July 2022 Horoscopes: Ride the Waves of Emotion


July 2022 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight

Welcome to July! As we enter the second part of 2022, the planets deliver big waves of emotion that eventually turn into high and loud flames of summer fever. Beginning the month, Cancer season is in full swing, putting us back in touch with our feelings as well as our roots. 

Allow yourself to slow down and sink into a slower pace of life. Because with three asteroids (Vesta, Chiron, and Juno) and magnanimous Jupiter beginning their retrogrades, we will be reviewing our approach to life. A deep healing is taking place, especially surrounding July 13, when the full moon in Capricorn illuminates sensitive issues from the past so we can finally overcome them. 

Once the Sun enters the skies of Leo on July 22, our inner fire gets lit, reawakening our thirst for creativity and play. The foundations of our lives are shifting, and life begins to move at a rapid pace. But who said change can’t be fun? As the month ends, embracing different paths and going with the flow will be key to the process of self-actualization. 

The July 28 beautiful new moon in Leo is warm, magical, and bold! If a cherished project or idea didn’t quite gel for you in the past few months, this magical lunation grants you a do-over. It’s time to get back to the drawing board! 

Find out what the month ahead has in store for your zodiac sign in the July 2022 horoscopes below!

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July 2022 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight

July might challenge you, Aries, as the Sun in Cancer activates your sector of home and family. You might have to take one for the team, but rest assured that rewards for your energy arrive at month’s end (July 24). Two planetary bodies, Chiron and Jupiter, go retrograde in your sign, on July 19 and July 28, respectively. While these shifts might feel like setbacks at first, they are blessings in disguise, as they will instigate deep reflection that will lead to big aha moments in the months ahead. 

The beginning of Leo season on July 22 is bound to feel like a breath of fresh air, as it initiates a period of fun, creativity, and romance. The last week of July is ideal for taking a vacation or focusing on a creative project. Alternatively, you could decide it’s time to put yourself out there and see what the dating scene has to offer you this summer! 


Do you feel the energy building up inside of you? On July 4, active Mars enters your sign, igniting your inner fire. From this moment on, you should feel more competitive and ready to tackle your goals. Channel this great energy with intention and with the knowledge that the shadow side of this vibration is excessive stubbornness, dear Taurus. 

Once lover Venus enters the deep waters of Cancer on July 17, you will be in the mood to nest and host small gatherings at your place. The Sun in Leo starting July 22 reinforces the universe’s call to pour some of your great creativity into redecorating or at least upgrading certain rooms of your home. As the month comes to a close, you could feel the need to break free from a pattern, person, or situation. Listen to the call and free yourself, Taurus, as avoiding it will only create more tension in your life for the remainder of the summer. 


Asteroid Pallas enters your sign this month, which is great news, Gemini! Like you, Pallas is a multifaceted and wise influence that rejoices in the power of its duality. From July 4 until September 6, you have the gift of strategy. Uniting your intellect with your intuition will guide you in making the best decisions in your career or business. To make the best use of this transit, start creating a plan or strategy that reflects some of your most cherished goals for the summer and fall. 

More good news! Other gifts July has for you come in the form of big aha moments and intuitive breakthroughs. The days between July 4 and July 17 are some of the best days to assert yourself. The vibe will be slow and maybe too emotional for your taste—but if you don’t overthink things, you can make quantum leaps toward your most cherished goals. 


July 2022 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight

Happy birthday, dear Cancer! With the Sun in your sign during the two first two-thirds of the month, the cosmos instigates you to get back in touch with your deepest desires! What would you like to manifest during the year ahead? Put it all in writing while Mercury speeds up your intellectual processes until July 18. 

Venus enters your sign on July 17, activating your charm and ability to attract more attention and pleasure into your life. The more you rest, socialize, and practice self-care during this time, the more you open yourself to receiving. Money is another theme for you in July as Mercury and the Leo Sun activate this area of your life starting July 19. If you’re looking into expanding your income streams, the July 28 new moon in Leo is the perfect time to set a new revenue goal for your business or formulate a new financial plan. 


It’s the summer, but the beginning of the month finds you in an introspective mood. Spend the first half of the month going deep into your motives, in preparation for your birthday. Mercury enters your sign on July 19, right around the time the incoming messages from the universe arrive quite strongly. Write down any insights you receive‚ because two days later, on July 22, the warmth of the Sun begins to illuminate you. 

From this moment on, it’s reinvention time, Leo! You have changed so much this year, and you will keep on changin’! As you set some lofty goals for your year ahead, leave enough wiggle room for more creativity and fun surprises to find you! The July 28 new moon is your absolute best time of the year to see yourself in a brand new light. Under this fortunate lunation, plant the seed of something new and meaningful. 


