1. tumblr snapshot

    tumblr is a great place to create moodboards. the archieve feature is a quick and easy way to reference something you’ve blogged months ago. it’s also a great way to browse your favorite tumblrs! some of my favorite finds this month: + this charming country church … Read More

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  2. w + d tumblr trends

    what’s been happening over on the w+d tumblr ? lots of summer wear, glimpses of togetherness, simple meals, and clean interiors…

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  3. tumblin’ with w+d

    readers: do you use tumblr? i started one as a way to share some of the content that doesn’t find a home on this blog. it’s a messier, more random assortment of decor, music, man stuff, and food. there’s still a lot of fashion, art, and … Read More

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