July 2020 Horoscopes: Emerging From the Storm


July 2020 Horoscope | Wit & Delight

2020 has been a momentous year for the entire world, and when we look back upon it, we will notice how it affected our individual paths in nearly every way. From daily routines, career paths, and personal relationships, we are being forced to evolve whether or not we want to. As human beings, we often do not embrace change, as we like to feel secure within our comfort zones. However, your evolution will open you up to experiences you’ve never had before, some of which will ultimately fulfill you better. 

In July 2020, we will still be within the shadow periods of Mercury retrograde and Venus retrograde—calling us intensely to the past. Reflect on what you have learned in recent months and what your spirit is whispering to you. You are integrating new information into your mind and heart at this time, so be gentle with yourself as you move forward. Come August, the pace of life will quicken, so use this time to “catch up” without being too hard on yourself. You are undergoing a radical transformation. Change is never easy, but it is the only constant in life. Choose to grow, like a flower opening to the sky, ever-reaching to the heavens. Find out how you will be affected in your individual zodiac sign’s horoscope below!


Aries July 2020 Horoscope | Wit & Delight

Over the coming six months, you will feel especially energized as your ruler, Mars, fuels you with immense strength and drive. You haven’t felt this intense in nearly two years, so use this vigor to power toward any personal or professional goals.

As you begin July, Aries, one of the most important turning points in your career will occur, triggered by a lunar eclipse on the 4th. This eclipse falls within your achievements sector, highlighting all of the hard work you have invested within your goals over the past year and a half. This may bring a promotion, award, or favorable press to you, and it is likely you will cry out in victory.

Much of the month also turns your attention to your home and domestic life. Mercury retrograde lasts until the 12th and will likely cause some confusion for you here, but as the weeks carry on, you’ll feel less like you are lost in a fog.

A new moon on the 20th occurs within this same cozy sector, helping you to improve your relationship with your kindred or to improve the peace within your living situation. Some Aries may move because of this new moon or find that they wish to fix up their space. While the personal-professional axis will definitely cause you to feel pulled between them, do your best to multitask at this time.

When the blazing sun roars on into your sector of fertility on the 22nd, expect excitement, romance, and creativity to fill your mind. The month ahead should be quite fun, so get ready to embrace your inner child.


Taurus July 2020 Horoscope | Wit & Delight

Communications projects—as well as how you write, speak, and relate to those in your network—are highly important for you in July, Taurus. The lunar eclipse on the 4th should signal a breakthrough tied to your expansion sector. For some, this may reveal important news in regard to a visa approval, immigration matter, or travel overseas. Other Taurus may hear mighty news connected to publishing, media, or television endeavors—but this is most likely if you are already present within these industries. Last, if you are a Taurus who has been curious to return to school, academics may also be calling your name.

With the sun lighting up your mind throughout most of the month, it is clear that you are not interested in sitting still or staying in your comfort zone. You’re ready to grab the wind and soar to the horizons, whether that be physically or in spirit. The new moon on the 20th may bring a contract to your doorstep, and with Mercury retrograde finally direct at this time, you can sign with confidence. A marketing, advertising, podcasting, or social media project may also become important to you now.

Finally, when the mighty sun moves into your domestic sector beginning on the 22nd, you have a month ahead to focus on improving your living situation or the connection to your family. Major career news is just weeks away, but for now, find serenity at home. 


Gemini July 2020 Horoscope | Wit & Delight

July promises to be sweet and harmonious for you, Gemini, as Venus dances elegantly forward in your zodiac sign throughout most of the month. You’ve noticed her cosmic spell over your life since April, but in May and June, she was fast asleep—causing you to revisit your past. Now, though, you are able to embrace her sacred blessings quite readily again—so use July to improve your look or relationships. Single Geminis are especially likely to link up with someone quite charming!

Early on in the month, a lunar eclipse on the 4th will bring dramatic news in regard to the give-and-take in your relationships. On one hand, this may bring you and a significant other closer together. However, if your relationship has outlived its purpose, a divorce settlement may be finalized now. Eclipses of this magnitude can sometimes foretell large sums of income, and if you have been looking for venture capital, a scholarship, or loan, you may also hear of this now. Money has been on your mind in the last month and when the new moon appears on the 20th, you may have the opportunity to increase your wage or take on a more lucrative job. With your ruler, Mercury, no longer retrograde at this time, you should be in a better place to plan your life and finances going forward.

