How to Host a Low-Key (Virtual) Dinner Party

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How to Host a Low-Key (Virtual) Dinner Party | Wit & Delight
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Believe it or not, I’m an introvert (INFJ, to be precise). And as HORRIBLE as it may sound, the isolation at home with my family has been quite lovely. It’s forced me to slow down, reprioritize, let go, and confront some of the things that were pushed to the wayside when I was moving a thousand miles an hour. In the not-so-distant past, it was also summer in MN, which meant that I could see friends outside and do activities responsibly, and I was able to feel even more connected as a result.

How to Host a Low-Key (Virtual) Dinner Party | Wit & Delight

However, it’s winter now, and the fatigue is real. When confined to a house (even one as bright and full of energy as this one, with rooms to hide out in), I find myself CRAVING connection with friends. Zoom calls to sit and chat are great, but I’m missing participating in something actively with my friends. Take, for instance, my cookbook club. What was so great about the initial club was the act of making a meal together and connecting while cooking. We tried to recreate that feeling virtually, but we all were distracted during the cooking, and it felt disjointed. 

Wanting to capture CBC’s initial spirit and indulge in some comfort food along the way, I decided to put together a virtual dinner party. A low-stress meal that still feels special because I’m sharing it with friends. I’m making my favorite low-key but big on flavor marinara, purchasing freshly baked bread, and delivering an entire almost-ready-to-eat meal to my friends, along with an RSVP for a virtual dinner party.

Clearly, no meal is complete without a complementary beverage, which is why I’m including Joia Spirit in my gifted meal kits. Joia Spirit has something for everyone. Seriously. There are six varieties of cocktails. (I know because Joe and I spent a date night taste testing all of them.) The Sparkling Gimlet is my favorite, while Joe is more of a Sparkling Vodka Soda man. Joia Spirit uses real spirits and real ingredients (not too sugary, either); they’re beverages that have the taste of a craft cocktail in the convenience of a can, making them transportable and giftable. 

I’m including various Joia Spirit cocktails in my dinner party kits to make the occasion feel even more special with a taste test and sampling of all Joia Spirit flavors. We can kick off the evening with a Sparkling Cosmopolitan pre-dinner cocktail with a mini cheese plate, try a Sparkling Greyhound during the meal, and cap off our virtual dinner party with a Sparkling Gimlet nightcap.

So when dinner’s ready, use the fancy dishes, log in, light up a lovely candle, pour yourself a Joia Spirit, and enjoy a meal, even when you are apart. 

My almost-ready-to-eat meal items: 

  • Joia Spirit
  • Homemade marinara – Or romesco sauce!
  • Freshly baked bread
  • Homemade candles 
  • Fresh pasta – I prefer spaghetti.
  • Herb salt – More straightforward than it sounds!
  • Store-bought pastries – Pick these up when you are getting the bread!
  • RSVP with the date/time/URL of your dinner party
How to Host a Low-Key (Virtual) Dinner Party | Wit & Delight

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While compensation was received in exchange for coverage, all thoughts and opinions are always my own. Sponsored posts like these allow us to continue to develop dynamic unsponsored content. Thank you for supporting our partners!

BY Kate Arends - December 22, 2020


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