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2013-06-06 03.30.20

My feelings about Paris can be summed up in this photo set: I wish I’d been born French. Not only did my hair look better than it ever has in France, the “joie de vivre” lifestyle that made Paris famous was completely intoxicating. A culture that breaks for croissants and believes in making things inherently beautiful? WHERE DO I SIGN UP?

Photo Jun 05, 8 27 36 PM

2013-06-03 07.54.57

The surprising thing about Paris was how non-cliche the cliched parts were. The ornateness of the architecture, the romantic views, the street musicians, even the Eiffel Tower itself was impressive, authentic, and culturally significant. Buildings were created with aesthetics and functionality playing equally important roles, and the average French woman will tell you that style equates to timelessness, and fashion is for fun. They’re on to something over there.

2013-06-02 19.20.10-1

2013-06-04 05.52.19

We stayed in Saint-Germain-des-Prés on Rue de Bonaparte, which was bustling with locals, with a few tourists here and there. It was an incredibly safe neighborhood and we felt completely comfortable walking around at night. Our hotel was a few blocks away from Les Deux Magots, and we spent most of our nights exploring cafes close to home.

Photo Jun 05, 6 40 41 PM

2013-06-03 07.40.38

Photo Jun 05, 5 49 32 PM

2013-06-03 07.54.48

Other highlights included the ham and cheese crepes available on every corner, long walks through Montmartre with my lady Dee, and cafe conversations in half English, half French, with strangers seated to our left and right. We sat amongst the most fashionable people in Paris in Le Marais, and Dee put up with my geekiness at Musée du Louvre… so many of the paintings I studied in art history class came flooding back as we walked slowly through the winding hallways.

2013-06-02 16.36.07

2013-06-05 18.01.00

2013-06-06 09.30.45

2013-06-03 12.08.50

I could have spent the entire week in Paris, and another 3 traveling the french countryside. Hopefully I’ll be back to live out that fantasy soon. The last stop of our trip was Prague, which couldn’t be more different than Paris…

Photo Jun 02, 4 16 17 PM

BY Kate Arends - August 19, 2013

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I went to Paris this summer as well! Intoxicating. I wish I could move there right now


Oh, Paris! This is on my “to go places” list. Love the photos!

Wow, these pictures are incredibly beautiful and romantic!

beautiful photos!

Love the pictures, especially the one of the Louvre pyramid and all the little people. It looks so elegantly vintage.

Oh my! Just when I thought it was impossible to look forward to Paris more. Your pictures are beautiful.

Such lovely photos, looks like the best trip.

I completely agree! I have settled in Germany (coming from CA), but France will always have a big piece of my heart. If you didn’t get enough of it outside of Paris, I posted all last week on our road trip through Paris, Bordeaux and to the stunning southwestern coast. I seriously can’t wait to go back!

girl, you said it all so well! this post was perfect.


omg where’d you get your sunglasses! they’re soooo pretty!! 🙂

agree. love Paris. wish I was French.
ps – great photos!!

I’ve been twice, as soon as I return to the states I only wish I never came home!

I’m headed to Paris + Nice for the next couple of weeks and your photos just made me that much more excited. You have a gorgeous site, as well!

Ah! Your photos. Your style! All amazing!

Oh wow. These photos are beautiful! Love that white scalloped collar against the deep red sweater. Stunning.


Hi! where did you get your shoes!? Amazing photos! Beautiful!



So beautiful. Your words + imagery! Thanks so much for sharing. I have quite an obsession with anything-France. Paris, I do hope to visit someday… but I’m afraid I will never leave if I do. 🙂


I love your photos, they’re so beautiful! I was curious as to what camera you were using?

GORGEOUS- the architecture, your hair everything.

xx Erin

Melody L.

The only reason I don’t live in Paris is because of the cigarette smoke. Send me news of a smoking free Paris and I will send you my new French home address.

What stunning, stunning photos. Mmmm! You’ve made me want to return to Paris! Thank you.

Your photos really capture the beauty and refinement of Paris. I need to visit soon!

*Sigh* I dream of living in Paris. I adore it there. I’ll be visiting again at the end of the month and I can barely contain my excitement. It will be my husbands first time there and I’m hoping it sparks a desire in him to live there someday too…


I love your jeans in the last picture. Where can I find them?!

Ah, so beautiful, and I love your little annotations for all the photos! Can’t wait till I go there myself <3

I went to Paris for the first time this summer, and agree with so many of the lovely things you said about it. Really beautiful photography here.

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Hey, Im going to Paris in November, do you mind telling which hotel you stayed in? Thanks

Can you share some of your restaurant and shopping recommendations? I’m headed to France in a couple of weeks and it would be super helpful.

I too love Paris. I have been there three times. Your pictures have captured the essence of the city.

I miss Paris!!!

Exactly why I’ve always dreamed about going to Paris!


Wow these are such beautiful pictures.

These pictures are incredible! You are making me miss paris!!

These pictures are so dreamy, love love love them and Paris!

I was stuck in the Paris airport for almost 24 hours because of flight complications and I regret not going to explore the city. I had 3 other siblings around me and they were not budging. I regret it to this day. These photographs are beautiful and I wold love to explore the cafes and watch the fashionable people go by.

These pictures are gorgeous! Dying to see Paris myself!!!
xo Tia

This is beautiful! I definitely miss being in Paris!

you have photos from my neighbourhood! la maison rose right next to the vineyards in paris is one of my favourite places to sit and people watch! i’m so glad you enjoyed your trip! come back soon :D!

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I love this post on Paris! The architecture there makes for amazing pictures. Thanks for the inpiration!!!!

I love this post on Paris! The architecture there makes for amazing pictures. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

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