W&D Consults: Building Your Brand Story with Wit & Delight x Skillshare

Behind every strong brand there are answers to these questions: Why do they exist? What do they do? And, how do they make their mission a reality? Supported by a brand’s core values, a focused belief statement is essential to driving brands forward, keeping all aspects of businesses tracking along to the same long-term goals.

The same rules apply to even the smallest businesses.

So last year, I took everything I had learned from corporate brand consulting and turn them into classes made to fit small businesses and budding entrepreneurs. I worked with  Madesmith and CAMP on branding initiatives, and both of these experiences were so gratifying. I was looking for a way to replicate those experiences, but on a bigger scale. Enter Skillshare, an online community for creators; teachers and students alike.


The team at Skillshare reached out to me last fall inquiring about a potential collaboration, which initially was more creative focused. While I love working on the creative side, I was more interested in sharing a skill set that can help focus creative pursuits: a strong brand platform.

Those familiar with my background know that I spent a few years the branding firm Cue, here in Minneapolis. Since moving to W&D full-time, brand development is what I’ve spent most of my time doing, even as I moved away from graphic design. What I’ve found is strategic development gives creative ideas wings, and I’ve really enjoyed laying the ground work for the creative and marketing departments looking to retool their brand. I’ve been very fortunate to be able to put into play this newfound passion of mine in some of my consulting roles, specifically with Fossil. Skillshare was on board with shifting the concept from a creative focus to developing a professional (or personal) brand.

Values Page

I’m very excited to tell you that my class, “Personal and Lifestyle Branding: Building Your Story” is now available on Skillshare starting today. The class is composed of 5 videos, roughly 45 minutes, with some light homework involved.

Even more exciting? An offer to join Skillshare at a premium level for 99 cents for 3 months. I encourage you to check out the ridiculous amount of classes offered by Skillshare on their site!

Let me know what you think!

Images: Big thanks to Graphictwister for helping me with the images. Also, the amazing Heiday Floweing Cacti V print in both images!

  • I signed up for Skillshare last month and it’s been a really affordable way for me to learn new skill sets. I’ll be adding you video to my cue soon!

  • Just took this class and I feel super inspired. I will spend the rest of the day writing down my values, what, why and how. You really broke it down to a level where I feel like I can do it for myself and actually succeed.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us Kate. <3

  • I have an art and handcrafted jewelry brand that I am building, so this class came at a perfect time. I just created my first Skillshare class last month and found your class on the trending page. So It was a great inspiration on a few levels. Super easy to understand and the project is so down to earth. Looking forward to completing it and strengthening my brand. Thanks Kate!

    • thanks for the feedback, chris! glad to hear it was simple and easy to understand. it’s really hard to streamline all the emotional and functional pieces of a brand… especially when it’s your own. glad it helped!

  • Very excited about this class! I’ve been using Skillshare for a couple months now and love it. To know that they reach out to interesting creatives by themselves to pitch new projects and get great new classes and content on the platform is awesome. Looking forward to attend!