December 2022 Horoscopes: A Time to Think Big


Your December Monthly Horoscope | Wit & Delight

In the month of December, life will feel like living in a dream! As we enter the month, a total of three planets shine in the skies of Sagittarius, bringing back our optimism and zest for life. Thinking big is the vibe now. However, because the foggy influence of Neptune will be activated for most of the month, we must stay grounded whenever making crucial decisions. 

The Mars retrograde journey we’ve been in since October 30 reaches climax at the December 7 full moon, a powerful moment in time that is poised for change. Whatever ends now was not meant to be and will make space for what is coming in the new year. 

On December 20, mighty Jupiter re-enters Aries, a territory it explored between May 10 and October 27. This shift of the planet of abundance occurs a day before the December 21 winter solstice, which might suddenly reawaken our ambition. By then, the Sun will be in Capricorn, bringing a powerful new moon on December 23 that is ideal for strategizing or putting a plan together that we can follow through once late January arrives. 

As you come up with ideas, give yourself some wiggle room to play—because on December 29, our cosmic messenger, Mercury, goes retrograde. From now until January 18, Mercury will have us deeply inspect our career goals, aligning our ambitions with our newfound desires.  

Find out what this month has in store for your zodiac sign in your December monthly horoscope below!

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If you’ve been feeling burned out due to the retrograde of Mars, Aries, the first three weeks of December are ideal to take a real break from work. The stars will be conspiring for you to get out of your usual routine and refresh your mind with new flavors and vistas. This month, instead of pushing forward, you’re better off resting, learning, and diving into deep introspection. 

December 20 marks an important moment along your journey as mighty Jupiter enters your sign. From this moment on, you could feel a newfound desire to follow a dream—but don’t do it just yet. Use the December 23 new moon, happening in your career sector, to start drafting your 2023 masterful plan. On December 29, Mercury goes retrograde, instigating deep introspection that will eventually lead to big breakthroughs in this part of your life. 


Attune to your inner guru, Taurus! December’s astrological influences are pulling you to the non-tangible side of life. Instead of going out and being social, you might prefer to spend quality time with someone special, reaching new levels of intimacy. This vibe will be strongly felt at the December 7 full moon, when important talks about the boundaries of your relationship might occur. 

Jupiter enters your sector of the subconscious mind on December 20, heralding five months of deep spiritual work. Starting now, you’re being called to tap into your intuition in preparation for a major period of upcoming growth in 2023. Whether it is meditation, journaling, or repeating positive affirmations, choose a practice you can stick to under the December 23 new moon in Capricorn. Starting December 29, Mercury goes retrograde in your sector of spirituality, paving the way for big intuitive aha moments! 


You’re in for a big transformation, Gemini! A big ending arrives at the December 7 full moon, most likely closing a chapter within an important relationship or project. Don’t buy into the illusion of holding on to the past, as you most likely won’t be seeing things clearly. Whenever in doubt, seek meaningful conversations with people you trust. 

Jupiter begins gracing your sector of friendships starting December 20, amping up your opportunities for networking for the next five months. While it’s not the best time to make big commitments or sign contracts, it is a fortunate time to spot interesting people who could help you succeed in 2023. Then on December 29, Mercury begins its retrograde, kicking off a three-week period in which you will be questioning your career goals to figure out if they align with your true passions. 


Protect your energy, Cancer. While you might have a ton of items on your to-do list, there will be times when your energy will ask you to take breaks to practice self-care. This will be especially true surrounding the December 7 full moon, which activates Mars retrograde in a sensitive part of your chart. If a secret gets spilled today, ask questions before arriving at conclusions. 

Mark December 20 in your calendar, which is when mighty Jupiter enters your career sector, heralding big success. While you might not notice much forward movement until mid-January, this day might prompt you to start brainstorming new ideas for 2023. Then starting December 21, you will be asked to re-draw the boundaries of an important relationship as Mercury begins its retrograde in Capricorn on December 29. 


Good thing you like a little drama in your life, Leo! The December 7 full moon might bring exactly that within a collaborative project or a group of friends. Due to Neptune’s influence, people won’t be seeing things clearly, so keep a low profile and avoid taking sides. 

If you are looking for a sign to set sail toward new horizons, make travel plans as mighty Jupiter enters your ninth house of travel on December 20. From now until May 15, your soul grows in unmeasurable ways when you explore new vistas and learn new things. Later in the month, do expect to go back to the drawing board when it comes to your work processes once Mercury goes retrograde in your sixth house of work, starting December 29. Making adjustments now will set you up for success in 2023! 


December is a month to move cautiously when it comes to your career, Virgo. Since October 30, Mars has been slowing down your productivity, an energy that hits climax at the December 7 full moon. Whenever possible, go with the flow, as the energy will most likely be intense at work. If a project ends unexpectedly, it could be a blessing in disguise. 

