1. Home Is In The Air: Styling Workshop at MOA!

    I’m excited to share some details about a series of home decor styling workshops I’m hosting! From March 19th-29th, Wing Ta, Martha McQuade, Zoe Francois and myself will be at MOA to bring you home decor workshops inspired by¬†fragrance in the home. My workshops will include … Read More

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  2. Ikea Shoe Solution

    How brilliant is closet storage solution? Affordable and pretty good looked when all said and done. Photos and closet by mariaemb.

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  3. DIY

    Make It: Clay Bowls

    I saw this clay bowl tutorial a few weeks ago and just had to give it a try over the holiday break. It looked too good to be true and in reality, it was. Check out the tutorial here and have fun with it! FYI- I … Read More

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  4. Things to do…

    with adhesive magnetic strips! I love this stuff. inspiration via here & here photos by Wit & Delight

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  5. DIY

    Tis The Crafting Season…

    I’m not a crafty person by nature, but I do like to make things now and then. The holidays are a perfect excuse to add a little hand-made love to gifts and decor, don’t you think? paper flowers / paper stars / striped tape / wreath … Read More

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  6. In the Kitchen: Homemade Olive Oil Scrub

    When you’ve lived in one of the coldest urban environments for the past 5 years, you witness how brutalizing the cold can be on your skin. Especially if you have dry skin, like moi. I thought, in preparation for the colder months ahead, I would share … Read More

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  7. DIY

    a flower for your window

    wouldn’t this vase be pretty in your kitchen window? repurposing beautiful things always makes my heart pitter-patter. by beach house living via from me to you.

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  8. a potted herb garden

    i’m going to be helping out with our community garden this weekend. while i’m putting my green thumb to good use, i figured it would be a great time to get our indoor herb garden started as well. i came across this image on fffound today … Read More

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  9. picnic supplies

    last sunday evening, nick and i threw together a little impromptu picnic by the lake. just the two of us, avocado and tomato wraps, our new nikon d90, and a blanket. the crisp may weather was amazing. still, i would loved to have this basket, a … Read More

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  10. DIY

    an alternative to flowers

    lovely bouquet made from antique jewelery, pins and brooches. via june bug weddings

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  11. hanging art

    forget frames, this is a great casual way to hang art. via say Yes! to hoboken

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