1. I’m excited to share some details about a series of home decor styling workshops I’m hosting! From March 19th-29th, Wing Ta, Martha McQuade, Zoe Francois and myself will be at MOA to bring you home decor workshops inspired by fragrance in the home. My workshops will include how to make a gallery wall (with images above), stage …

  2. One of my favorite bloggers, Sarah Tolzmann of Note To Self fame, launched a new print shop this weekend. She’s known for picking the best quotes from artists, style icons, authors, and historical figures. The sentiment is great and so is the design. Congrats Sarah! Now head over to her Society6 page and take a gander.

  3. If you’re a fan of Steven Alan’s men’s and women’s apparel, you’re going to love their newest selection of home good items.

  4. Three incredible designs for the home: Shower | Dress | Sleep

  5. Love how Elephant Ceramics can be both rustic and modern. via Emily Henderson

  6. Want More W&D?

  7. Lovely DIY inspiration from Mr. Kitly and the Ikea Blog.

  8. this morning i saw these vintage kantha quilts on pintrest and i fell for them. hard. the mix of pattern and color is spot on and i really love their subtly-muted quality. wouldn’t one of these beauties work perfectly at the end of a bed, or thrown over an over-stuffed chair? hell, i’d make a wrap …

  9. quirky UK-based design shop Howkapow stocks all sorts of unique, fun, and colorful designer goodies. my favorites include this daschund print, handmade gold striped clutch, fruit punch necklace, and hilarious animal lamps. they’ve got something for everybody! head on over and check ’em out.

  10. have you noticed the air smelling a bit sweeter these days? it seems that over night all the trees, plants, flower beds and gardens filled in as spring pushes towards it’s peak. for me, this time of year means wearing more prints, snacking on lavender infused honey and fresh ricotta, sipping on jasmine tea, and leisurely …

  11. one of the coolest things about blogging is how the whole experience can help shape the millions of little ideas you have into defined dreams and aspirations. it helps keep the big picture in sight… and lets face it, the big picture can get a little blurry as we trudge through the daily grind. i’m moving …

  12. i tend to favor minimal lines when it comes to clothes, furniture, jewelry, just about anything really. put a little wood in the mix and i’m drooling. très chic. mugs, side cabinet via bonnie, wooden stool, mary janes, utensils, emedemarta necklaces.

  13. on the top of my mind today: these stylish New Yorkers… this American Apparel leather bag… these shorts from H&M’s spring line… this amazing kitchen… that necklace… those flats… this bra.