Finally, as the sun dances on into your sector of communications for a month beginning on the 22nd, prepare to feel more ease and clarity within your mind. The time ahead will be quite fun, especially as the sluggish pace from recent weeks fades like a memory.


Cancer July 2020 Horoscope | Wit & Delight

Prepare for major career news over the coming six months, as the mighty Mars energizes your sector of professional advancement. Work hard in the months ahead and it is likely come 2021 you will be on a much higher echelon.

As you begin July, the lunar eclipse on the 4th turns your attention to a significant partnership. For some Cancers, this could elicit a more significant union—becoming official, engagement, moving in, or even discussions of marriage. However, with Mercury being retrograde until the 12th, it is best to hold off on official agreements until then. You can certainly have the discussions early on—but wait to make sure your mind is clear closer to mid-month. If for some reason you’ve been in a stale relationship, this eclipse may provide the catalyst to separation. If this is the case, you are being redirected to better relationships ahead.

The spotlight turns back to you once the new moon on the 20th arrives, opening doors for you to reach toward some of your most heartfelt goals and plans. Use the following days to take swift action. And when the sun marches into your income sector on the 22nd, expect money to be on your mind for weeks ahead.


Leo July 2020 Horoscope | Wit & Delight

Blessed goddess Venus, the planet of love and beauty, will be spinning a spell over your social life throughout much of July, promising you that you should have quite a beautiful time. Dependent on your social distancing precautions, this may signal that you have plenty of laughter ahead—whether that is in person (with masks, of course) or over FaceTime.

As you begin July, a pivotal moment in your employment should appear, triggered by the lunar eclipse on the 4th. For some Leos, this could be the debut of a major project you’ve been hustling upon for quite some time, while others may leave a job to begin a new—more fulfilling—one. Be sure to watch your health at this time, as you may be very busy and could be more prone to exhaustion and burn out. It does appear you are feeling quite tired throughout much of this month, Leo, and that is okay. Rest now, especially because of the new moon on the 20th, which signals you should reflect, relax, and rejuvenate yourself.

When the radiant sun ignites your zodiac sign from the 22nd onward, expect a shot of adrenaline to ignite your life. This is birthday season, marking an important moment for you to set the intentions you’d like to reach in the year ahead. Enjoy the glow of the sun and revel in how beautiful you truly are.


Virgo July 2020 Horoscope | Wit & Delight

July promises to be quite lovely for you, Virgo, as your heart will feel in bloom. The lunar eclipse on the 4th will mark a major moment for you—one that brings attention to your fertility sector. For some Virgos, this may be the moment where you fall in love with a soul mate or grow even closer with the one you have now. If creative, expect inspiration to strike quite intensely—you may even give “birth” to a project that will be quite well received from the public. Last, if looking to conceive or give birth, this eclipse may also bring such a blessing right to you.

Your social life is also a major focus throughout the month, with the sun igniting your focus to build your network. During July, you could become more involved in communities or volunteering. Either way, it appears your friends are dearly missing you—so reach out! The new moon on the 20th may bring happy news from a friend or someone in your network who opens a door to you that you have long wished to step through.

When the sun moves into your sector of rest from the 22nd on, expect to indulge in some much-needed TLC. Turn within at this time and contemplate what you wish to manifest when your birthday season finally arrives.


Libra July 2020 Horoscope | Wit & Delight

Your home and career are demanding your attention now, Libra, and it appears this has been a push-pull situation for the last two years. On one hand, you are hungry to rise higher in your professional life and likely have seen some milestones during that time. However, you have had to also humbly give significant attention to your home and domestic life, and with so much planetary action taking place here, it looks like this is the side that will win and make you happier now. When you focus on your ambitions at the expense of your stability, you often learn that you don’t feel as fulfilled as you had once expected to.

The lunar eclipse on the 4th may mark a move or bring important news to you from a family member—especially a parent. No matter what pops up, make sure you get on sturdier ground going forward.

Excitingly, it appears the new moon on the 20th could bring you more opportunities in your career. Some Libras may be promoted or find out they’ve been hired for their next big job. When the sun moves into your social sector from the 22nd onward, expect more fun and recreation to call to you for the month ahead. This will be a happy reprieve, as you’ve been through a lot in the last two years and it’s time for the Universe to reward you.


Scorpio July 2020 Horoscope | Wit & Delight

Over the coming six months, expect to be tremendously busy as Mars, the giver of energy, powers through your productivity zone. You will be able to tackle a great deal of work during this time—so don’t just sit back and rest on your laurels.

