1. jill bliss blog tour

    I am so excited to be wrapping up the blog tour for Drawing Nature: A Journal, by Jill Bliss. I’ve been a huge fan of Jill’s work for some time now and her new journal brought my fandom to a whole new level. Drawing Nature: A … Read More

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  2. Art

    for your walls: kimia kline

    it has always been a dream of mine to own some original art. the past few months, i’ve been keeping my eye out for up and coming artists who’s work moves me, and the work of artist and filmmaker, kimia kline, most certainly made an impression … Read More

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  3. Art

    pretty updos make me happy…

    …and so do your sweet comments. thanks for sending me all the positive vibes, peeps. and for letting me whine a little bit. you are such a lovely bunch of readers. hugs and smooches. image via all these mountains. chelsea print available at nosideup

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  4. Art

    leanne shapton

    the lovely work of leanne shapton via words & eggs

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  5. Art

    heather moore

    loving heather moore’s work. i came across her borrowed spoon print years ago but i hadn’t visited her site until this morning.

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  6. Art

    (ma + chr)

    lovely restaurant concept & artwork by parisian designers (ma + chr)

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  7. vintage ads over at designlovefest

    i. love. these. go see the rest of the ads over at designlovefest!

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  8. pawling press

    i have a serious weakness for line drawings. so when i came across pawling press, naturally i fell in love with their line of sweet and simple soft goods. i’ve got my eye on that dinosaur onesie for my future little nephew, who has decided to … Read More

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  9. {a few things}

    I came across this quote yesterday and liked it quite a bit: “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” Einstein Happy Thursday. Oh, and I forgot how much Adrian Johnson’s work makes me smile…

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  10. Art

    Speaking of Craigslist

    Artist Sophie Blackhall illustrates Missed Connections posted to Craigslist. There’s something so heartbreaking and romantic about the thought of “what could have been”. However…the reality is that most missed connections make me feel awkward, creepy and embarrassed while I read them. I’d love to see someone … Read More

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  11. Art

    what i wore today

    this is an interesting little flickr project. illustrate your outfit and submit.

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  12. postcards to my parents

    a really clever year-long project by designer carolyn sewell. via formfiftyfive

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