March 2020 Horoscopes: Spring Arrives


March arrives with a slower and softer vibration as Mercury Retrograde puts a halt to some of your plans. When it ends on the 9th, expect life to pick up gradually, and by the end of the month, you will be back on track. Take advantage of the slight reprieve at the beginning of the month to hear your intuition. It always whispers, so listen closely.

On the 9th, we will be greeted by a mighty full moon in Virgo, followed by a fiery new moon in the zodiac sign of Aries on the 24th. With spring here, you will be ready to launch into new horizons. Take a peek into what the month has in store for your zodiac sign!

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March will have you lying low as the sun graces the most hidden and healing part of your life, Aries. This will be a time when you can make a great deal of progress on rest and recuperation, as well as planning your most important goals for the coming year. Pay attention to your dreams and the messages the Universe is sending you in the very beginning of the month.

The full moon on the 9th will make you very busy at work, so harness your productivity now. If you do so, you can make a tremendous amount of progress this week and impress those around you. Some Aries could be starting a new job at this time or finishing up an important project. Watch your health at this time, as you could be prone to burning yourself out.

When the sun moves into your zodiac sign on the 20th, you’ll feel the energy almost instantly. This means birthday season has arrived. Aries season marks the official start to the zodiac year, filled with a fresh beginning and new horizons. When the New Moon arrives on the 24th, be sure to have your vision board for the coming year ready and begin to create the life you want in the days ahead. Time is of the essence, so don’t miss a beat now.

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March promises magic and excitement, so feel the Universe smile upon you, Taurus. Your social life is ramping up at the start of the month and you could find yourself attending very important events in the beginning weeks of March. Significant friendships will be dancing around you and this will be a time where you can grow closer with those who you have or add new ones to your tribe.

The full moon on the 9th promises a passionate and romantic moment, one of the most significant weeks of the year for your love life. This could be a time when single Taureans find an exciting relationship or when committed ones plan a very memorable date. Indulge in the majesty of your heart at this time before your career ramps up in the coming months and you’ll have less time for sensuality.

In the final weeks of March, you’re feeling the need to lie low and relax. If you have anything you want to find closure with from the past year, you can do so now, or if seeking health and solitude, the stars are certainly aligned.

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Your ambitions and career momentum have been on your mind recently and you may have noticed that the Mercury retrograde brought some hiccups into your path. However, these obstacles should clear as March moves on, so keep your eyes on the prize and consider if you should take a new approach to important projects.

The new moon on the 9th will push Geminis to focus on their roots, whether that be moving, fixing up their homes, or connecting closer to their families. You will likely feel a bit more emotional at this time, so pay attention to what is causing you stress.

However, you’ll soon be stepping out into the world when the Sun moves into your social sector after the 20th. When the new moon dawns on the 24th, expect festive events and gatherings to fill your calendar! Use the end of the month to build your network or tear up the town with the crew you already have.

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At the beginning of March, you’re contemplating expanding into new territory, Cancer. This will be a wonderful time to look at where you are in your life and how you can grow. Soar in vibrant new directions at this time.

A full moon on the 9th will bring important news to you about a communications-related matter, such as a writing or speaking project, or you could be debuting an anticipated marketing initiative. No matter what, you will certainly be learning a lot at this time and integrating new perspectives.

When the sun ignites your career zone starting on the 20th, expect your name to be on every boss or executive’s lips. In the days following the new moon on the 24th, you must seize the momentum to rise rapidly in your industry or go after another job that will give you greater power and success. Publicity or awards could be within reach, too.

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March begins with you thinking a great deal about what you give and receive in relationships, Leo. Some Leos could be parting ways with a partner at this time if they are not aligned, whereas others could be sorting out how to work more effectively as a team. Communication will be key, especially because the Mercury retrograde last month and in March may have caused some frustrations to arise.

The 9th will turn your mind to money, and you could see a large check arrive or new client walk through the door. Prosperity comes through hard work, and your efforts will surely be rewarded. Some Leo could get a new job or even use their increased finances to pay off a debt.

As the sun dances into your expansion sector after the 20th, you’ll hear new horizons calling your name. Long-distance travel could bring quite the adventure in the coming weeks. It will bring you more wisdom about people and the world. If you find yourself wanting to pursue further education, the stars are also smiling upon you now.

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Partnerships in love or business are on your mind at the beginning of March, Virgo, and it would be an excellent time to assess what you desire in an ideal relationship. There could have been some miscommunication recently due to the Mercury retrograde taking place in this sector or you may even have heard from exes or people from the past. Face what they are offering you and decide if you are ready to bring them back into your life. Some Virgos could be making long-term plans with their current significant other, so consider how you can unite closer in spirit and flesh.

A full moon on the 9th falls in your zodiac sign and marks one of your most important weeks of the entire year where you will see a dream or goal dear to your heart come to manifestation. You work hard, so relish in the fruits of your labor now.