The lunar eclipse on July 4th will likely bring important news regarding a contract to you, Scorpio. However, this may also encourage you to fully embrace your communications skills, whether that be through a writing, speaking, advertising, or marketing initiative. Your efforts will likely be quite rewarded.

Throughout the month, the sun will also be encouraging you to set sail into new waters. The new moon on the 20th may bring the opportunity for you to expand into new territory. For some, you will hear news regarding an overseas matter—perhaps a visa, an immigration decision, or travel. Other Scorpios may begin working on a publishing or media initiative, while others could be called to return to school and pursue academics. When the sun roars on into your achievement sector from the 22nd onward, get ready to see all of your hard work pay off. In the coming month, you will likely see awards, opportunities, and advancement. Get ready!


Sagittarius July 2020 Horoscope | Wit & Delight

July will be especially pleasurable for you, Sagittarius, after months of confusion in your relationships. During that time, Venus did a backspin through your partnership and commitment sector, either causing your rapport to feel “off” or else bringing people from your past back to you. However, this month, Venus will dance through the cosmos in happy alignment for you. If single, you can find people with serious potential, or if committed, you can sort out any of the ruffles. Mars, the planet of sex, will also be heating up your romance zone for six months, so this could be a very special time for you in the love department!

July brings a lot of attention to your finances, especially with a major eclipse on the 4th bringing more income your way. It is possible you could see a job end at this time, but if that is the case, a better one should be coming in its place soon.

Sharing becomes especially important as the sun parades through your intimacy sector and brings forth a new moon on the 20th. If looking for a loan or venture capital, you could find it comes your way now. When the sun moves into your expansion sector on the 22nd, expect the month ahead to be vibrant and push you to new horizons.


Capricorn July 2020 Horoscope | Wit & Delight

One of the most important months of the year has arrived, Capricorn, and you will be center stage. Over the last two years, you have learned much about what you crave in your partnerships and how you must stand in your personal power. The lunar eclipse on the 4th will be a major turning point for you, as you will be thrust to the forefront of matters and hold more sway over events at this time. It appears something of supreme importance could be culminating for you at this time and you may see a long-held dream now within reach. This is the last eclipse that will take place in your sun sign for many years, so use this time effectively.

Your mind is also so intensely focused upon partnership—whether in business or love—and you have yet another opportunity to improve your connection, with Mercury retrograde taking place here until the 12th. On one hand, you may find that you are not on the same page and decide to walk away, but if ready to devote the energy, you can use it to expose confusion and create clarity together. The new moon on the 20th allows you to make more plans as a team. If single, be sure to use this lunation to find someone with serious potential. When the sun moves into your intimacy sector in the last week of the month, get ready to be in touch with your wants and needs.


Aquarius July 2020 Horoscope | Wit & Delight

Welcome to July, Aquarius, which will have plenty of cosmic excitement just for you. While your mind will be especially focused on work, employment, and productivity throughout much of the month, the lunar eclipse on the 4th encourages you to rest, recharge, and take a back seat. This is a time when you must meditate and reflect on where you have been and where you still want to go. Yet, with the sun and new moon encouraging you to take on more responsibility and jobs, especially after the 20th, you’ll be learning to balance effectively.

Another beautiful asset of July is how magnificently your relationships are highlighted. Venus, the planet of pleasure, has been in your romance sector for many months, bringing you the opportunity to connect with a twin flame or bring laughter to you and your mate. She will grace this zone all month, so whether single or attached, harness this vibration and unite with someone who understands you. When the sun moves into your commitment sector from the 22nd for a month, you have a wonderful opportunity to build plans with a partner that may last forever.


Pisces July 2020 Horoscope | Wit & Delight

Embrace July, Pisces, because the month will be truly magical for you. As we begin the month, a lunar eclipse on the 4th will bring forth a memorable moment in regard to your social life. A friend may bring important news to you or open a door to one of your most heartfelt hopes and dreams.

Another blessing this month will be the tremendous focus on your romance and fertility sector. While Mercury will be causing confusion—or lovers from the past to return—until the 12th, the sun’s radiant light should bring you so much happiness and opportunity to open your heart. The new moon dawns on the 20th and will open the door for single or attached Pisces to embrace a sweet and sensual connection in their relationships. Embrace this golden light and infuse it within your hearts.

When the sun moves into your productivity sector on the 22nd, expect your life to pick up and become very busy in the month ahead. Work will go especially well, so prepare to make a list of things you want to achieve and begin to move swiftly toward them.

BY Kyle Thomas - July 2, 2020


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