Luckily, you will be receiving more opportunities to relax and have fun once Capricorn season begins on December 21. A fantastic way to honor this vibe would be to focus on a fun project that lights your inner spark as the moon becomes new in this sign on December 23. By December 29, Mercury will be retrograde in your fifth house of creativity, asking you to give birth to new ideas that can take form once Mercury goes direct on January 18. 


Your December Monthly Horoscope | Wit & Delight

Your hunger to learn something new might drive you to sign up for a class around the December 7 full moon, Libra. Alternatively, you could find yourself seeking stimulation by booking a vacation to a faraway destination. Feed this need for novelty, because you will most likely be pretty busy later on! 

On December 20, Jupiter begins gracing your sector of partnerships. If you’re in a committed relationship, your connection could deepen over the next five months. Business partnerships are also highlighted, so pay attention to the people that come into your life now. The very next day, on December 21, the Capricorn Sun illuminates your home sector. If you’ve been wanting to redecorate your home or a special corner in your place, this is the time to do so, as this is the area Mercury retrograde will turn your attention to, starting December 29. 


Your December Monthly Horoscope | Wit & Delight

Tap into your imagination, Scorpio. While a lot of signs will be feeling confused this month due to the influence of Neptune, you will feel a very strong pull to come up with creative ideas that could take form in the year ahead. Brainstorm or at least take notes during the first twenty days of the month. As Jupiter enters your sector of work, starting December 20, there is the promise that some of these ideas will be materializing over the next five months, most likely after Mars goes direct on January 12. 

Starting December 21, the realm of communication will become quite important for you. The Capricorn Sun will have you realize that it’s time to change your voice, which is especially true if you have your own business. From December 29 to January 18, Mercury retrograde will help you create a new persona or perhaps a new way to connect with your colleagues or clients. 


Your December Monthly Horoscope | Wit & Delight

Happy birthday, Sagittarius! As you welcome a new year, Neptune’s great influence instigates you to deepen your spiritual side. Whether it’s yoga, meditation, or tarot, try finding something that can help you ground and find calm in moments of stress or confusion. The intense December 7 full moon, in fact, is a fabulous time to put this influence to the test. 

During the second part of the month and even going into 2023, you will be focusing on your finances. The Capricorn Sun could illuminate new or different ways to earn money. However, with Mercury going retrograde in this same part of your chart, you will also be asked to change the way you approach your money. If you live with a partner, don’t hesitate to sit down and come up with a new budget to deal with your shared expenses as you ring in the new year. 


Your December Monthly Horoscope | Wit & Delight

It’s time to go within, Capricorn! Sagittarius season is always a time of deep introspection, as the Sun illuminates your sector of rest, intuition, and secrets. Talking about secrets, one could be spilled around the December 7 full moon. Alternatively, a project could reach a climax and come to an end, giving you a lot to think about. 

The Sun enters your sign on December 21—however, instead of asking you to set goals for the year ahead, it highlights, even more, the need to search for answers. The truth is, Capricorn, that something in your life is due for a reset as Mercury goes retrograde in your sign from December 29 to January 18. This reset is about how you carry yourself in the outside world and also about how you operate in the realm of relationships. In 2023, success comes when you focus on having a strong foundation for yourself. 


Your December Monthly Horoscope | Wit & Delight

You have some stellar dates for collaborating with interesting people this month. While it’s not advisable to sign any contracts this month due to the retrogrades of Mars and Mercury, it’s best to use the current energies to brainstorm future possibilities.

During the second part of the month, you’re bound to feel a little more tired and low in energy as a total of three planetary influences enter your sector of the subconscious mind. Keep an eye on the messages you receive on December 6, December 9, and December 21, as these dates could deliver important epiphanies. On December 29, Mercury goes retrograde in this same place, asking you to not set intentions this year. Instead, you will be inspired to retreat and reflect on all the change that took place for you in 2022, which was most likely massive. 


Your December Monthly Horoscope | Wit & Delight

Lucky you, Pisces. While a lot of signs are still on pause this month, you could be in for a nice surprise as Jupiter, the planet of abundance, spends its last days in your sign. This is a super-rare energy that won’t return for another twelve years, so make the best of it by tapping into your creativity and spirituality. December 6, December 9, and December 21 look specifically fortunate. The good news is that Jupiter moves to your second house of money, shifting the energy of abundance to your wallet, starting December 20. 

The tense December 7 full moon might bring an ending your way, which will lead you to realize that, to keep collaborating with others successfully, your approach will have to change. Use the Mercury retrograde, from December 29 to January 18, to weigh all the pros and cons of the ways you’ve been handling this area of your life so far. 

BY Narayana Montúfar - December 2, 2022

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December 21, 2022 7:10 am

I found this really interesting to read (found myself nodding at a few things in my horoscope); I haven’t read one in a long, long time but this one seemed to resonate a lot. Thanks!

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