Home of the Month: 3 Things I Love About This Warm and Inviting London Flat

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Gemma Moulton Home: 3 Things I Love About It | Wit & Delight
Photos by Ellen Hancock for Inigo

Gemma Moulton’s Create Academy course is all about how to make beautiful curtains. Watching it is at the tippy top of my list! Yet when I spotted a room in her home on Instagram earlier this month, I at first had no idea it was hers. I was simply enamored with the use of fabric—so much so that I saved the post and shared it on Stories with this caption: “Entering my drapery era, I can feel it.”

When I learned the room I’d shared came from Gemma’s incredible eye, it came as no surprise. (She is, after all, the founder of East London Cloth.) Gemma’s home was recently featured on Inigo. I loved having a chance to browse the entire space and read about how it was designed, room by room.

These are three of the things I love most about Gemma Moulton’s London flat

Gemma Moulton Home: 3 Things I Love About It | Wit & Delight

1. How Fabrics Are Incorporated Throughout

Most of us don’t think very far beyond the typical uses for fabrics in the home. I’ve been really drawn to the idea of using curtains in doorways to help with energy savings and evoke a sense of bohemian ease in a space. I love all the subtle yet highly functional and beautiful ways Gemma showcased her expertise with fabrics throughout her flat.

Gemma Moulton Home: 3 Things I Love About It | Wit & Delight

2. The Subtlety of Colors

The color palette in this home is really quite subtle—but it doesn’t feel sparse or simplistic at all. Looking through the photos, you can feel a sense of rich and layered warmth. I’ve shared other homes that evoke this feeling with a much bolder color palette, and I love the more minimal approach to color displayed here.

Gemma Moulton Home: 3 Things I Love About It | Wit & Delight

3. The Use of Antiques

There’s a thoughtfully curated collection of antiques throughout this home. I love that the use of antiques gives the space a “farmhouse” feel, yet in a more minimal way than you often see in historic old homes. Mixing traditional finishes with matte colors and a smattering of antiques is such a lovely way to create a relaxed and inviting home that still feels polished and elegant. Gemma does a great job of striking the balance between design details from different eras. 

For more details on this home, read the original article from Inigo.

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BY Kate Arends - March 27, 2023

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April 1, 2023 5:35 am

Gemma’s London flat is a beautiful example of how simple yet thoughtful design choices can create a warm and inviting space that feels both polished and relaxed.
Good post Kate )

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