Your attention returns to relationships in the final weeks of the month. You may be deciding what you deserve and if you feel your arrangements are fair. Your intimate nature will also be ignited, so be open to your sensual side.

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Frustrations in work may have been causing continuous headaches in recent weeks and you may still need the rest of March to sort out them out due to Mercury retrograde, Libra. However, with the sun heating up your productivity, all is not lost as long as you keep powering through.

The full moon on the 9th will likely have you feeling a bit burnt out. You’ve been spinning your wheels for quite some time, and you deserve a break, too. Rest, recharge, and meditate on what you want in the coming year.

When the sun and moon move into your partnership sector in the last weeks of the month, you will find that you can achieve a great deal when working one-on-one with someone now. If searching for a long-term relationship, you could cross paths with a perfect match now. Don’t hide away. Know what you want and put yourself out there. Libras who are committed, whether newly or for decades, can use this time to make plans and goals together that they want to embark upon in the coming year. Unite and watch how far you can go.

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Romance is on your mind, Scorpio, and you’re feeling the urge to merge! Single Scorpios are likely to have new crushes or interests on their radar, and you’re especially lucky to find something passionate and sweet at the beginning of March. However, some Scorpios could be feeling nostalgic about the one who got away or having some of their fears about relationships crossing their minds due to the Mercury retrograde taking place in this sector. Random messages from old flings could also be popping in—so send that smiley back or put them on block once and for all!

The full moon on the 9th assures that you will be attending a dazzling and spectacular social event where you will see many friends or could potentially even meet some important new ones. Have fun while you can, because when the sun and moon dash into your productivity zone, you’re going to see your schedule fill up with obligations and projects. If looking for a new job, you could find a reliable one in the final week of the month, so keep your resume ready.

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Home and family matters will be on the mind of all Sagittarius at the beginning of March. Some of you could be moving, have recently, or are focusing on changing up your space. Hopefully you have not signed a lease during the Mercury retrograde, though! If so, it will eventually change before your eyes. If a parent needs attention, be certain to give it to them.

Your career begins to light up like fireworks at the full moon on the 9th, so expect exciting news to take place throughout the week. You will be thinking about how far you have come since last summer and where you still wish to rise. An important promotion, offer, or award could be just around the corner.

Yet, March has even more radiant news for you—filled to the brim with new horizons. Your romantic life will receive a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart when the sun and moon parade into this zone. The new moon on the 24th will bring more spice into your current connection or help you find someone special who loves you just right. No matter what, be sure to be out and about because adventure could be around every corner.

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Your mind has been especially confused lately, Capricorn, but you will see that matters sort themselves out rather quickly once the month gets moving. You could find that your words have been misconstrued or that you are in a miscommunication with someone at this time.

With your mind so active this month, you’ll find that the full moon on the 9th also brings opportunities for you to look at things from a different perspective. Some Capricorns could receive news about an immigration matter or overseas travel plans. Others could also be focused upon a media or publishing project that is birthed with great success. If seeking further education, you will see happy results now.

When the sun and moon heat up your family and home sector, some Capricorns could be deciding it is time to move. Changing your residence now will bring you a happier living situation. If looking to stay put, consider ways to fix up your space or even throw a delightful dinner party for neighbors and friends. If one of your kindred needs help, give them support now. You will see your career reach an important milestone in April, so focus more on your roots now.

Hindsight is 2020…was last month’s horoscope accurate for you? Find out here!


Money matters are on your mind at the beginning of March and with Mercury causing some friction in this area, you could be seeing that checks or income are on hold. Financial management should be something you’re handling this month, Aquarius. However, when the full moon on the 9th arrives, some Aquariuses could be seeing a large check or payout arriving. If looking for a loan or scholarship, you could be in luck. Use this prosperity wisely.

With an important focus on partnerships also highlighted, some Aquariuses could realize that their needs are not being met in a partnership and walk away. Carry forth and look to greener pastures.

When the sun and moon recharge your mind starting in the final weeks of the month, you’ll find that it is time to speak up. Writing and communication are highly important now and you could see that standing up for what you think leads you into a place of success. Do so now.

Hindsight is 2020…was last month’s horoscope accurate for you? Find out here!


Birthday season is here, Pisces, and you are radiant above all others. However, with Mercury retrograde taking place predominantly in your zodiac sign this winter, you’re likely feeling a bit confused and uncertain about where the path leads. This is okay, though, because you are learning to trust your intuition even more.

When the full moon on the 9th arrives, you will certainly be making an important decision about a close relationship. Some Pisces could be getting married or engaged, while others could be separating and swimming onto brighter reefs. Single Pisces could align with a star-crossed lover when they put themselves in the position to be found.

When the Sun and Moon move into your income sector later in the month, you may notice that money is on your mind! Use this time to increase your wealth in every way that you can.

Hindsight is 2020…was last month’s horoscope accurate for you? Find out here!

BY Kyle Thomas - March 2, 2020


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