Best of Wit & Delight: 11 of Kate’s Essays on Relationships, Mental Health, and Home

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In the early years of Wit & Delight in particular, this platform was a place for me to process experiences and feelings, including those that didn’t yet make sense to me. I wrote personal essays about relationships, mental health, becoming a parent, and what home means to me, among so many other things. In my twenties and into my thirties, this kind of forum for self-expression and discovery was exactly what I needed. There was something healing about the process, and it helped me evolve into the person I was slowly becoming.

Today I’m sharing a selection of personal essays I’ve published in the past fourteen years on Wit & Delight.

Writing these articles allowed me to step into the softer parts of myself. They were written to help me process my own emotions and also in the hopes that others might resonate with my words. I hope you enjoy revisiting them.

11 of Kate’s Best Personal Essays on Wit & Delight

An Apartment of Firsts: A Personal Story

Love, Marriage, and Second Chances

Everything Is Wonderful. Everything Is Terrible.

Our Wedding Story | Photo by Collin Hughes

I Left Social Media for a Week. This Is What Happened.

On Wellness: This Tornado Loves You

Making a Mother: Humor, Anxiety, and a Lot of Weird Body Stuff

How to Find Yourself Divorced at 27, After 11 Months of Marriage

My Apartment of Firsts | Photo by Collin Hughes

Why Decorating Your Home Is Good for Your Mental Health

A Love Letter to All the Places I Lived Before

What I’ve Learned in 10 Years of Therapy

39 Personal Truths About Life I’ve Learned in 39 Years

BY Kate Arends - June 28, 2023


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