About Wit & Delight

When I first thought of the name Wit & Delight in 2009, I chose these two words because they represented the things I sought out most in people, places, and life. They were two attributes I wanted to foster in myself. Wit & Delight began as a place to share the things I thought were interesting back when social media was in its infancy. I wrote about design, food, fashion, and travel.

As the Wit & Delight brand grew over the years, the content focus became much broader. I brought on contributing writers who covered topics including wellness, relationships, career development, parenthood, and more. While the breadth of our content is wide, the North Star of this platform has become about cultivating a meaningful home life.

Home is more than the place where we rest our head at the end of each day.

It’s a part of our history. It’s how we find safety. It’s an endless pool of self-discovery that brings us closer to ourselves and closer to others. Designing a home I love is a pursuit I’ve always found fascinating, and it's where the heart of Wit & Delight lies today. Thank you for being here.