin its retrograde in your fourth house of home and family, most likely bringing setbacks or misunderstandings. The good news is that Jupiter will be helping you out in another area of your life. As it leaves your sign, also on May 10, it will enter your second house of money and self-worth. The next few months—and especially the days between May 10 and May 28—are primed for boosting your wealth and maybe even getting a raise. 

BY Narayana Montúfar - May 3, 2022


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