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The Author

Kate Arends is a St. Paul-based creative and multichannel marketing consultant with extensive experience in the design industry. For over 9 years she has created brands from the ground up; building them to thrive in omni-channel climates. In addition to running Wit & Delight, Kate creates award-winning strategic design, marketing, and product solutions for nationally renowned brands including Target, 3M, Fossil, and Red Wing Heritage. Her design work has been published in AIGA 365, Communication Arts and Print Magazine.

Kate lives in St. Paul, Minnesota with her husband, Joe Peters, son August, daughter Bennett, and their sweet English labrador, Winnie Bear.

W&D Team

Bridgette Dutkowski is the Managing Director at W&D, and she, quite literally, does it all. She acts as the lead on all our brand partnerships, manages the W&D internal team, takes care of all the finances, and basically keeps the W&D ship afloat. While she’s mostly working hard behind the scenes, we are lucky to have her featured as a contributor on a few essays. 


Stefani Hodzic is our Editorial Director at W&D – She manages our contributing writers, editorial calendar and acts as our head copywriter and editor. In addition to being our studio wordsmith, she acts as our in-house interior designer and manages all interior design projects. She is also incredibly creative and a great sounding board for any styling or conceptual decisions. Her eye for detail and beauty is a huge asset to our team!

Bridget Borden is the Director of Events for Studio 125, as well as Director of Product for W&D. She manages the space we work in and the calendar we work off. In addition to managing our events and running our product lines, Bridget also helps with W&D product, styling, and editorial. Basically, if you need anything in our studio, ask for ‘Bridget’ and one of the two B’s will help you.


Judith Kostroski is W&D’s resident Art Director, Graphic Designer, and Stylist. You can find Judith doing a myriad of creative endeavors throughout the day as well as acting as our team class clown. Judith’s keen eye for art and design make her an invaluable member of our team as well as Kate’s right hand creative.


Francine Thompson is a Graphic Designer and Content Manager at W&D – She’s our go-to-gal for all design work, imagery selection, creative concepting, and moodbood creation. Francine is also a Pinterest maven and talented curator of content. She always has a pulse on what the next big thing is, and we rely on her artistic eye for style and design daily.


Paige Gardiner is a producer at W&D. She handles partnership inquiries, outreach, and overall project management and organization. She also contributes as a writer on W&D from time to time. Her strong business-minded approach and sense of humor is a necessity to our team!


The Blog

Wit & Delight was created in late 2008 while Kate was working as a graphic designer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The name “Wit & Delight” was derived from Kate’s experience of discovering and developing her own personal style – “Wit” is a sharpness and quirkiness to the process, while “Delight” is finding the joy and the humor throughout each step.

Kate Arends started Wit & Delight to discover how style fit into her life. At 24, she had a love for beautiful things, but wasn’t sure how to harness it into a distinct sense of style. Kate was purchasing high-end products instead of the right products, putting herself in credit card debt and filling her closet and apartment with things in attempt to figure out who she really was.

Wit & Delight became Kate’s way of considering all areas where style is concerned, serving as a platform for her thought process in developing her own personal style. Since it’s inception, Wit & Delight has become an established brand in new media, garnering 3.1 million unique followers.

The Studio

Wit & Delight Studio is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We specialize in creative and multichannel development, with extensive experience in the design industry, creating brands from the ground up; building them to thrive in omni-channel climates. We offer re-branding, high-level communications strategy, graphic design, art direction and content creation.

Career clients include: Fossil, Jack Daniel’s, Southern Comfort, Lifetime Fitness, Thymes LLC, Kate Spade, Levi’s, Gap, Madewell, Sperry Topsider, H&M, Anthropologie, Shinola, Topshop, Warby Parker, the Minneapolis Institute of Art and Skagen.

The Products

In September 2014, Wit & Delight launched a limited-edition line of product with Target Corporation. Since the collection launched, the brand has been consulting a handful of retail clients on product development and digital marketing activations. In 2016, Wit & Delight launched their section collection in Target Store and continues to look for new opportunities to design and develop product in the lifestyle category.


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Overall Unique Followers: 3.1 Million

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