July 2022 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight

The beginning of the month could find you networking and closing an important business deal or contract, Virgo. Both the Sun and Mercury will be activating your eleventh house of community, instigating you to form alliances that could help you succeed. While the energy is primed for signing long-term agreements, make sure you read the fine print, as Neptune’s fog will be part of the astrological mix. July 16 and 17 are important days for you as your ruler, Mercury, connects with the Sun and inspiring Neptune, bringing lucid moments and messages your way—take note! 

Once Leo season begins on July 22, your mood will turn inward as the need to retreat and relax takes over you. This is the time of the year in which your focus is on reflection and introspection. You might notice your competitive productivity lowering a bit, which is absolutely fine, as you might find yourself in need of a break. 


July 2022 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight

You are a social butterfly during the first part of the month as sexy Venus, your planetary ruler, spends time in slick and chatty Gemini. Have fun—but do keep in mind that things could get murky in the romance departments around July 13, when Neptune’s fog could blind your judgment. 

Keep an eye on the days between July 13 and July 19, which is when the full moon arrives and Chiron retrogrades in your partnership sector. While the vibe will be intense, it will get you thinking about what you have learned about connections and partnerships. If any internal wounds need to be tended to, the universe might give you a nudge so you can really begin healing them once and for all. Once Leo season arrives on July 22, you get a break from the intensity as your focus turns to one of your favorite activities: networking! 


Are you in need of a break, Scorpio? The first twenty days of the month are an ideal time to pursue a trip and even a reset. The universe will be instigating big life experiences, asking you to focus on activities that feed and open your mind. When the Sun enters Leo on July 22, the focus turns to your career and public visibility. This is the time to begin thinking about what needs course correction in this area of your life, and luckily, the July 28 new moon invites you to see some lofty goals around your ambitions. 

Don’t worry, vibrant connections are also part of your July equation. Mars will be in your seventh house of partnerships all month, igniting some seriously steamy nights. If you are unsure of your desire to stay in a partnership, however, Mars will bring this to the surface. And luckily, the July 25 retrograde of asteroid Juno assists in doing the cleanup.


July 2022 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight

For you, Sagittarius, July could feel like a big blast from the past! The biggest news of the month is Jupiter starting its retrograde, which is something to keep in mind for the next few months. With your planetary ruler in slow-mo from July 28 to November 23, you might feel your productivity and powers of manifestation lowering a bit. On the positive side, Jupiter retrograde invites you to review if the ways you have grown this year are sustainable and positive. It is especially good to find out if you have overextended yourself and make the necessary adjustments. 

Another retrograde to pay attention to is the one of asteroid Juno, which is currently in your home and family sector. If you began a partnership or commitment around mid-April, Juno’s retrograde starting on July 25 could bring the need to revise (not necessarily end) the agreement you initially put in place. 


July 2022 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight

July is all about relationships for you, Capricorn. With a total of five cosmic influences occupying your seventh house of partnerships and collaborations, you could be ending old connections and beginning new ones. If something ends around the July 13 full moon, which happens in your sign, something new will replace it as lover Venus graces you with her beautiful presence starting July 17. Mars will also be playing a key role here by activating your fifth house of fun and romance all month. This planet could bring the realization that if a connection is no longer enjoyable, it’s best to not have one at all! 

Lastly, the retrograde of Chiron brings intensity to the days surrounding July 19, when you begin to unravel a situation that will require your energy and attention in the near future. What do you need to heal around home, family, and roots, dear Capricorn? 


For you, Aquarius, most of July is about fine-tuning all your processes to make life easier. With the Sun in your sixth house, your biggest focus will be on tending to your health and well-being, as well as finding easy-to-follow routines that you can stick to. What this is doing is preparing you for Leo season, which begins on July 22, and turns your focus on one-on-one partnerships. If you are in a relationship, you might want to spend more time with your darling than you normally do. And if you are single, you could suddenly be interested in initiating a fun, summer romance.

As the month comes to a close, destiny plays a vital role in your life. Thanks to Uranus, your planetary ruler, you will be put face-to-face with people, projects, and situations that will be key to your growth and evolution. Open your mind and heart, because things are about to get very exciting!


You love the energy of water sign Cancer, as it allows you to bask in the waters of creativity, fun, and romance. If you are single, dating could be playing a big role for you this month, as lover Venus will also be magnifying your attractor factor, starting July 17. If you are partnered, however, the vibe is quite different. 

Asteroid Juno, the planetary body that rules commitment, begins its retrograde in your sign on July 25, reawakening doubts and maybe even instigating confusion. With both of your planetary rulers in retrograde—Neptune at the end of June and Jupiter joining it starting July 28—blasts from the past are the new normal. This means that either consciously or unconsciously, you could be making a decision based on old insecurities and past experiences. So before ending things, give yourself some time to really think why you even decided to commit in the first place, dear Pisces.

BY Narayana Montúfar - July 1, 2022

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July 3, 2022 8:48 am

I haven’t read horoscopes in such a long time so it was really nice to see what July could potentially have in store — thanks for sharing!

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